Spending Time in Nature 

Happiness and Well-Being

Being in nature will make you happier

Spending time outside can lead to happiness. In a study in Canada found that spending 30 minutes in nature for 30 days can reduce stress and anxiety.  

More time spent outside will boost your immunity

Spending time outside, especially in green spaces, strengthens the immune system. Plants release phytoncides, which are beneficial for self-defence. 

Spending time outside will improve your physical fitne

Exercise is something that most people can do and has many health benefits, whether it’s kayaking down the magnificent Verdon Gorge while on vacation in France or even just taking a leisurely 15-minute walk in your neighbourhood park. 

A spiritual practice can involve being in nature

Nature offers therapeutic benefits, promoting presentness and brain waves similar to meditative experiences. It has been believed to teach valuable lessons and reveal metaphors for spiritual connection. 

Spending time outside enhances memory

This one is for you if, like J, you occasionally enter a room without remembering why you entered. According to The University of Michigan, even a single walk outdoors can boost memory by up to 20%.