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Ashish Chanchlani One of the first Indian YouTubers to achieve international renown and earn millions of fans in India is Ashish Chanchlani. The 30-year-old Maharashtra, India-born YouTuber has millions of followers across his social media platforms. 

He has been providing entertaining and engaging content on social media. He began by making humorous content and later included well-known celebrities in his videos. In addition, Ashish has worked with Disney and numerous other platforms, conducting interviews with celebrities. Read this post to find out more about his life and YouTube career.


It is possible to determine his relationship with the media from his early years. He was born into a Mumbai multiplex owned by Anil and Deepa Chanchlani. He saw a lot of films growing up and dreamed big of being an actor. 

He tended to imitate other individuals when he was with his pals and at school. His acting, miming, and line delivery captured the attention of his professors and friends. He knew exactly what he wanted to do for a living.

Like all Indian parents, though, his parents worried about him. They were fearful of the prospects and prosperity that come with working in an industry as unstable as movies. Ashish’s parents wanted him to pursue an engineering degree, thus he had to give up his acting dreams.

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Personal life 

In Maharashtra, Ashish was born into a Sindhi family. Ashsih’s mother, father, and sister make up his family. The single-screen theatre Ashok-Anil Multiplex is owned by his father, Anil Chanchlani. Deepa Chanchlani, his mother, works as a financial analyst. 

The only sibling Ashish has is Muskan Chanchlani, who works as a YouTuber. The majority of the Indian audience loves to refer to Ashish as ASHU because he is so well-liked there. There is currently no information regarding Ashish Chanchalni’s engagement or girlfriend. 

He adores the well-known Bollywood actress Shridevi. Amanda Cerny, Christian DelGrosso, and Logan Paul are among Ashish Chanchlani’s favourite YouTubers. Ashish’s occupation is making YouTube videos, which is his love. However, he also adores


Following his graduation, Dr. Ashish Chanchlani started studying civil engineering. He registered at the Navi Mumbai-based Datta Meghe College of Engineering. However, the YouTuber made the risky decision to leave college midway through in order to follow his actual love. 

He started his YouTube channel in 2014 with videos featuring Ashish Chanchlani, and he hasn’t stopped since. Thanks to his humorous puns and relatable content, he gained popularity quickly and eventually began working with Bollywood celebrities to promote their films. The YouTuber reportedly enrolled in Mumbai’s Barry John Acting Studio to hone his acting abilities.


Following his viral videos and humorous social media posts, he started to get offers from well-known celebrities and other YouTubers. On the television programme Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya, he made his debut. 

He has collaborated on promotional assignments and photo shoots with well-known celebrities, including Sara Ali Khan, Kartik Aaryan, and Shahid Kapoor. Especially, he generates a lot of publicity with his big-screen cameo in Men in Black: International.

 Few people are also aware that he directed the short horror movie, Akhri Safar. Since its release, his work has received roughly 15 million views on YouTube.

How Much Is Ashish Chanchalni Worth? 

As a content creator, Ashish Chanchlani makes most of his money from making videos for YouTube. Additionally, he performs in a variety of online series and short films in various roles. His current net worth is in the neighbourhood of $5 million. His monthly salary is about twenty lakhs.

Dreams That Remain 

He persisted in pursuing his interest while earning an engineering degree. While he laboured to secure his schooling and future, he kept searching for ways to get better at mimicking and acting. 

He was able to develop his abilities and personality, which gave him greater confidence in himself than in other people. In order to hone his abilities, he visited Barry John Acting Studio.

 Despite his disbelief that things would transpire as they did, he participated in social media by watching and appreciating the stuff posted. Although he created his YouTube account in 2009, he didn’t post his first video until 2014.

Vines of Life Turning

 In 2014, he happened to come across 6-second videos on Facebook. He was immediately fond of the concept itself. Additionally, a lot of Westerners were attempting to make money on social media sites during this time.

 Particularly on YouTube. Additionally, he noticed that no one from India had experimented with vines. Ashish Chanchlani was inspired to cultivate vines in an Indian manner by this. He did, in fact, take some vines and salt them. 

The vines developed the desi style as a result. His movies on Facebook attracted a lot of attention, so in December 2014 he published his debut video to YouTube.

Growing Accountability Additionally, 

Ashish Chanchlani understands that “great power comes great responsibility.” He has repeatedly stated that he ensures that the information he shares is suitable and well-intentioned, and he has demonstrated this by his actions. He claims he exaggerates things just for amusement. 

A person who makes people laugh has a lot of things to watch out for, yet laughter is a tremendous healer. He also knows that since his videos gained popularity, things have changed. He recalls how he used to grow vines out of whatever he came across. 

But now, in contrast to earlier, his staff spends at least 20 days considering and working on the ideas. He understands how crucial it is to live up to the expectations his viral videos have established.

Getting to Know the Stars and the Khiladi 

Ashish’s life was intricately linked to the film industry. particularly Bollywood productions. His parents had a multiplex, so he spent his entire childhood seeing new films. Regarding how his interest in performing developed, there is no question. 

He had been a devoted follower of Bollywood’s Khiladi, Akshay Kumar, throughout it all. Ashish has always dreamed about meeting this legend. And he achieved his dream in 2018. In addition to meeting Akshay Kumar, he collaborated with him on a video that he uploaded to his channel. At that time, Ashish Chanchlani and Shahid Kapoor collaborated on a video that became viral on YouTube. His voyage has


The trajectory of Ashish Chanchlani’s career in digital entertainment is one of astounding development. His journey from being a movie critic to becoming a YouTube sensation is motivational. 

Inspired by online celebrities like Logan Paul and Amanda Cerny, he took a bold step into comedy in 2014, launching an extraordinary career. His love of acting, which he developed at the esteemed Barry John Acting Studio, along with his discovery of comedy on YouTube when he was a B.Tech student, resulted in the production of his distinct hilarious films, which he posted on social media. 

By 2020, he had amassed 23 million subscribers on his comedy-focused YouTube channel, making him one of India’s most popular YouTubers. His story is a testament to inventiveness, commitment, and a never-ending quest for achievement.


What is the net worth of Ashish Chanchlani?

The estimated net worth of Ashish Chanchlani is $4 million as of 2021.

What is the monthly income of Ashish Chanchlani?

The monthly income of Ashish Chanchlani is approximately 20 Lakh.

Who is the father of Ashish Chanchlani?

The father of Ashish Chanchlani is Anil Chanchlani, he is the Owner of Ashok-Anil Multiplex

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