DigiLocker to become one-stop document hub for IT returns, EPFO statements, and more


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DigiLocker to become one-stop document hub for IT returns, EPFO statements, and more



In accordance with those with information on the advancement, the digital repository has 2,311 issuers joining it and is trying to have every government agency make papers available on each citizen’s DigiLocker account.

Soon, completing an income tax return will become simpler. The e-document wallet Digilocker could soon gain access to your tax return. Furthermore, an EPFO declaration and an MNREGA job card may be coming. The government has become ready for a boost very soon. After that, DigiLocker will provide the benefit of a one-stop shop.

As yet, 166 requesters and more than 174 million registered users have used Digilocker to share 5.62 billion documents. For Digital India, the government of India endorses DigiLocker as well as electronic papers. 

In this case, the phone is expected to feature DigiLocker pre-installed shortly. You will not have to download it by yourself from the Google Play Store, in a nutshell.

What is basically DigiLocker?

The Indian government launched a cloud-based file storage and issuing system named DigiLocker as a component of Digital India. Physical documents were no longer needed as you may carry all your vital documents on your cell phone using the DigiLocker mobile application. 

The digital copies of the papers will be regarded as equally proper to the originals. Government departments or businesses with a DigiLocker membership may view the scanned copies of the documents for verification. Keep the voter identification, Aadhar card, PAN card, educational transcripts, and life insurance policy documents safe.

KYC will be simplified simpler, and DigiLocker will serve as a “one-stop shop” for updating data

In place of a “one-size-fits-all” KYC policy, financial companies would be allowed to use a “risk-based” strategy, said Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, who made the announcement during the unveiling of the Union Budget 2023–24. She added that financial industry regulators are going to be pushed to develop a KYC system that is entirely in line with Digital India’s requirements. Businesses will be allowed to utilize their PAN as a standard one’s identity on all platforms run by the federal government.

Individuals will use DigiLocker and Aadhaar as a “foundational identity,” from which their address or identity changes will be reflected on other sites. For instance, one’s address on their account on the Income Tax portal can still be modified by changing their Aadhaar. 

When just the Aadhaar is updated, this information could suggest that the government intends to synchronize citizen data across other portals.

The range of documents accessible through DigiLocker for customers will be broadened, as stated by Ms Sitharaman, in order to facilitate innovative fintech services. Users can save and create papers like Aadhaar, an electronic version of PAN, college transcripts and degrees, and driver’s licenses using the DigiLocker service.

The Income tax department warned that permanent bank accounts (PANs) without connection with Aadhaar by the last day of March 2023 would be deemed “inoperative” on December 24, 2022.

PAN is a 10-digit alphanumeric number given to a person, business, or entity by the IT Department, as opposed to Aadhaar, issued to an Indian resident by the Unified Identification Authority of India.

Government-sponsored Digilocker is a programme which allows citizens to obtain valid papers and certificates in electronic form directly from the organizations that initially issued them. Physical documents will be minimized or removed, improving service delivery efficiency and making it more straightforward and practical for citizens.

How does Digi locker Function?

The records can be digitally stored and downloaded by anyone. One GB (gigabyte) of cloud storage will be made accessible to each citizen. Using the eSign feature, you may also store certified copies of the documents. DigiLocker registration is quick and straightforward. Install the mobile application on your mobile device.

 An OTP that you get will be utilized for verifying your cell or Aadhaar credentials. For security reasons, you have to set a PIN. After signing up, you may choose to request documents from the issuers or save them to your digital locker.

What advantages are provided by utilizing DigiLocker?

  • Documents can be accessed all over at any time
  • The registered issuers, such as the Registrar’s Office, the taxation department, the CBSE, etc., immediately issue the paperwork.
  • Online document sharing is feasible.
  • Aadhaar (UIDAI) number relates to built-in storage in clouds.
  • There are many formal certificates and documents accessible.
  • It is easy and economical.


DigiLocker aims to “Digitally Empower,” people by giving citizens access to digital documents within their digital document wallet.DigiLocker helps the vision of Digital India by giving individuals a safe platform to access files on a cloud that is accessible to everyone.

 DigiLocker, aimed at paperless administration, is a platform for the digital issuance and verification of papers and credentials, dispensing with the requirement for physical documents.

Frequently Asked Questions

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