The Great Dragon Ball Universe Mourns: Akira Toriyama’s Passing at 68


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Dragon Ball – The anime and manga communities have been rocked by the unexpected death of 68-year-old Akira Toriyama from an acute subdural hematoma. The legendary author of numerous treasured works, including Dragon Ball, departed from us far too soon. Millions of followers worldwide who were impacted by his inventiveness and the media he transformed have lost something immeasurable with his passing.

The Impact of Dragon Ball

Although it is impossible to fully capture a creator’s legacy, Toriyama’s influence and impact are incredibly unique. He was a brilliant storyteller with an unmatched talent for fusing humour, drama, action, and pure creativity into gripping tales that had an international appeal. His cast of characters, which includes the valiant Son Goku and beloved figures such as Vegeta, Piccolo, and others, will be revered, discussed, and cosplayed for many years to come.

Furthermore, Toriyama’s surprisingly straightforward artistic approach revealed a depth of amazement, beauty, and even relatability that enabled his creations to cross cultural boundaries. He could give a grounded, approachable touch to even the most fantastical alien worlds and cosmic conflicts with his expressive character designs and crisp lines. His battle sequences had a natural dynamism and energy that sprang off the page.

A Look Back at Toriyama’s Career

It is impossible to equal Toriyama’s amazing ability to raise and change the stakes of his stories without sacrificing remarkably consistent narrative arcs and character development. One example of his creative prowess is how Dragon Ball managed to transform from a straightforward comic adventure to an interstellar spectacle that nearly brought the universe to its knees without ever losing its fundamental essence.

Most astonishingly, Toriyama always made care to include humour and lightheartedness in his works despite the strong action and serious themes of inheritance and pushing oneself to the maximum. Perhaps more than any other creator, he saw the value of striking a balance between intense drama, much-needed chuckles, and delightfully bizarre supporting cast members. One of Toriyama’s signature scenes was when showdown-shattering antagonists were brought down to earth by a moment of well placed comedic relief.

What Does Toriyama’s Passing Mean for the Franchise? 

Even after Dragon Ball ended, Toriyama’s creative curiosity persisted, even though it was unquestionably his greatest work. His desire to continuously take on new storytelling problems was evident in works such as Cowa! and manga adaptations such as Chrono Trigger. His unique storytelling style and creative persona were evident in every genre and asset he left his lasting imprint on.

It is absolutely heartbreaking to lose someone who was such a hardworking artist who was always pushing the envelope. One true visionary who influenced global cultural zeitgeist was Akira Toriyama. Even though he passed away far too soon, his unique works of astounding breadth and genre-blending brilliance will endure forever, as will his rich imagination, boundless capacity for entertainment, and ephemeral legacy. His biggest ambition was figuratively fulfilled by the Dragon Balls, which had the ability to astonish and amaze huge numbers of people.

Gamers and Manga Artists Recall Toriyama

The manga community was impacted by Toriyama’s passing; those who contributed to well-known series like Naruto and One Piece paid homage to a guy who was revered in their neighbourhood as a legend.

Author of Naruto Masashi Kishimoto stated on the Shonen Jump website, “I grew up with your manga, which became a part of my life.” “The weekly Dragon Ball [series] helped me forget [my problems] on bad days. It saved me, a poor country child with little else.”

Manga creator Eiichiro Oda of One Piece, meanwhile, stated that Toriyama’s creations influenced “not just manga artists but all creators across industries.”

When reading manga was thought to be detrimental to education, Toriyama [was one of the pioneers of an era when both adults and children could read and enjoy it.” Written by Oda. “He let us dream of the extent of things manga can achieve and showed [creators] that we can even expand our field to the world.”

Remembering Akira Toriyama’s Brilliance

Beyond manga, however, Toriyama’s inventiveness was on display in his other works, including character designs for the hugely successful role-playing game series from Square Enix Holdings and Dragon Quest.

Creator of Dragon Quest Yuji Horii commented, “I am still in disbelief at the sudden news of Toriyama-san’s passing.” “I asked him to create graphics for the game when we were launching Dragon Quest because I had known him since I was a writer for Shonen Jump.” Since then, he has spent 37 years creating monsters and characters, and he has drawn so many amazing characters that I am at a loss for words.”

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The Dragon All Universe Mourns

Manga publisher Shueisha announced the death of Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama at the age of 68 on March 1 from an acute subdural hematoma.

Nikkei Asia reported that the company announced the news on Friday, Mar. 8, saying that funeral services had already been held and attended by close relatives.

We really regret that he left behind various works that he was enthusiastically working on in the middle of creation,” a statement from Toriyama’s Bird Studio said. “He would have a lot more goals to pursue. Still, he has left this planet with a great deal of manga titles and artwork. We hope that everyone will continue to adore Akira Toriyama’s distinctive creative universe for a very long time.”


Since its initial publication as a manga in the monthly Shonen Jump magazine in 1984, Dragon Ball has been translated and published all over the world in a variety of media, including anime, feature films, video games, and merchandising.

The franchise remains stable and popular, with a new anime series, “Dragon Ball Daima,” announced in October 2023 and set to debut this autumn.


What makes Dragon Ball unique?

Characters from Dragon Ball also practise a range of East Asian martial arts, including as Wing Chun (kung fu) and karate. The show chronicles the exploits of the lead character, Son Goku, as he trains in martial arts from childhood to maturity.

What fascinating details about Akira Toriyama are there?

The rise in popularity of Japanese animation in the West is attributed to Toriyama’s works. France appointed Toriyama a Knight of the “Ordre des Arts et des Lettres” (the “Order of the Arts and the Letters”) in the year 2019. It is a literary and artistic French order of quality.

What gave Toriyama inspiration?

She also mentioned that Toriyama drew a lot of inspiration from Journey to the West, a well-known Chinese tale from the 16th century. The wildly successful anime series Dragon Ball Z, as well as other films and video games, were all inspired by the 1984 manga. Orsini stated that “he’s directly inspired what we expect role-playing games to look like today.”

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