Jio Announces New 4G Prepaid Plans for Jio Bharat Phones: Starting at Rs. 123


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Jio Announces New 4G Prepaid Plans for Jio Bharat Phones: Starting at Rs. 123



On Monday, Reliance Jio announced the Jo Bharat phone system, offering low-cost 4G handsets and data contracts to over 250 million individuals using feature phones. The Jio Bharat phone is an innovative feature that allows you to access Jio’s entertainment apps and make UPI payments in addition to using the World Wide Web. The Jio Bharat plans, which offer daily mobile information at low prices, including unlimited calls, are included with the 4G features phone. 

Launch of the Jio Bharat 4G phone

Reliance feature phone users to assist India in shedding its 2G reliance, Jio recently launched internet-enabled Jio Bharat 4G phones. The Akash Ambani-led Jio has unveiled new Jio Bharat 4G phones as a component of its “2G-Mukt Bharat” concept, which combines smartphone features with feature telephone affordability. At Rs 999, these phones include capabilities including 4G internet access, support for digital payments, a camera, a torch, an FM radio, 3.5mm audio inputs, and much more.

The Jio Bharat serves as a Jio SIM-locked phone; therefore, to use it, you have to pair your phone to a Jio SIM. Jio announced two affordable Jio Bharat recharge packages that Jio Bharat customers may select from to broaden the device’s reach, including 4G coverage in India.

During the ceremony, Reliance Jio Chairman Akash Ambani highlighted the company’s dedication to democratizing the web and ensuring that everybody in India has the latest technology.

 According to him, the Jio Bharat phone heralds the start of digital autonomy for users of basic cell phones. It would close the digital divide for 250 million cellphone customers still using feature phones during the 2G era.

A monthly plan set at Rs 123 and a yearly plan priced at Rs 1234 are new plans that Jio has included in Jio Bharat. These bundles provide 4G data and unlimited calling. Compared with cell phone offers from other phones, Jio states that these packages are 30% cheaper each month and provide seven times more data. Remember that only Jio Bharat phones can be paired with these plans.

How to buy “India’s lowest-priced 4G phone, Jio Bharat V2” is given under.

The Jio Bharat Phone can be purchased at Reliance Digital stores, Jio shops, and other physical stores nationwide.

Jio offers Jio Bharat feature phone users customers lower-cost prepaid plans in addition to the handset. Voice calls, broadband benefits, and access to Jio apps were all part of this taxation.

Plan for Jio Bharat’s Rs. 123 recharge

Users can receive 14 GB of total bandwidth and unlimited phone calls with Jio’s Bharat package, priced at Rs 123. For 28 days, starting on the initial recharge date, users have the right to 0.5GB of data every day.

In the words of Jio, this deal enables consumers to save up to thirty per cent compared to other operators. Other service providers, in comparison, offer a Rs 179 plan for phone calls with just 2GB of data.

Plan to recharge Jio Bharat for Rs. 1234

The pricing of the second Jio Bharat plan, which is an annual one, is Rs. Users of this plan receive unlimited voice calling, data for a whole year, along with 168GB of total data (0.5GB each day). Jio asserts that its plan delivers seven times as much data as rivals, saving consumers twenty-five per cent every day of the year.

Features of the Jio Bharat Phone

Though Jio is still hiding the exact details of its most current phone, it has made known some key characteristics. The Jio Bharat phone initially has a tiny display and a physical keypad, providing the look of a standard features phone, but it is packed with many intelligent functions.

Through the JioPay app, users can use this cell phone to make UPI payments. The Jio Cinema app lets you view films, TV series, and other entertainment. 

The JioSaavn app, which gives you access to over eight crore songs, is also included with the Jio Bharat phone. Users get other essential features on the Jio Bharat Phone feature phone users, like an FM radio and a torchlight. We don’t know if additional applications like WhatsApp can be installed on Jio’s phone since Jio has yet to disclose the OS it utilizes.


The  affordable 4G plans phone has a 1.77-inch screen, Jio apps for electronic payment and recreation, a radio, a torch, a 0.3MP camera, removable storage, and a headphone port. It wants to render phones with internet access available to a larger audience.

A 3.5mm headphone socket is also there, enabling users to utilize earphones to listen to music or watch material.


  • Jio has launched two 4G cell phones bearing the brand name Jio Bharat.
  • One of the Jio Bharat phones was produced by the Indian company Karbonn.
  • Furthermore, Jio has launched unique prepaid options for Jio Bharat customers.
  • Two hundred fifty million feature cell phone owners would choose internet-enabled phones due to the Jio Bharat platform.
  • Additionally, Reliance announced Jio Bharat tariffs, which commence at Rs 123 monthly.


According to Jio Bharat Phone, its feature phone alternatives are seven times as data-rich and 30% cheaper monthly than competitor operators’ feature phone plans. Based to the corporate statement, “Rs 123 a month including unlimited calls and 14 GB data, as opposed to other carriers’ Rs 179 plan for voice conversations and 2GB data,”

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