Khushi Kapoor: Net Worth, Age, Bio, Best Achievements, and Family Insights


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Born on November 5, 2000, Khushi Kapoor is an Indian model, media girl, celebrity kid, actor, and social media sensation from Bombay, Maharashtra. Being the daughter of renowned actress Sridevi and film director Boney Kapoor, she is highly recognised throughout the country. 

According to accounts, her mother passed away in Dubai in 2018. Khushi’s sister Janhvi Kapoor has also entered the film industry intending to follow in her mother’s footsteps. Khushi also desired to work as an actor and model. Her Instagram account is filled with pictures of her modelling.

Khushi Kapoor Age 

The date of Khushi Kapoor’s birth is November 5, 2000. The birthplace of Khushi Kapoor is Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Scorpio is Khushi Kapoor’s sign of the zodiac. Khatri is the caste of Khushi Kapoor. Khushi Kapoor is 22 years old as of 2023.

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Khushi Kapoor’s Early Years Relatives of Khushi Kapoor 

The late Bollywood star Sridevi was Khushi Kapoor’s mother, and her father is the film producer Boney Kapoor. The Indian actress Janvi Kapoor, sister of Khushi Kapoor, made her feature debut in the movie Dhadak in 2018. Boney Kapoor is the father of Khushi Kapoor’s half-sister Anshula Kapoor and half-brother Arjun Kapoor.

There is a deep bond between Khushi, Jhanvi, and their half-siblings. Anil Kapoor is an Indian actor and Khushi Kapoor’s uncle. Indian film producer Surinder Kapoor was the grandpa of Khushi Kapoor. 

For six years, Surinder presided over the Indian Film and Television Producers Guild. Social media users are already familiar with Khushi Kapoor due to her striking looks and impeccable sense of style. She has a stylish way of dressing both Western and Indian. She was a plump girl who had braces on her teeth as a child.

Her good height and sense of elegance are admirable. The grace and charm on her face are reminiscent of her mother, Sridevi. Her mother Sridevi was a well-known actress because to her several successful Bollywood appearances.

 As a child, she had to wear braces due to her crooked teeth and obesity, but now she is a confident and gorgeous young lady. On February 24, 2018, Khushi Kapoor’s mother passed away in Dubai while she was enjoying a wedding event. 

When she went into the bathroom while intoxicated, she unintentionally drowned in the bathtub. She bid farewell to this living earth.

Khushi Kapoor’s Academic Record 

She graduated from Dhirubhai Ambani International Institution in Mumbai, the most elite institution in India, together with her older sister Janhvi Kapoor. After the COVID-19 lockdown, she left the New York Film Academy to pursue more education and learn acting skills from her sister Janhvi, returning to Mumbai.

 Aakash Mehta, the boyfriend of Khushi Kapoor

A cute picture of herself and her close friend Aakash Mehta was shared by Khushi Kapoor, who is currently pursuing her studies in the US. Khushi shared a picture of herself with Aakash on her Instagram account. 

Her smile tells you everything you need to know about how happy she is with Aakash and how close they are to each other. Even though Ms Kapoor’s description simply contained a spaghetti emoji, her friends are ecstatic to see her and Aakash together and have showered her timeline with heart emojis and comments. 

Internet fans have already gone crazy about Khushi and Aakash’s photos. Even before Khushi made her Instagram profile public, her pictures with Aakash would become viral.

Career BFFs of Khushi Kapoor with Vogue

 In Colours Infinity’s BFFs with Vogue season 3 premiere It will be Janhvi and Khushi Kapoor’s debut appearance together. The much-discussed sister duo from Bollywood, Janhvi and Khushi Kapoor, recently made an appearance in the BFFs with the Vogue chat show’s third season debut. 

The teasers for the show include Janhvi and Khushi looking identical in white t-shirts and short skirts as sisters chat with host Neha Dhupia about their love of fashion, dating, and having hidden tattoos. 

Their parents, actors Sridevi and Boney Kapoor are also featured. Khushi, the younger sibling, talked about how different their opinions on tattoos were and declared that they couldn’t be more different. Khushi, who presently has three tattoos, acknowledged having a fixation on them. 

They have the words “pave your road,” which are written on her lower back and read “Khud ki raah banao,” along with the names of her closest friends and family members in Roman numerals.

 She also revealed that Janhvi disapproved of her tattoos and, like their late mother, was too timid to get inked. I hate that your dad’s favourite child, Janhvi stated. That’s the only thing about Khushi that I hate. Khushi also disclosed Janhvi’s awkward secrets, noting that Janhvi often mimics vocabulary from her films when she’s asleep.

What Khushi Kapoor Is Worth?

 What Khushi Kapoor Is Worth? In India, young people look forward to Khushi Kapoor as a fashion star and well-known child. She is very well-known on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others. 

Her fans are passionate about her and want to see her succeed in Bollywood. She has a sizable following. She used to think about being a model. She did, however, later decide to follow in the footsteps of her late mother Sridevi and sister Jhanvi Kapoor and pursue a career in acting.

Khushi Kapoor is a well-known Indian actress, model, and social media influencer. She is well known for showing up to public events in eye-catching designer attire and with a distinct sense of style. The approximate value of Khushi Kapoor’s net worth is one million dollars. a rupee exchange. At this time, Khushi’s net worth is Rs 74 83,000. At the moment, Khushi, Janhvi, and Boney Kapoor are by themselves in Mumbai.

Khushi Kapoor’s Mother, Sister, Father, and Family 

Khushi Kapoor is the daughter of film producer Boney Kapoor and the late Bollywood actress Sridevi. Her sister Jhanvi Kapoor, an Indian film actress who made her feature debut in Dhadak in 2018, is also worth reading about. You may see her bio and upcoming films for 2019 and 2020.

She has the same father, Boney Kapoor, with Anshula Kapoor, her half-sister, and Arjun Kapoor, her half-brother. Jhanvi and Khushi have a close relationship with their half-siblings. Her uncle is the Indian actor Anil Kapoor.

Because of her appearance and sense of style, Khushi Kapoor is already well-known on social media. She exudes refinement while wearing an Indian and Western look. She wore braces on her teeth and was a fat child when she was younger.

Khushi Kapoor’s Boyfriend and Relationships 

The daughter of Sridevi has drastically transformed how she looks. She was a big child in the past, but she put a lot of effort into becoming a model and gained a desirable figure. Let me tell you that she has hundreds of social media followers as a result of her charisma. 

People are interested in knowing more about her personal life as well. She posted a picture of herself and her pal on social media. But she refrained from saying his name. Khushi regularly gives stories to children and collaborates with a variety of people. 

She hasn’t made any indications thus far. right now, boyfriend We therefore assume that she is now unmarried. She might wish to become well-known for herself as an actor.

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What is Khushi Kapoor’s age? 

As of 2020, Khushi Kapoor is twenty years old. Her birthday is November 5, 2000. 

Who is Khushi Kapoor’s father?

 Boney Kapoor. 

Who is Khushi Kapoor’s mother? 

Sridevi, a veteran actress.

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