Mango Juice: Refreshing Amazing Recipes to Quench Your Thirst


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Mango Juice- It’s very simple to make this cool and simple mango puree. Mangos, honey, lime juice, water, a blender, and thirty seconds are all you need. Vitamins A and C, which are excellent for your skin and immune system, are abundant in this mango puree. 

You also have a refreshing way to beat the heat and remain hydrated when you add sparkling water to the mixture.

I’m a registered dietitian who practices intuitive eating, therefore I’m constantly searching for exciting ways to feed my community more delectable food. This is a very simple and adaptable purée of mangos. 

It’s one of those recipes that goes nicely with different foods, which I adore. It can be added to soda water to create a tasty and cool spritzer or to a vinaigrette to enhance the taste of your salad. I adore making it in bulk and freezing some to put in an ice cube tray. After that, I always have them on hand for when I want to dress up a meal.

Components and Alternatives Fresh Mango: 

You can use fresh mango in this recipe, however I used frozen mango. You might or might not want to freeze the Mango Juice, depending on what you plan to do with the puree. 

To make your drink even more refreshing, I would advise chilling it if you’re using it in a spritzer. You can use it just as is if you’re using it in a salad dressing (as in this five-minute mango salad dressing). 

Don’t worry if you don’t have any Mango Juice on hand! Replace with another of your favourite fruits. Berries (strawberries or raspberries), peaches, or pineapple would taste great in this dish.

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 To slightly sweeten the purée, I added honey. It can be used in place of sugar, agave, or maple syrup. I suggest adding 1 teaspoon at a time (tasting in between) if you’re replacing the honey with a different sweetener until you reach your desired sweetness level. 

You can skip this step if you’re making this puree for baby food or if you just want an unsweetened puree. It will still be a delicious recipe!

 Lime Juice:

 You can use two teaspoons of lime concentrate in place of the fresh lime juice that I used. You may also use freshly squeezed orange or lemon juice. If you’d like, you can also skip this step. Put the mango, water, honey, and lime juice into a blender.

Advantages of Health Mango: 

In addition to being wonderfully tasty, mangoes are also a great source of important nutrients. If you want to strengthen your immune system, include some mangos, which are high in vitamins A and C. 

Additionally, high in fibre, mangoes promote healthy gut flora and aid with digestion. They are also a great addition to smoothies (like this delectable Mango Juice margarita smoothie) because they are high in water content and strong in antioxidants.

Lime Juice: 

Tart and energising, lime juice not only gives your food a taste boost but also includes some delicious nutrients. Limes are high in vitamin C, just like other citrus fruits. 

Vitamin C supports our immune system, keeps our skin healthy, and aids in the absorption of iron. An important mineral that aids in the movement of oxygen throughout our bodies is iron. Vitamin C-rich foods can be combined with foods high in iron to optimise iron absorption and prevent deficits.


Packed with nutrients, this golden nectar gives your meals a hint of sweetness without sacrificing nutritional value. Powerful antioxidants like honey have anti-inflammatory properties.

 In addition, it has important minerals and vitamins like potassium, calcium, iron, and vitamin C that support general health. I also adore honey’s calming qualities. I’ll mix it with some tea or hot water if I’m feeling under the weather.

Benefits of Mango Juice

Mango Juice, in my opinion, is the true king of fruits. It is not only delicious but also incredibly beneficial to your health. Mangoes are an excellent source of important vitamins and minerals for humans. 

It is high in fibre, high in minerals, and a good source of antioxidants, magnesium, nutrients, and other vitamins, including C.

Its health benefits include enhancing heart, immune system, digestive, and eye health; its beta carotene content even lowers the risk of certain cancers; and it regulates blood pressure. 

It’s also believed to help blood sugar levels and diabetes, but I’m not convinced about that because eating a lot of sweet mangoes can definitely be a problem.

Which variety of mangos is best to utilise

 To start, we want to make this delightful juice with ripe mangos. For optimal flavour, choose ones that are succulent and with minimal texture. Additionally, using the Mango Juice when it is quite ripe is ideal. 

We’re not going to eat unripe or “green” mangos. Ripe mangoes should be able to feel a little black on the skin. Mango Juice pulp may decay in those with broken or bruised skin, thus we would prefer to avoid them.

If you have access to mango trees, I would pick the mangoes on the verge of ripeness and then refrigerate them until they get fully mature. This would lessen the chance of birds plucking them as they ripen, dropping them on the ground, and then decaying. 

To utilise less and avoid having to gather from a bunch of small ones, go for large mangoes. Thus, I would stay away from starchy or small-par mangoes.

You’ll Appreciate Recipe for Mango Juice

 Easy to prepare: It takes only ten minutes to get ready. Simple to use: There is no way to make this process any easier. Blend, filter, and proceed to serve. Kid-friendly: For kids of all ages, this brightly coloured juice is ideal. Yes, you can make this mango juice with just a blender and no need for a juicer.

Notes on Ingredients

This dish is quite easy. To light it, just a few components are required. Mango: Choose ripe, delicious, and fresh Mango Juice. I like to utilise ataulfo, or champagne mango, a fruit from Mexico here in the United States. Sugar: Depending on how sweet your fruit is, adjust the amount of sugar. Water: To create this juice, use the cooled water.

How Can I Prepare Mango Juice? 

Before juicing, let the Mango Juice cool down. Place sugar and Mango Juice cubes in a blender. Puree it until it’s smooth. To blend it, add water now and blitz. Put a big glass or bowl over a fine-mesh strainer. Using the spatula, press the juice through the strainer as you pass it through. Pour into the glass and serve after finished.


Finally, these 10 delectable mango recipes will help you effortlessly beat the heat and savour the flavours of summer. Throughout the season, mangoes will satisfy your palate and keep you cool, whether you’re craving a cold drink, a vibrant salad, or a decadent dessert. So pick some ripe mangos, use your creativity in the kitchen, and have a mango explosion this summer!


What kind of water with mango flavouring is there? 

Mango-infused water comes in a lot of different forms. It can be made with other fruits like pineapple, strawberry, or cucumber or with herbs like basil or rosemary to give it more taste. 

Can I eat frozen mango? 

It is possible to prepare infused water with frozen mango. Just defrost the mango cubes before dropping them into the water; if you want a stronger flavour, you can let them infuse longer. 

How much time does it keep fresh in the fridge?

 It keeps for two to three days in the refrigerator. The flavour may start to fade after this point, so it’s best when consumed fresh.

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