Manisha Rani: Net Worth, Age, Bio, Best Achievements, and Family Insights


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Actress and entertainer Manisha Rani was born in Munger, Bihar, India, on June 9, 1997. Manisha Rani began her career as a waiter and background dancer before making the switch to social media influencer with a sizable following on websites like Instagram. 

As a wildcard candidate, she appeared in some TV shows and music videos before winning Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 11. With an Instagram account, a YouTube channel with over 3.4 million subscribers, and a Twitter account, she has a sizable online following. In the entertainment world, Manisha Rani appears to be well-liked, especially in the Indian setting.

Mother of Manisha Rani 

Due to family matters, Manisha Rani’s mother, Ragini Devi, departed when she was in the fifth grade. After that, she got married to someone else, leaving Manisha and her father, Manoj Kumar, to fend for themselves. Manoj decided against getting married again even after they split up because he thought a stepmother wouldn’t treat his kids properly.

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Father of Manisha Rani 

Pramod Kumar is the name of Manisha Rani’s father. The fact that he is referred to be an entrepreneur suggests that he engages in business endeavors and may even own his own company. Skyking is the name of Manisha’s father’s courier service.

What is the height of Manisha Rani?

 This urgent question has a straightforward but fascinating response. Manisha Rani’s height is 161 centimetres, or around 5 feet 3 inches or 1.61 meters. Even though she is not particularly tall by traditional measures, Rani’s small size hasn’t taken away from her commanding presence on screen and stage. 

Let’s compare her height to those of a few well-known people to get some perspective:

At five feet two inches (157 cm), acclaimed Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma is somewhat shorter than Manisha Rani. 

Her height is comparable to that of the typical American lady, who is roughly 163 cm (5 feet 4 inches) tall. She is, nevertheless, shorter than the typical Indian woman, who stands at approximately 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm). 

Manisha Rani is a small woman, but her explosive performances and captivating personality have captured audiences all over the world, demonstrating that charisma and ability transcend physical stature.

Nationality of Manisha Rani

 Manisha Rani was raised and born in India; she comes from the state of Bihar, which is renowned for its lively customs and rich cultural legacy. Her cultural background had a big influence on her artistic endeavors because of the way she skillfully combined modern dance forms with her influences to create a distinctive and alluring synthesis.

Rani, a well-known performer who has represented India on the international scene, has made her countrymen proud. With her genuine performances and accessible comedic sketches, she has shown the world the rich diversity of Indian culture.


Instruction Manisha completed her primary education at Munger, Bihar. She was born in the town of Munger. After that, Manisha decided to major in business and graduated. Manisha then relocated to Kolkata to develop her acting profession. 

Manisha participated in Dance India Dance’s 2015 season. She did not, however, make the TV audition cut. When TikTok first opened in 2018, she published her video there. A year later, she was picked to star in the television series Gudiya. 

She then started creating quick YouTube videos. She quickly accumulated 4.8 million Instagram followers. Each day, the total increases.

Upcoming Initiatives 

Manisha looks towards the future. She looks into a variety of entertainment opportunities. She is still committed to pushing boundaries and developing her artistic abilities. Her numerous ongoing initiatives make this evident. 

They consist of forthcoming motion pictures and possible partnerships. Her upcoming endeavors have her admirers thrilled. They are eager to witness more of her breathtaking performances on large screens.


Manisha Rani’s career has seen many high points and moments of achievement. She left the National School of Drama to pursue a career in professional dance and choreography after completing her studies there. 

Her career, however, underwent a drastic change in 2018 when her dancing videos and comedic sketches in the vein of Bihari went viral on social media sites like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok (now Instagram Reels). 

Her extraordinary accomplishment catapulted her into the public eye, growing her fan base quickly and creating a plethora of chances. Since then, Rani has worked with a number of well-known industry people, had appearances in television ads, and won multiple awards for her exceptional ability and influence. 

Among the noteworthy accomplishments are 

nominated for the 2021 Zed Rishtey Awards’ Best Social Media Influencer Award and won the IIFA Utsavam Awards’ Best Dancer title in 2022. Manisha Rani’s unwavering dedication, infectious charisma, and unquestionable talent have solidified her status as a prominent player in the Indian entertainment business and have captured the attention of viewers worldwide.

Manisha Rani’s 2023 Net Worth 

Manisha earned money from modeling, dancing, YouTube, and social media influencers, among other things. According to information on social media, she is worth $1,22,000, or Rs 1 crore, in Indian currency. 

Her monthly income keeps increasing as a result of her unwavering commitment and hard work. Her revenue ranges from Rs 2 to 5 lakh per month, primarily from social media influence, shows, and commercials. 

Manisha Rani receives payment for her dance, sponsored films, brand promotions, and YouTube material. Manisha Rani had made extra money by paying for publicity and branding on social media.

Manisha Rani’s partner

 Manisha has not disclosed any information about her partner to the public, although Deepak Hiteshi, her boyfriend, has been there for her since the start of her profession. Manisha Rani is working nonstop, day and night, to further her profession in the film industry. 

She is not married yet. Manisha Rani has not made any official announcements on her engagement or marriage to her partner. In an interview, Manisha Rani described how, when she was first unemployed and living alone in Kolkata, her partner supported her through the difficult times.


Manisha is talented in more than just TikTok; she has dabbled in other artistic endeavors. She is an accomplished dancer, choreographer, and lip-sync performer. Her career in show business changed dramatically when she aired on “Dance India Dance” for the fifth season in 2015. Despite her early misfortunes, her brilliance was evident and won the crowd over.

From YouTube to TikTok

 Manisha Rani moved to YouTube after TikTok was outlawed in India, where she carried on producing interesting material. With more than 1.31 million subscribers, her YouTube channel demonstrates her adaptability with vlogs, challenges, and cosmetic tips. In addition, she has 500k Instagram followers and nearly 4 million TikTok followers.

Unexpected Request on the Kapil Sharma Show 

After making an unexpected appearance on the Kapil Sharma Show and shocking actor Kartik Aaryan by popping the question, Manisha Rani’s fame skyrocketed. Her charisma and spontaneity never fail to enthrall her devotees.

Bigg Boss Season 2 on OTT 

When Manisha Rani joined the cast of Bigg Boss OTT Season 2, her life took an amazing turn. She has drawn compared to Shehnaaz Gill and Archana Gautam from past seasons due to her comic flare. Her presence is sure to inject humor and enjoyment into the program.

The Manisha Rani Scandal 

A handful of the controversies involving Manisha Rani are covered in the sections that follow: issue around revealing attire: Manisha Rani received criticism from certain online users after sharing a video of herself dancing online while wearing an article of skimpy clothing. 

She was chastised by some for tarnishing the reputation of her own state of Bihar. It’s crucial to remember that scandals are a part of being a public figure and that celebrities frequently deal with reactions and criticism for their decisions. 

But it’s also crucial to approach these kinds of disputes with objectivity and critical thinking and to avoid drawing conclusions before fully comprehending the circumstances.


The story of Manisha Rani’s ascent to fame on social media from a small Bihar town is one of skill and tenacity. She keeps winning her followers over and leaving her imprint in the entertainment business with her engaging material, contagious laugh, and commitment. Her star is definitely rising as she sets out on her Bigg Boss OTT journey, and her future in the spotlight appears to be bright.


What is Manisha Rani’s occupation?

 Manisha Rani is an actress, model, and social media influencer.

 What is Manisha Rani’s age? 

As of 2023, Manisha Rani is 29 years old. 

What is Manisha Rani’s marital status?

 Manisha Rani’s marital status is single.

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