Mannara Chopra: Age, Net Worth, Bio, and Best Notable Achievements


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Mannara Chopra- Bigg Boss 17 is the reason Mannara Chopra has become one of the most sought names on the Indian internet in recent days. You must have done a lot of research on each Bigg Boss contestant up to this point.

 You must have heard of a few contestants, including Ankita Lokhande and Munavar Farooqi, even before Bigg Boss. However, for a great deal of Bigg Boss fans, Mannara Chopra was a new name. Thus, everything about her will be covered in this essay. We shall learn every detail about Mannara Chopra, including her relationships, age, height, weight, and dimensions.

An Autobiography

Priyanka and MannaraFormerly known as Barbie Handa, Mannara Chopra is a gifted actress and model from India who has had a big impact on the Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, and Kannada cinema industries. Mannara has enthralled audiences with her remarkable acting abilities and captivating beauty in several locales.

Remarkably, she is related to well-known actresses Priyanka and Parineeti Chopra because they are her paternal cousins. Mannara Chopra made her Bollywood debut in the 2014 film Zid, showcasing her acting abilities and winning praise for the role.

She has been actively involved in the entertainment industry ever since, playing a variety of roles and showcasing her acting flexibility. Mannara’s involvement in Bigg brought her into the spotlight of reality TV.

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Family Mannara Chopra 

Mannara Chopra is a native of Ambala Cantonment, Haryana, and comes from a successful family. Her father practices law, while her mother is a gifted jewellery designer. It’s interesting to note that she is cousins to both Parineeti and Priyanka Chopra, two well-known actors. Additionally, Mannara has a younger sister, Mitali, who is devoted to fashion and has a background in business. Mannara studied for her BBA at Summer Fields School in New Delhi. She is a talented fashion designer in addition to being an actress.

Mannara Chopra’s Status in Relationships

When it comes to her private life, Mannara Chopra is very private. We’re left wondering if she’s in a relationship because she doesn’t talk about them in public. She hasn’t disclosed any information about her partner, and her private life is being kept completely hidden.

Changes to Become Mannara Chopra

Explore the captivating story of Barbie Handa’s transformation into Mannara Chopra, which was aided by her cousin Priyanka Chopra’s guidance. Discover the strong motivations behind this call modification and its significant effects on Mannara’s future career path. Learn about the significance of taking on the name Mannara Chopra and how it expresses her goals and unique style.

Examine how this choice has altered Mannara’s professional trajectory as she traverses the ever-changing landscape of Indian film with a fresh sense of purpose and resolve. Discover the journey of self-realization and transformation as Mannara accepts her new identity and forges an incredible niche for herself in the always-changing entertainment industry.


Summer Fields School in New Delhi was Mannara Chopra’s school of choice. She went on to get a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree after finishing her education. Mannara is also a qualified fashion designer with a flare for style. 


Mannara Chopra has never disclosed any details about her personal life to the public, so neither her dating history nor present relationship status are known.

Career of Mannara Chopra

 Mannara Chopra’s career started out in modelling and advertising, where she appeared with well-known actors like Salman Khan and Farhan Akhtar in multiple advertisements. She also demonstrated her skills as an assistant choreographer and fashion designer. Her acting debut came in 2014 when she acted in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, and Kannada films. She made her Bollywood debut in the film “Zid,” where she portrayed an infatuated lover. The film received mixed reviews. Notwithstanding the criticism, the movie was a box-office hit.

Other Initiatives

 Discover Mannara Chopra’s many talents as she explores her creativity and pushes the boundaries of performance. Explore her captivating performances in music videos, where she captivates listeners with her allure and expressiveness, bringing passion and allure to each piece.

Observe her poise and grace on the fashion runway as she sets the standard for elegance and style, captivating the attention of fashion enthusiasts all around the world. Discover some of Mannara’s lesser-known vocal talents as she contributes her lovely voice to many musical projects, enhancing the auditory landscape with her poignant 

interpretations. From acting to singing, from fashion to music videos, Mannara Chopra never fails to enthral viewers with her adaptability and creative


Take a cinematic journey through Mannara Chopra’s extensive filmography, where she successfully crosses languages and genres while making a lasting impression on each role she plays. Examine her early attempts in Telugu film with films such as “Prema Geema Jantha Nai” and “Rogue,” where she demonstrated her acting skills and enthralled crowds alongside her on-screen persona.

Observe her entry into the Hindi film industry with roles like as “Zid” and “Thikka,” where she demonstrated her flexibility and received critical acclaim for her performances. Track Mannara’s development as an actor as she pushes the boundaries of her craft and explores the depths of her abilities in challenging parts in both lead and supporting roles. From her

Appearances on Television

Explore Mannara Chopra’s adventures beyond the silver screen as she enhances the television landscape with her presence. Discover her amazing time on Bigg Boss 17, where her charisma and air of secrecy captivated viewers, leaving an enduring impression at the fact exhibition.

Examine her contributions to the little display, including her appearances displays, visitor appearances, and other television appearances, which demonstrate her ability as an entertainer outside the parameters of traditional acting. From captivating hundreds of thousands of people at the massive display to mesmerising viewers on television, Mannara Chopra never stops shining in the entertainment industry, captivating audiences with her abilities and charisma across a variety of platforms.

Soundtrack Videos

Explore Mannara Chopra’s captivating persona in music videos, where she showcases her versatility as a performer and broadens her creative horizons. Observe her captivating aura and expressive abilities as she adorns the screen with her captivating presence, breathing life into each musical narrative in which she appears.

Mannara’s exact appeal and uncomplicated charm permeate every performance, whether it is with heartfelt songs or lively rhythms. Her flawless fusion of beauty and talent captivates audiences. Mannara Chopra breaks out from the constraints of traditional acting through her roles in music videos, exploring fresh forms of artistic expression and making a lasting impression on the track and entertainment industries. Discover the enchantment of

Achievements and Awards for Mannara Chopra

Mannara Chopra also received several honours. For her 2015 film Zid, she was awarded the Lion Gold Award for Best Female Debut. She was the recipient of the Special Jury Award for Best Actress in 15 Santosham Film Awards in 2017 for the movie Thikka, and she repeated the feat in 16 Santosham Film Awards in 2018 with the film Rougi. She took up the Midday India International Influencer Awards trophy in 2022. Mannra Chopra is attempting to advance in her professional life.

Mannara Chopra’s wealth online

Mannara Chopra is estimated to have a net worth of 20 crores. This is only an estimate of net worth; actual net worth may differ from this figure. Her primary sources of income as an actress and model come from her performing roles in films and commercials. According to some rumours, Mannara gets paid several thousand rupees for each advertisement and about one crore INR for each movie. That was all related to Mannara Chopra. Please tell me in the comments whether you are a fan of hers if you think she will win Bigg Boss 17 or not.


Mannara Chopra was born when and where?

 On March 29, 1991, Mannara Chopra was born in Ambala Cantonment, Haryana, India.

Why did Mannara Chopra replace Barbie Handa as her name?

 Actress Priyanka Chopra, Mannara Chopra’s cousin, advised her to take on her stage name in order to forge her own unique identity in the film business.

Has Mannara Chopra made any TV appearances? 

Absolutely, Mannara Chopra has appeared on television. She has also taken part in reality shows like Bigg Boss 17.

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