Musk and Dorsey Cast Doubt on Zuckerberg’s Twitter Rival Threads


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Musk and Dorsey Cast Doubt on Zuckerberg’s Twitter Rival Threads




Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey, the former CEO of Twitter, have begun criticising Mark Zuckerberg’s alternative microblogging platform, Threads. On July 6, Threads is most likely to debut. Users will be able to follow the accounts they follow on Instagram using the Threads app. 



Hello viewers, most welcome to this blog. As usual heartfelt gratitude to all our regular readers for spending your valuable time reading our articles. Similarly, in this article, you will read about Muak and Dorsy cast doubt on Zuckerberg’s Twitter rival thread and other facts related to it.

At the same time, we are pleased to give you information regarding Mark Zuckerberg’s upcoming app Thread and other information related to it. To know more about it please keep reading the entire article till the end.

About Mark Zuckerberg’s recently launched Threads app

Meta’s Threads, a microblogging service, will launch on Thursday, aiming to rival Twitter, a social media platform acquired by Elon Musk. Project 92 app development began in January; Zuckerberg, and Musk in a rumored cage match.

Threads is a text-based chat app and standalone space for instant updates, allowing users to follow Instagram accounts and maintain the same username. Meta plans Threads as a text-focused app, modeled after Instagram’s photo and video features. Instagram users can log in and follow existing accounts on the new app.

‘Threads’, a microblogging app from Meta, is set to launch on July 6 for iOS and Android users, with Elon Musk and former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey mocking the app.

Mark Zuckerberg announced 10 million users signed up for the app. Zuckerberg focuses on making the app a user-friendly place for success.

Twitter’s failure was attributed to factors beyond its control; seeking an alternative approach. Threads allow users to view likes, comments, repost, reply, and quote topics. Posts can be 500 characters long, including links, photos, and videos.

Key highlights of Mark Zuckerberg newly launched thread application software 

Name of the topic  Musk and Dorsey Cast Doubt on Zuckerberg’s Twitter Rival Threads
Name of the platform  Thread
competitor Twitter 
Parent company  Meta 
Owner  Mark Zuckerberg 

Data privacy report on Threads application software 

Meta’s new offering raises data privacy concerns, despite promoting user safety measures and community guidelines.

Threads may collect personal information, including health, financial, contacts, browsing history, location data, purchases, and sensitive data.

Musk agreed when Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey remarked that all of the Threads belonged to them. Threads are not accessible in the EU because of data privacy laws.

Criticism of The Thread application software 

Elon Musk, a former CEO of Tesla, and Jack Dorsey, a co-founder of Twitter, raised worry over the app’s data access and permissions while asserting ownership of all Threads.

Through the Threads app, Twitter’s CEO mockingly commended Meta’s logically maintained social media platform about the alleged statement made by Meta.

More than 10 million people have downloaded Meta’s Threads via the Instagram app, but they are leaving because of the data practices. The main drawback of the Threads app, which is still in its early phases, is that users cannot erase their account information without also losing their Instagram account. To put it another way, you must delete your Instagram account to remove your profile and Threads data.

Every post can be removed individually. You must delete your Instagram account to remove your Threads profile and data. There will be many privacy-conscious users who will be disappointed by this. However, if you don’t feel like utilising Threads, you may at least cancel your account; just keep in mind that your data won’t be destroyed. Here are some of the queries that you may have and their respective replies.

What occurs if the Threads by Instagram app is deactivated?

One obvious result of choosing to deactivate your Threads profile is that until you want to reactivate your account, your posts and interactions with other users’ posts will be temporarily hidden. 

It is important to make clear that deleting your Threads profile does not affect your Instagram account or the destruction of your Threads data. Your data is unchanged and this action does not influence your Instagram presence.

How do Threads use the information from your Instagram account?

According to the company, when you create a profile on the Threads platform, it automatically becomes connected to the Instagram account that was used to log in. Your Instagram account’s data is used for a variety of things under Meta’s Privacy Policy. 

This entails integrating the details from your profile onto Threads and customising your feed to reflect your preferences. Additionally, the information gathered from Threads may be used to improve and personalise your experience on Instagram overall.

What Instagram data is utilised by the Threads app by Meta?

  • Details for logging into Instagram
  • Instagram username and account ID
  •  Instagram profile details like your profile photo, bio, and links
  • Instagram age.
  • Instagram accounts you follow. 
  • Instagram followers. 
  • Instagram account status regarding intellectual property misuse and incidents of violating Instagram’s Community Guidelines. 

How do you remove your Threads app account?

Remember that the company only permits you to cancel your profile once each week. Here’s how to make your Threads profile inactive.

  • To access your profile, first tap on profile in the lower right corner.
  •  In the top right corner, click settings.
  • Select accountAccount, after which select Deactivate profile.

Twitter vs Meta battle is fully underway

Elon Musk plans Twitter to enable voice and video calls without phone numbers, putting the platform in direct competition with WhatsApp and Instagram.

Meta, Facebook and Instagram’s parent company introduced paid verification service, following Twitter’s Twitter Blue subscription for exclusive features.

Tech giants face rivalry beyond digital space, with potential high-profile cage fights adding intrigue to their industry rivalry.

Key points of Zuckerberg’s Twitter Rival Threads application software 

  • Threads, Instagram’s Twitter competitor, is expected to start on July 6.
  • Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey are already mocking the app.
  • Dorsey announced the app’s listing on Twitter.
  • You will lose your Instagram account if you erase your Threads profile or data.
  • People can, however, choose to deactivate their Threads profile for a period of time.
  • Meta’s Instagram app Threads now has over 10 million users.

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