Nothing to Open 5 Exclusive Service Centers in India in 2023, Plans to Open Retail Store in 2024


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An information technology firm, Nothing, announced plans to create five more service centers in various locations by 2023 and 20 more in 2024 after its first service center in Bangalore, India, opened its doors in August. Nothing will organize recurring maintenance camps for its clients and provide extras like accessories, care packages, and warranty upgrade packs. Nothing is also growing its customer service staff by 50% to meet India’s rising demand.

History of Nothing phone

Carl Pei launched the Nothing company after splitting from OnePlus. Carl Pei presented the globe with his concept of a smooth digital future at the end of October 2020. The headquarters of Pei’s business is in the city of London, England. Nothing had already introduced the Nothing Ear 1 when the first version of the Nothing Phone made any waves in the market.

 These wireless earphones were introduced into the sub-INR 7000 earphone segment in the middle of 2021. Additionally, the business had already displayed its aesthetic philosophies through the translucent shells that displayed the earbuds’ interior parts.

On July 12, Nothing Phone (1) will be on sale all over, even in India. This is the business’s first smartphone under the direction of OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei, who is in London. For a while now, the business has been hyping the smartphone. Now, for the first time, a clip by well-known tech YouTuber Marques Keith Brownlee, also known as MKBHD, reveals that the Nothing Phone (1) is ready.

How did brand nothing get its name?

Nothing attracts your attention as a name. For all, why would someone choose to call their company “Nothing”? There is a good reason for the name, in Carl Pei’s opinion. Nothing’s corporate objective is to incorporate technology into our daily lives smoothly. This integration will eventually feel like “nothing” because it will be easy and seamless. Pei aims to bring technology into our lives that we don’t even have to think about. It would be there only for our benefit.

Five service centers are going to open in India this year for Nothing

India is one of the most important markets for Nothing, the London-based programmes business founded by Carl Pei, said Manu Sharma, GM and VP at Nothing India, in an interview with India Today programmes before its launch of Phone (2). Even though the company’s second Phone is set to go on sale tomorrow, Tuesday, July 11, Nothing else has been scheduled for this year.

The launch of Nothing Special service centers is approaching, the company exclusively disclosed to India Today Tech. Bengaluru will be home to the first Nothing-only service center in August. Four additional significant cities will follow in late 2023. Sharma said that while there will be five centers working within the nation this year, the brand has ambitions to create approximately twenty Nothing unique service centers in India in the not-too-distant future.

News on Nothing Exclusive Service Centers in India

This year, we’re opening five service centers in five different cities. In addition, we intend to increase it to 20 service centers, all of which will be distinctive repair centers for items carrying the Nothing brand, said Sharma. “

“We want to be sure our clients get the products they desire and enjoy a fantastic experience, which is why we created these Nothing Unique service centers. Customers may enter the center and walk out carrying services for their goods, including software updates, warranty upgrade initiatives, service packs, a liquid damage guarantee, and much more. 

Sharma explained the concept behind developing unique Nothing service centers and how we could also sell our extras through the repair center. Sharma thinks that by taking this action, customers will trust and feel a great deal more a part of the company.

Exclusive Service Centers in India

Nothing India’s general manager said throughout the interview that the company has a “massive plan for India.” Sharma said in the years to come, “We are interested in maintaining our ecosystem and products portfolio.” In addition, he privately revealed to India Today Tech that the company will focus on Nothing-only shops in the coming year. In the interview, Sharma said, “And as far exclusive stores concern us, that’s anything we are going to look into in the coming year.”

Sharma said the upcoming Nothing Phone (2) is also for “young-minded” individuals. “The Phone (2) is for individuals who are young-minded, who are interested in standing out from the crowd. Who wants to appear different, who desires to be differentiated for what they are grasping and who are searching for not only beautiful equipment but also looking for beautiful application knowledge,” he said.

 “So, young people and artists are the target viewers, and obviously, we are establishing our tribe, consumers,” he added.

He also emphasized that many former Apple, OnePlus, and Samsung consumers are moving to Nothing’s Phone (1) and that Phone (2) still has identical goals. “We were pleased with the profile we were able to obtain. 

Several Apple customers are now switching to our company. Additionally, we noticed premium OnePlus and Samsung clients visiting us and buying phones (1). 

So, yes, we would observe identical buyer behavior when they called (2). We expect that as well,” Sharma said. He also believes many consumers will switch from Phone (1) to Phone (2) for a more upscale encounter.


On July 11, Nothing is prepared to launch the Phone (2) in India.
The business aims to attract “young-minded” consumers with Phones (2).
Nothing plans to launch its first dedicated service center in Bengaluru this August.


Exclusive verification of the Nothing exclusive service centers launch has been given to India Today Tech by Nothing India GM and VP Manu Sharma. In addition, he stated that in 2024 the brand would zero in on Nothing’s single point of sale.


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