Over 10 Lakh Android Users Affected by Spyware Apps Sending Data to China


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Over 10 Lakh Android Users Affected by Spyware Apps Sending Data to China




There are Android apps with over 10 lakh downloads that send data to China. Two Google Play applications, “File Recovery and data recovery” and “File Manager,” have been discovered to include malware that collects user data without respecting privacy settings. According to a cybersecurity company.



Hello viewers, most welcome to this blog. As usual, special gratitude to all our regular readers for spending your valuable time reading our articles. Similarly, in this article, you will read about over 10 lakhs of Android users affected by spyware apps sending data to China and other facts.

At the same time, we are pleased to give you information regarding over 10 lakhs of Android users affected by spyware apps sending data to China other facts. To know more, please keep reading the entire article till the end.

About Over 10 Lakh Android Users Affected by Spyware Apps Sending Data to China

Despite Google’s efforts to remove spyware apps from the Play Store, they still exist and can be harmful. Spyware apps are extremely widespread. Two apps with almost 1.5 million downloads are allegedly transmitting user data to China, according to a report by the security research firm Pradeo.

The cybersecurity firm states, in accordance with reports, that the apps were in charge of gathering information such as contact lists, real-time user locations, mobile country codes, network provider names, network codes of SIM providers, device brands, and device models. This data was gathered from all associated accounts in addition to the device itself.

Because they seemed to offer trustworthy services, these apps passed the Google Play Security Check. The company has also advised customers to read the reviews before downloading the apps. They have noted that the apps frequently display a large download total. However, none of the reviews that come from it lead someone to stop. Additionally, the company cautioned users to “carefully read permissions before accepting them.”

Two malicious file management apps with over 1.5 million downloads combined that transfer sensitive user data to several malicious sites situated in China have been discovered by security experts on Google Play Store.

Our engine discovered two infections that might possibly impact 1.5 million people concealed on the Google Play Store. The same developer created both programmes, which pretend to be file management tools and exhibit identical dangerous tendencies, according to the cyber security firm Pradeo.

Users’ contact lists from the device itself and from any linked accounts, including email and social networks, as well as media compiled in the programme, including pictures, audio and video Among the stolen data are the contents, real-time user position, mobile country code, network provider name, and more.

The original app, “File Recovery & Data Recovery,” has been downloaded by over a million people, while File Manager has been downloaded by over 500,000 people. The same publisher, Wang Tom, uploaded both apps. The researchers claim that in order to increase the popularity of the programme, the developers engage in a number of “sneaky behaviours,” such as giving the impression that the software is real and requiring little user participation to engage in illicit activity.

The two applications that include Chinese spyware are “File Recovery and Data Recovery” and “File Manager.” The same creator, going by the name of “Wang Tom,” publishes both. The programme helps users manage data and, in some situations, “retrieve deleted files from your phone tablets or any Android devices,” as the names of the apps suggest. If users are still using the apps, they are encouraged to delete them.

Key Factors of Over 10 Lakh Android Users Affected by Spyware Apps

Name of the topic Over 10 Lakh Android Users Affected by Spyware Apps Sending Data to China
Software  Android
Device  All Android software using devices
Software type Spyware software
Name of three spyware software  File recovery, data recovery, file manager
The function of the software Data collection or data hacking
Software Developer Wang Tom

Declaration of data collection on Google Play 

But Pradeo discovered that the mobile apps steal the following information from the gadget:

  • contact information from users’ social networks, linked email accounts, and on-device memory.
  • Managing or recovering images, audio, and video from within the programmes.
  • User location in real-time
  • Country code for mobile
  • Name of the network provider Network Provider Code
  • A version of the operating system
  • Brand and model of the device

Major Points of Over 10 Lakh Android Users Affected by Spyware Apps

  • Experts found two spyware applications in the Google Play Store.
  • The applications collect user data and transfer it to servers in China.
  • Chinese hackers might potentially target more than 1.5 million Android users after two spyware apps were discovered in the Google Play Store.
  • File Recovery & Data Recovery and File Manager users are advised to manually remove them from their devices because they are collecting personal data. 
  • Contact information, images, videos, and current user location are all included in this data. 
  • Google has subsequently removed the malicious apps after receiving a tip from cybersecurity company Pradeo.

What is the process all Android users should do?

In the first place, all Android users must uninstall this application on their devices, If they downloaded it in any circumstances. In addition, please follow the below-mentioned instructions:-

The Cybersecurity firm Pradeo suggested that please be careful about any application before downloading it. Please go through the review carefully instead of looking for the number of people who downloaded it. 

Please read the reviews very carefully. It helps you to analyse the nature reviews logically. Afterwards, please read all the terms & conditions carefully before accepting the permission.

Likewise, please keep your Android device virus protected. Keep your device virus protected and act timely against it. Keep updating your Android device with all the latest security patches.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

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