A Glimpse into Radhika Merchant’s Life: Age, Fiancée, Family, and More


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Radhika Merchant – Amidst the excitement surrounding the pre-wedding festivities of Anant Ambani, the son of billionaire Mukesh Ambani, and his future spouse Radhika Merchant, there has been relatively little focus on Radhika’s personal background. While the Ambani family and their prestigious legacy are widely recognized, scant information is available about Radhika Merchant and her family. This article aims to explore Radhika’s ethnicity, family history, and other significant details to provide a more comprehensive understanding of her.

Radhika Merchant Wiki Biography

On December 18, 1994, in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Radhika Merchant was born. She is the daughter of Encore Healthcare’s CEO, Viren Merchant, a well-known businessman. Also, Radhika is a member of Encore Healthcare’s board of directors.

Radhika Merchant first attended BD Somani International School in Mumbai, then Ecole Mondiale World School in Mumbai. Later, she continued her studies at New York University in the United States, where she graduated with a political science bachelor’s degree and an international Baccalaureate diploma from BD Somani International School. Shaila Merchant is her mother’s name, while Viren Merchant is her father. Anjali Merchant is the name of her sister.

Mohammed Siraj

Radhika’s Family

Turning our attention to Radhika Merchant’s family, she is the daughter of Viren Merchant and Shaila Merchant, and their familial bonds are strong. Viren Merchant, her father, holds the position of CEO at Encore Healthcare, while her mother, Shaila Merchant, plays a supportive role in the family. Radhika shares a special connection with her sister, Anjali Merchant, who is married to Aman Majithia, a prominent figure in the business realm. Aman Majithia, known for being the founder of Vataly, also serves as the director of Amsal Chem Private Ltd.

radhika merchant

Career and Achievements

In her professional trajectory, Radhika Merchant serves as a seasoned real estate sales executive. Commencing her corporate odyssey, she assumed the role of a sales executive at Isprava Group, a distinguished real estate firm. Demonstrating versatility and prowess, she ascended to the position of a board member at Encore Healthcare Private Limited. Radhika has showcased strategic acumen and business insight, playing a pivotal role in the advancement and prosperity of the organizations she has been affiliated with.

Radhika’s Ethnicity and Cultural Heritage

There is considerable curiosity about Radhika Merchant’s ethnic background. She is closely connected to the vibrant tapestry of Gujarati culture, with her roots embedded deeply in its traditions. Her ethnicity provides insights into the cultural heritage, language, and customs of Gujarat. Radhika’s ancestral roots extend to Kutch, Gujarat, a region renowned for its rich heritage and cultural tapestry. Notably, despite her Gujarati heritage, Radhika spent her formative years in Mumbai, Maharashtra, where she seamlessly blended Marathi and Gujarati traditions with the cosmopolitan essence of the city.

Radhika’s Faith

Radhika Merchant follows the Hindu faith, being born into a Hindu family in Kutch, Gujarat. Her unwavering commitment to the spiritual principles that define her identity is evident through regular participation in religious practices, including temple visits and prayers, often alongside her future father-in-law, Mukesh Ambani.

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While Radhika Merchant is notably recognized for her impending marriage to Anant Ambani, she transcends the role of a bride-to-be. Her accomplished career, diverse cultural background, and close familial ties highlight her embodiment of values rooted in both tradition and diversity. Radhika’s narrative stands as an inspirational tale for young women aspiring to carve their paths across various sectors while remaining true to their cultural heritage.


Global School Ecole Mondiale, Juhu, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Maharashtra’s BD Somani International School is in Mumbai. Institution: New York University, N.Y. Educational background: International Baccalaureate diploma

Political science bachelor’s degree Individual Life

Status: Married; Date of Engagement: December 29, 2022 Date of Marriage: Not set in stone Anant Ambani, fiancé Husband-to-be: Mukesh Ambani Neighbor-mother: Nita Ambani Nisha Ambani, Akash Ambani, and Shloka Mehta are sister and brother-in-laws. Professional Schedule

After completing her studies, Radhika worked as a business strategy consultant intern at Cedar Consultants in Mumbai from June to August of 2016. She began her career with organisations like “Desai & Dewanji” and “India First.” Then, in 2017, she started working for Isprava, a company that redefines the idea of rural vacation spots by building opulent residences and villas.

Later on, Radhika took a proactive role in running her family’s company. Furthermore, she commits her time to an NGO that engages in volunteer work and fundraising. In addition to taking part in CSR initiatives for her father’s business, Radhika has demonstrated a great devotion to the social work field. She will soon embark on a bright career in the business sector.

radhika merchant

Radhika Merchant’s Treasured Items & Decisions

Singer: Lady Gaga Game: Angry Birds Television Shows: Big Bang Theory, Game of Thrones Destination: Las Vegas Color: Pink Cuisine: Italian Hobbies: Trekking, Swimming

Some Amazing Known Facts

Radhika’s family belongs to the Kutchhi Bhatia caste.

She played a significant role in Isha Ambani’s wedding and attended all the ceremonies.

Radhika has a keen interest in sports and maintains a strong focus on fitness.

She is known to be a fan of caffeine and chocolates.

Radhika owns a foundation dedicated to the welfare and upbringing of animals.

She played a pivotal role in the rapid growth of her father’s company.

Cars, House, and Net Worth

Radhika Merchant‘s net worth stands at US $8 million. As the daughter of the prominent businessman Viren Merchant, she possesses the resources to make significant endeavours. She resides in her bungalow in Mumbai, with her family, which is estimated to have a net worth of US $2 million. Radhika enjoys a luxurious lifestyle supported by her business.


What is the professional role held by Radhika Merchant?

Radhika Merchant now works for Encore Healthcare Private Limited as a real estate sales executive.

What is the hometown of Radhika Merchant?

Although Radhika Merchant was reared in Mumbai, Maharashtra, she is actually from Kutch, Gujarat.

What religion does Radhika Merchant practise?

Radhika Merchant is a devout Hindu who participates in numerous religious activities.

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