Shraddha Kapoor: Net Worth, Age, Bio, Best Achievements, and Family Overview


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Shraddha Kapoor- Popular singer and actress Shraddha Kapoor has starred in several Bollywood productions. She is among the Bollywood actresses with the highest salary. The actress is amiable and personable, with a substantial fan base on numerous social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This is because, in addition to being stunning, she excels in the acting world.

Shraddha Kapoor’s Childhood

Shraddha Kapoor made her public debut in Mumbai, Maharashtra, on March 3, 1987. She came from a well-known and prosperous Punjabi family. Her father, Shakti Kapoor, is a business owner, while her mother, Shivangi Kolhapure, is employed in the entertainment sector. Siddhanth Kapoor, her older brother, works as an actor and director. 

Shraddha has been acting in front of mirrors while wearing her family’s clothes since she was a little child, fostering her dream of a career in entertainment.

For her first fifteen years of education, Shraddha Kapoor attended the Mumbai-based Jamnabai Narsee School. 

She then enrolled at the American School, which is located in Mumbai proper. Hollywood actors Tiger Shroff and Athiya Shetty were among her students. They used to take part in every dancing competition that was organised there, according to what Athiya Shetty stated in an interview with the Times of India. 

She relocated to the United States to participate in Boston University’s advertising programme and pursue a degree there after finishing the necessary coursework. She ultimately gave up throughout the race.

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Shraddha Kapoor attended Mumbai’s Jamnabai Narsee School for her education. Shraddha Kapoor chose to transfer to the American School of Bombay in Mumbai when she was fifteen years old. She was Athiya Shetty and Tiger Shroff’s schoolmate there. 

During her school years, Shraddha Kapoor participated in a lot of extracurricular activities and dance competitions. Since Shraddha Kapoor considered herself to be highly competitive and found sports like football and handball to be quite tough, she also engaged in these sports. Shraddha Kapoor further disclosed that she would frequently start fights with boys at her school due to her tomboyish nature. Shraddha Kapoor excelled academically as well, earning a 95% in her class 12 board exam.


Following that, Shraddha Kapoor went on to make her Bollywood film debut in the 2010 release “Teen Patti,” in which she portrayed a college student. She appeared on screen alongside actors like R. Madhavan, Amitabh Bachchan, and Ben Kingsley in this film. Notwithstanding the fact that the film received little praise for its performance, critics appreciated her effort. 

Her performance, according to an observer, showed the kind of promise that could one day establish her as a leading figure in her industry. Shraddha Kapoor appeared in the comedy film “Luv Ka The End,” where she played a student.

She then gained notoriety for her performance in the highly regarded movie Aashiqui 2. The people in the crowd who witnessed her work commended her dynamic identities. She also performed songs in most of her flicks, which never ceased to amaze viewers. 

In a matter of years, she became well-known in the Bollywood film industry. Thereafter, Shraddha starred in several highly regarded Bollywood films, including Baaghi 3, Ek Haider, Villain, Half Girlfriend, Stree, Haseena Parkar, Batti Gul Metre Chalu, and Street Dancer. She has worked with several different actors, such as Tiger Shroff, Rajkummar Rao, Varun Dhawan, and Arjun Kapoor.

Relationship Status

The topic of Bollywood celebrities’ private life is frequently discussed in discourse. A great deal of people are curious to know who Shraddha Kapoor is dating. Despite the numerous reports that have surfaced regarding her marriage, the actress has made it very clear that none of them are true. Please remember that this actress is still single despite her fame in Bollywood.

The Net Worth of Shraddha Kapoor

Her earnings from acting, modelling, sponsorships, and other ventures have added up to a large sum, making her one of Bollywood’s highest-paid actresses. She possesses some of the best acting skills in the business, which explains why. 

Shraddha Kapoor is thought to be wealthy approximately 15 million US dollars, or 123 crore Indian rupees, at this point in her wealth. Shraddha Kapoor demands an amount equivalent to about 5 crores as her performing compensation for every movie.

The main sources of her wealth include her careers as an actress, singer, performer, and model, as well as her endorsement deals and other sources of revenue. Not only is she one of the richest individuals in the entertainment industry, but she also leads the pack in terms of community service and support for numerous charities and causes.


Shraddha Kapoor is the happy owner of a stunning Mumbai flat. The residence is located on the seventh level of the Palm Beach building on Gandhigram Road in Juhu, Mumbai. The seaside home is furnished with classic pieces and contemporary artwork. This opulent home is expected to cost roughly 60 crores. 


This is a list of the vehicles that Shraddha owns. GLE 250D Mercedes BMW 520D Mercedes E220D

Honours and Accomplishments

In 2013, Shraddha Kapoor became one of the most well-known actresses in India. In a survey of the sexiest actress in the world, she ranked sixth. This list was published in the Indian journal FHM. 

In 2014, she came in second place among the nation’s most attractive actresses. She was also the most Googled actress in 2014 and 2015, according to Google Trends. In addition to these, we’ll examine the awards and recognition that Shraddha Kapoor has accumulated over her career for her outstanding performances. 

The following is a list of honours that Shraddha Kapoor has won: Best Female Debut Filmfare (Nominated) Cinema Award Best Celebrity Singer in the World Jodi No. 1 Star Dust Award Lions Gold Award Screen Award Global Indian Music Award

Shraddha Kapoor Diet Plan

: Morning/Breakfast: She consumes boiled fruits and vegetables two hours after drinking a lot of water in the morning. Fish on the grill with brown bread and butter for lunch. Dinner consists of chapati, veggies, fish, and soup.

Brands that Shraddha Kapoor wears 

Actress Shraddha Kapoor is stunning; to keep her beauty intact, she incorporates components from businesses. The items listed in the table below are those that Shraddha Kapoor uses: 

Face cleaning for the faceMene and Moy Face Wash: Available on Amazon eye-focused face washBuy Lancome Cleansing Milk on Gucci Rush fragrance (available on Amazon) Nude Lipstick (available on Amazon) Coconut Hair Oil (available on Amazon) Kohl Black, available on Amazon Soup LUX (available on Amazon)


Photographers boycotted the 2014 “Ek Villain” triumph party because of the actress’s negative behaviour towards the press and media throughout the film’s promotion. Following her passing in September 2020, Sushant Singh Rajput became associated with a drug case that the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) was looking into. 

Based on WhatsApp conversations taken from the phone of Jaya Saha, the former talent manager of Sushant Singh Rajput, the NCB summoned her for questioning. The NCB also called other celebrities, such as Sara Ali Khan, Rakul Preet Singh, and Deepika Padukone, in connection with the same issue.

Filmography and Accomplishments

 Shraddha Kapoor has adorned the silver screen with her talent in numerous hit flicks over her illustrious career. “Luv Ka The End” (2011), “Ek Villian” (2014), “Haider” (2014), “ABCD” (2015), “Baaghi” (2016), “Half-girlfriend” (2017), “Stree” (2018), “Saaho” (2019), “Street Dancer” (2020), and numerous other noteworthy works are among her significant works. 

Her outstanding performances in these films have won her multiple honours and recognitions, enhancing her stature as a well-known figure in the motion picture business.


Actress Shraddha Kapoor is well-known in India and currently has a $15 million (about Rs 123 crore) net worth. One of the most diverse actresses in the Bollywood industry, who also happens to be the daughter of one of the most well-known and iconic actors in Indian cinema, Mr Shakti Kapoor, needs no introduction.

 One of the family members who belongs to the Kapoor family is called Shraddha Kapoor. One of the top performers in the Hindi Main Stream Industry is Shraddha Kapoor.


What is Shraddha Kapoor’s estimated net worth?

 The estimated net worth of Shraddha Kapoor is $15 million (about Rs 123 crore).

With which businesses or brands does Shraddha Kapoor advocate products?

Shraddha Kapoor is an ambassador for several businesses, including Veet, Lakme, Flipkart, Secret Temptation, and Vogue eyewear.

 What is the current count of Shraddha Kapoor’s social media followers? 

 Shraddha Kapoor has 40 million Facebook fans, 14.4 million Twitter followers, and around 80.7 million Instagram followers.

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