Stay Safe on the Road: Amazing 10 Essential Tips for Drivers of All Ages



India experienced 3,66,138 road accidents in 2020, causing 1,31,714 deaths. Government focuses on education, enforcement, and emergency care, while citizens must follow the rules.


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Top Guidelines for Safe Driving

The rule is to go as slowly as feasible and as quickly as required. Here are some of the best driving recommendations for your information. 

Watch Distraction while Driving

Electronic devices like cell phones, loud music, and other similar devices are the main reason for distraction on the road nowadays, contributing to several deadly crashes. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the reason for rear-end collisions are only due to driver inattention. As a result, you should refrain from them when driving.

Keep to the Maximum Speed Limit

Following the posted speed limit is one of the most crucial road safety precautions.A speed limit has already been set to provide a safeguard for drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. 

Seatbelt use

According to Section 138 (3) CMVR 177 MVA, driving without wearing a seatbelt is against norms. Wearing a seatbelt can lessen the chance of becoming hurt or killed in an accident. Both the driver and the passenger must buckle up for safe driving.

Follow traffic signs

You must maintain traffic laws to avoid financial penalties, personal harm, or deadly accidents. This is one of the most important driving safety guidelines.

Prevent Passing

To maintain strict traffic order on the road, you should avoid passing any vehicles when changing lanes on a busy road. If changing lanes is necessary, do it from the right side because Indian traffic laws forbid overtaking from the left.

Maintain Your Vehicle’s Service

Your car will operate more smoothly if the worn-out element has repaired. If not serviced routinely, the part of the brake, headlamp, tyre, and side mirror may result in accidents.

Recognise Your Blind Spots

While driving, your vision should be very clear. Especially if you are operating a commercial vehicle, be aware of your blind spots.

Keep your distance

Keep a safe distance from the car in front of you so that you have time to respond if it abruptly stops. All of these are included in practical advice and safety rules for driving.

Give Emergency Vehicles Room

Make room for ambulances and the fire department’s vehicles. Instead of attempting to pass them, move your car to the side.

What Safety Measures Should You Take While Driving?

Better to prevent than to treat! You can drive on or off the road, but in both the situations, you should use safety precautions. You should be aware of safety driving precautions to avoid endangering your life or the lives of others.

Off-Road Driving Safety Measures

Off-road driving safetry advice is simple to implement instead of on-road driving.

You must follow these guidelines. –

  • Use appropriate tactics to avoid accidents on rocky roads.
  • Ensure vehicle parts and repair kits are readily available for recovery.
  • Maintaining a reasonable speed limit reduces accident risk.

On-Road Driving Safety Measures

  • The most important safety measure when driving is to follow traffic laws to prevent accidents and injuries.
  • Furthermore, never drive when intoxicated.
  • If you feel sleepy or have any eyesight, mental, or bodily issues, don’t drive.
  • Pay attention to the pavement, side view mirrors, and road for safety.
  • Additionally, exercise caution when it’s raining, storming, or has other bad weather.

How Should I Act in Case of Emergency or Accident?

Prioritize self-care in emergencies and keep supplies readily available. In an accident, ensure safety, offer assistance, exchange information, and record the incident. Save emergency hotline numbers and dial them immediately.

What Are the Essential Documents to Have with You While Driving?

The following are the most crucial documents to have with you while driving: 

Registration Certificate

Refusing to provide registration information during traffic police interviews can result in a 5000 fine.

Driving Permit

Provide proof of 18+ driving test for Rs. 5000 fine under the 1988 Motor Vehicle Act.

Certificate of Pollution Control

A certificate indicates the car’s pollution level, issued after ensuring it’s below recommended limit, and may result in a $1,000 fine.

Safety Policy

Insurance is essential for safety, and failure to provide coverage can result in a fine.

Fitness Certificate

Get the vehicle’s fitness certificate, renew every two years, for older vehicles.

Maintaining safety guidelines and procedures is crucial for driving safety, including personal safety.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Question)

What are road safety 10 lines?

10 Lines and Sentences on Road Safety 

1) Road safety is necessary when we are walking or driving on the road.2) We must always cross the street on the left. 3) The lights at the intersections need to be observed. 4) A red light indicates that we must stop. 5) We must move only when the signal is green.

What are the basic safety rules for driving? 

Don’t drive after drinking, and keep a safe distance from other cars!Buckle up before you drive, do not drive on the wrong side. Always wear a helmet! Always give an indicator while changing lanes, drive within the speed limits, and don’t use mobile phones while driving.

What is the importance of safety rules? 

Safety rules exist in all work environments to keep both employees and the company safe. By reducing risk and preventing accidents, these policies can enhance worker wellbeing and effective working practises.



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