Tata Communications to partner with Amazon Web Services to offer hybrid cloud services


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Tata Communications to partner with Amazon Web Services to offer hybrid cloud services



We can provide businesses a comprehensive experience and a direct value route throughout their cloud-based growth and transformation journey because of our strategic alliance with AWS.



Hello viewers, a special thanks to all our regular viewers to read our articles patiently. Similarly, in this article you will read about TATA Communication to partner with AWSweb service to offer hybrid cloud service.

In addition, we are pleased to give you the information regarding the partnership of two tech giants which is TATA Communication and AWS. AWS and Tata Communications have a close working relationship that enables them to offer a variety of combined products, such as managed cloud services, contact center, IoT, and connectivity services, that help organizations become more adaptable, creative, and customer-focused.

Overview of TATA Communication to partner with Amazon web services to offer hybrid cloud services 

 Traditional contact center platforms present various difficulties for businesses. In addition to being pricey, the platform needs qualified personnel for installation and maintenance. Additionally, it is difficult to scale up or down quickly to satisfy demand in the present. Additionally, the platform is unable to include cutting-edge innovations like conversational IVR and AI.

We have gone through workers who worked closely with AWS to develop and deploy fully managed hybrid cloud solutions, self-service contact centers with AI capabilities, and secure connectivity services to AWS data centers over the years. Our priority is creating next-generation digital businesses, whether that means assisting a top media outlet in launching a news app or supporting service providers in running more effectively and modernizing their transaction platform.

Customers can benefit from innovation, experience, and people from TCS’s AWS Business Unit. The AWS-TCS relationship is supported by ten years of combined value creation, in-depth sector expertise, technical expertise, and delivery experience. Delivering full-stack enterprise transformation to the cloud is the main goal of our collaboration. TCS offers a broad range of services including cloud advice, migration, modernization of applications and infrastructure, SAP, data and analytics, storage, security, and industry solutions supported by cutting-edge technologies like AI/ML, Edge/IoT, Serverless, and Low-Code/No-Code.

Key factors TATA Communication to partner with Amazon web services to offer hybrid cloud services 

Name of the topic TATA Communication to partner with Amazon web services to offer hybrid cloud services 
Previous challenges to be eliminated  Traditional contact center
Project objective  Hybrid cloud service 
Core expertise  in-depth sector expertise, technical expertise, and delivery experience. Delivering full-stack enterprise
Service offerings cloud services, contact center, IoT, and connectivity services,



  • A self-service, cloud-based, highly scalable contact center service is offered by TCS Amazon Connect, enabling companies to provide superior customer service.
  • Companies can pay by the minute without making any upfront fees, long-term commitments, or infrastructure needs. The cost of telephone services will be the only additional fee for using this service.
  • To create a solid and future-proof contact center, TCS uses the Amazon Connect platform and a privately owned application. Customers can take use of a feature-rich contact center that interfaces with the current database and web services applications and can use conversational IVR powered by AI.
  • TCS’s custom apps, including Wallboard, Reporting, and Agent Desktop, enable businesses to establish the ideal component balance that satisfies their needs. AWS Connect must be accessible in the region or country where TCS has a presence for it to offer Contact Centre services there.


The TCS Amazon Connect solution combines various business elements into a single system. Its salient characteristics are as follows:

  • For the design, development, and deployment of TCS Amazon Connect, IVR, Lex Chat bot, and conversational IVR applications, customized IVR application development and integration was used.
  • Integration of third-party IT service management and CRM applications to resolve data dips, generate auto tickets, and display pop-ups.
  • Adapted Amazon Connect application to fit Agent Desktop development using AWS Connect softphone to show the caller information recorded in IVR. It creates customised reports containing call record data at the granular level that are tailored to the needs of the organization.
  • Informative Wallboard showing the contact center’s status. To satisfy the unique requirements of the customer, TCS will design and construct a custom Wallboard application.
  • customized reporting to give accurate caller information. The reporting tool will offer finely tuned, personalized reports. 
  • The AWS LEX platform will be used as a virtual agent and bot solution to enable NLP-based communication on the IVR. The bot will respond to consumer inquiries first and will route calls that it is unable to handle to Amazon Connect so that agents may take them. As a result, less personnel will be required to staff the contact center.
  • For the AWS Connect contact center, TCS is investigating AWS services like LEX, Comprehend, Transcribe, and Translate to provide a fully functional multi-language analytics solution.


  • Achieve sustainable and purpose-driven value.  
  • Realize value that is enduring and motivated by purpose.  
  • Create a business that is prepared for the future by using modern, domain-centric architectures.
  • Create flexible service models that focus on the needs of the user.  
  • Try new things to stay innovative. 
  • Enhance processes to quicken time to market. 
  • Build a sustainable future for both your company and the neighborhoods where we all reside.

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