The Best New Books to Read This Summer


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Early formation of positive habits helps create the foundation for a successful future. We engage in many activities daily, yet only a few stick within us as we develop.

 We should all make reading one of these habits because it broadens our information, enlightens our thinking, and improves our language abilities and vocabulary. Browsing books that interest you can be soothing along with stress-relieving. 

Whether reading a novel or a school textbook, books broaden your perspective and let you enter a world of knowledge. For this reason, the top school in Greater Noida teachers emphasize the value of reading precisely. 

The benefits of reading books

According to studies, even six minutes of reading each day can enhance sleep, lessen stress, and increase brain clarity. Understanding slows up the heart rate & arterial pressure while developing the neural pathways in your brain.

We can have a stronger feeling of human connection and compassion when we empathize with and engage with different stories that are not directly related to our lived experiences. This frequently results in deeper connections and mutual understanding.

Possessing a large vocabulary is going to assist you in writing more efficiently on a professional as well as a personal level. It encourages writers to stay upbeat while conveying their ideas more precisely. 

Reading aids in developing a talent for understanding the viewpoints of many authors, helping us write on our own. It is essential to comprehend the subject matter and enable retention of information.

Reading works like a spider web, linking what you already understand to what you’ve just learned and encouraging creative thinking. When you start imagining your dreams, you start to work on them. An individual can develop empathy for other people and their difficulties due to their imagination. 

The value of reading is also for entertainment and relaxation. One of the most basic forms of enjoyment for people is reading. People are naturally attached to stories, and literature offers access to various exciting worlds. This helps us distance ourselves from daily issues and transport us to an entirely different reality.

The Books to Read Over the Summer

Beach Read by Emily Henry.
Paige Toon’s Only Love Can Hurt Like This.
Annabel Monaghan’s Same Time Next Summer.
Jenn McKinlay’s Summer Reading List.
Camp Zero by Michelle Min Sterling.
Chanel Cleeton’s The Cuban Heiress

Beach Read by Emily Henry

With a few eagerly awaited passionate sequences, Beach Read pulses with sexual tension. (Although older teens may adore the book, we wouldn’t say it suits your 11-year-old.)

 The storyline follows: January, a romance author, is curious if she still believes in love. Gus, a literary fiction celebrity, is mired in writer’s block. They agree to spend the summer at adjacent beach cottages to get each other out of a rut. 

Paige Toon’s Only Love Can Hurt Like This:

Not all excellent beach readings are upbeat from start to finish. Because Loving Can Pain Like This is the May Reader’s Digest Book Club selection, it’s time to pick up a copy if you enjoy emotional stories like Colleen Hoover’s or Jojo Moyes’s. Wren leaves the United Kingdom for the summer after experiencing a devastating breakup with her unfaithful fiancé.

 As she gradually exposes her feelings to the widower farmer next door, she finds herself right in the center of the United States as the corn grows taller by the week.

Annabel Monaghan’s Same Time Next Summer

You can never forget your first real love, regardless of how old you grow or how far you move. However, Sam doesn’t want to recall Wyatt—the way he stared into her soul, the sensation of his hand on her body, or, most importantly, how he destroyed her heart.

 She can’t picture it in any other way now that she’s engaged to reliable Jack. Then again, she needs to question why her heart continues to pound at the mere mention of her high school boyfriend when she & Jack spend a long weekend at her family’s old beach house, and Wyatt appears next door.

Jenn McKinlay’s Summer Reading List

Why is Jenn McKinlay’s Summer Reading among the top newly released books of 2023? Let’s list them out. There’s Martha’s Vineyard’s sunny environment. 

A funny encounter on the island-bound ferry. All along, there are vacation feelings, and a passionate summertime fling between the librarian & a chef tops it off. Did we also mention the heartwarming benefits of sibling relationships? However, this book goes above and beyond simply checking off the “summer reading” boxes.

Camp Zero by Michelle Min Sterling:

This is not an adventure from a summer camp. It’s a dystopian thriller ideal for readers of post apocalyptic page-turners such as Emily St. John Mandel’s Station Eleven, set in icy northern Canada in the not-too-distant future. 

However, science fiction stories make excellent beach reads, especially if they are as engaging as this one. The most recent book by Michelle Min Sterling addresses gender, class, home, and power intersections on a globe that is increasingly warming.

Chanel Cleeton’s The Cuban Heiress

Escape to 1934 this summer and join the Morro Castle, an opulent cruise ship taking New York’s aspirational wealthy to Havana. The lives of a jewel thief and an heiress become intertwined with The Cuban Heiress when they learn that one is the target of a hit. The noose appears to tighten as the ship sets off. Whom can you believe, & will justice be done in the thriller’s conclusion?


Reading helps readers develop their knowledge, vocabulary, and written comprehension. Other research has demonstrated that reading is good for mental and physical health. Reading has been demonstrated to lower blood pressure and pulse rate and relieve stress, like practicing yoga.

By exposing you to new terms, books can increase your vocabulary. Your vocabulary and capacity for successful communication expand as you read more. Reading also enhances writing abilities by educating the reader about various writing styles. This is the ideal summer investment strategy.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Question)

What book is most widely read?

The Holy Bible. The Bible is the most studied book in the world and for a reason. 

What number of hours a day do you read?

Multiple studies have shown that the least amount of time we should allot to reading daily is between 15 and 30 minutes. Neuroscientists concur that even little lifestyle changes, like spending 15 minutes daily reading a book, can improve brain health.

Why read ten pages per day?

Reading improves our creativity & mental power, based on research. It enhances the way our minds work. Be imaginative and establish the habit of studying at least ten pages every day. Reading may also be therapeutic.

Information By – Aayushi Bhanu


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