The Future of Indian Railways? Best Vande Bharat Express and the Road Ahead


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Vande Bharat – There are 25 Vande Bharat Express trains in India, making travel easier for passengers. See this page for a comprehensive list of Vande Bharat Express Trains operating in India.    

Given that the Vande Bharat Express trains are high-speed, automated train units that were constructed in India, they represent a notable accomplishment for the country. With state-of-the-art amenities for travellers, these trains provide a quicker, more pleasant, and incredibly convenient travel experience. Modern passenger amenities on board the Vande Bharat Express will make train passengers’ travels quicker, more pleasant, and more convenient.

Concerning Vande Bharat Express

After the Gatimaan Express, the Vande Bharat Express is the second-fastest passenger train in operation in India. 2019 saw the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, inaugurate it.

The Vandebharat Express’s past

It was originally known as Train 18, but to reflect the fact that it was entirely constructed in India, it was renamed “Vandebharat Express.” The Research Designs and Standards Organisations (RDSO) also standardised the train’s requirements. It was designed to optimise operations while requiring little upkeep. A 16-coach Vande Bharat train is expected to cost approximately ₹116 crore.

Harmanpreet Kaur

How Was Vandebharat Express Created?

Indian Railways made a greater effort than in previous years to improve rail safety. In order to manufacture contemporary train coaches, Railways partnered with China, France, and Germany in 2016. This decision was made in order to concentrate on speed and comfort. The foreign semi-high-speed trains, however, did not succeed. Indian Railways made the decision to construct the trains domestically, which reduced import expenses and increased reliability.

The train, known as “Train 18,” was supposed to begin service in 2018. The Train 18 has all the amenities of today, including automatic doors, Wi-Fi, and air conditioning. The train surpasses the Shatabdi Express’s services and speed with its 16 chair cars and 160 km/h operating speed. When the trial runs were underway, Train 18 was the quickest EMU train.

Facilities and Features of Vande Bharat Express

The first semi-high-speed trains with contemporary amenities in India are the Vande Bharat Express trains operated by Indian Railways. Among the amenities are:

  • The train has a KAVACH security system installed.
  • The train’s working speed is configured to reach 160 km/h.
  • For convenience, automatic doors
  • Executive class seats rotate and recline.
  • On-seat mobile phone chargers
  • Features such as water boiler, deep freezer, hot case, and bottle cooler
  • Both bright and soft lighting provide a relaxing atmosphere.
  • special restroom for travellers with disabilities
  • Each coach has a fire extinguisher and an emergency exit.
  • Every coach has security cameras fitted for increased safety.
  • Wi-Fi, smoke alarms, and an odour control system are standard on coaches.

Vande Bharat Express Trains List

The routes that the Vande Bharat train now travels are:

  • New Delhi – Varanasi 1 (22435)Varanasi – New Delhi (22436)
  • 2 SMVD KATRA – New Delhi (22440) SMVD KATRA – New Delhi (22439)
  • 3 Gandhinagar, Central Mumbai CAP (20901)Mumbai Central’s Gandhinagar CAP (20902)
  • 4 Amb Andaura (22447) in New DelhiNew Delhi’s Amb Andaura (22448)
  • 5 Mysuru, Chennai (20607)Chennai’s Mysuru (20608)
  • Sixth Bilaspur Junction – Nagpur Junction (20825) (Preliminarily Tejas Express in Place)Nagpur – Bilaspur Junction (20826) (Tejas Express Temporarily Replaced)
  • New Jalpaiguri, 7 Howrah (22301)Howrah, New Jalpaiguri Junction (22302)
  • 8 Visakhapatnam – Secunderabad (20834)Secunderabad, Visakhapatnam (20833)
  • 9 Sainagar Shirdi, Mumbai (22223)Mumbai’s Sainagar Shirdi (22224)
  • 10 Solapur, Mumbai (22225)Mumbai’s Solapur (22226)
  • Eleven Bhopal-Delhi (20171) Bhopal – Delhi (20172)
  • 12 Thirupati-Secunderabad (20701) Thirupati-Secunderabad (20702)
  • 13 MGR Coimbatore’s Chennai Central (20643)Coimbatore
  • 14 Cantonment de Delhi – Ajmer (20978)Delhi Cantonment, Ajmer (20977)
  • 15 Kasaragod – Thiruvananthapuram Central (20634) Kasaragod – Thiruvananthapuram Central (20633)
  • 16 Vande Bharat Puri-Howrah (22896)Purvanchal India’s Howrah (22895)
  • 17 Anand Vihar Terminal (22457) in DehradunAnand Vihar Terminal in Dehradun (22458)
  • Guwahati, New Jalpaiguri, 18 (22227)New Jalpaiguri, Guwahati (22228)
  • Bengaluru, 19 Dharwad (20662)Dharwad, Bengaluru (20661)
  • 20 Ranchi – Patna (22349)Patna – Ranchi (22350)
  • 21 Indore – Bhopal (20911)Bhopal – Indore (20912)
  • 22 Jabalpur – Bhopal (20173) Jabalpur – Bhopal (20174)
  • 23 Goa – Mumbai (22229)Mumbai – Goa (22230)
  • 24 Lucknow – Gorakhpur (22549)Gorakhpur-Lucknow (22550)
  • 25 Jodhpur – Ahmedabad (12462) Ahmedabad – Jodhpur (12461)
  • Jaipur – Udaipur, 26 (20979)20980 Jaipur – Udaipur
  • 27 MGR Vijayawada – Central Chennai (20677)MGR Chennai Central in Vijayawada (20678)
  • 28 Tirunelveli – Chennai Egmore (20665) Tirunelveli – Chennai Egmore (20666)
  • 29 Yesvantpur – Kacheguda (20703) Yesvantpur – Kacheguda (20704)
  • 30 Patna–Howrah
  • 31Howrah – Ranchi (20898)Ranchi–Howrah (20897)
  • 32Rourkela Puri (20836)Puri–Rourkela (20835)
  • 33Thiruvananthapuram – Kasaragod (20631)Kasaragod–Thiruvananthapuram (20632)
  • 34The two cities are Ahmedabad and Jamnagar (22925 and 22926).
Varanasi Junction-BSBNew Delhi Railway Station-NDLS3:00 PM11:00 PM769 kmExcept Monday and Thursday
New Delhi Railway Station-NDLSVaranasi Junction-BSB06:00 AM2:00 PM769 kmExcept Monday and Thursday
New Delhi Railway Station-NDLSSMVD KATRA06:00 AM2:00 PM530 kmExcept Tuesday
SMVD KATRANew Delhi Railway Station-NDLS3:00 PM11:00 PM530 kmExcept Tuesday
Mumbai CentralGandhinagara CAP6:10 AM12:25 PM520 kmExcept Sunday
Gandhinagar CAPMumbai Central2:05 PM8:15 PM520 kmExcept Sunday
New DelhiAmb Andaura05:50 AM11:05 AM415 kmExcept Friday
Amb AndauraNew Delhi1:00 PM6:25 PM415 kmExcept Friday
Chennai CentralMysuru5:50 AM12:30 PM479 kmExcept Wednesday
MysuruChennai Central1:05 PM7:35 PM479 kmExcept Wednesday
Bilaspur JunctionNagpur Junction06:45 AM12:15 PM413 kmExcept Saturday
Nagpur JunctionBilaspur Junction2:05 PM7:35 PM413 kmExcept Saturday
Howrah JunctionNew Jalpaiguri Junction5:55 AM1.25 PM561 kmExcept Wednesday
New Jalpaiguri JunctionHowrah Junction3:05 PM8:24 PM561 kmExcept Wednesday
SecunderabadVisakhapatnam3:00 PM11.30 PM699 kmExcept Sunday
VisakhapatnamSecunderabad5.45 AM2.15 PM699 kmExcept Sunday
MumbaiSolapur4:05 PM10:40 PM400 kmExcept Wednesday
SolapurMumbai4:05 PM12:35 PM400 kmExcept Thursday
MumbaiSainagar Shirdi6:20 AM11:40 AM340 kmExcept Tuesday
Sainagar ShirdiMumbai5:25 PM10:50 PM340 kmExcept Tuesday
BhopalNew Delhi1:10 PM8:46 PM708 kmExcept Saturday
New DelhiBhopal2:40 PM10:10 PM708 kmExcept Saturday
SecunderabadTirupati6:15 AM2:30 PM661 kmExcept Tuesdays
TirupatiSecunderabad3:15 PM11:30 PM661 kmExcept Tuesdays
CoimbatoreChennai6:00 AM11:50 AMExcept Wednesday
ChennaiCoimbatore2:25 PM8:15 PMExcept Wednesday
Delhi CanttAjmer6:40 PM11:55 PM428 kmExcept Wednesday
AjmerDelhi Cantt6:20 AM11:35 PM428 kmExcept Wednesday
KasaragodThiruvananthampuram2:30 PM10:35 PM501 kmExcept Thursdays
ThiruvananthampuramKasaragod5:20 AM1:25 PM501 kmExcept Thursdays
HowrahPuri6:10 AM12:35 PM#N/AExcept Thursdays
PuriHowrah01:50 PM8:30 PM502 kmExcept Thursdays
DelhiDehradun5:50 PM10:35 PM302 kmExcept Wednesday
DehradunDelhi7:00 AM11:45 AM302 kmExcept Wednesday
JalpaiguriGuwahati6:10 AM11:40 AM410 kmExcept Tuesday
GuwahatiJalpaiguri4:30 PM10:00 PM410 kmExcept Tuesday
BengaluruDharwad5:45 AM12:10 PM489 km
DharwadBengaluru1:15 PM7:45 PM489 km
PatnaRanchi7:00 AM1:00 PM326 km
RanchiPatna4:15 PM10:05 PM326 km
IndoreBhopal6:35 AM9:35 AM190 kmSunday
BhopalIndore7:25 PM10:30 PM190 kmSunday
UdaipurJaipur7:50 AM2:05 PM435 kmExcept Tuesday
JaipurUdaipur3:45 PM10:00 PM435 kmExcept Tuesday
MGR Chennai CentralVijayawada5:30 AM12:10 PM517 kmExcept Tuesday
VijayawadaMGR Chennai Central3:20 PM10:00 PM517 kmExcept Tuesday
Chennai EgmoreTirunelveli2:50 PM10:40 PM650 kmExcept Tuesday
TirunelveliChennai Egmore6:00 AM1;50 PM650 kmExcept Tuesday
KachegudaYesvantpur5:30 AM2:00 PM610 kmExcept Wednesday
YesvantpurKacheguda2:45 PM11:15 PM610 kmExcept Wednesday
PatnaHowrah8:00 AM2:35 PM532 kmExcept Wednesday
HowrahPatna3:50 PM10:40 PM532 kmExcept Wednesday
RanchiHowrah5:15 PM12:20 PM463 kmExcept Tuesday
HowrahRanchi3:45 PM10:50 PM463 kmExcept Tuesday
PuriRourkela5:00 AM12:45 PM505 kmExcept Saturdays
RourkelaPuri2:10 PM9:41 PM505 kmExcept Saturdays
KasaragodThiruvananthapuram7:00 AM3:05 PM574 kmExcept Tuesday
ThiruvananthapuramKasaragod4:05 PM11:58 PM574 kmExcept Monday
AhmedabadJamnagar5:55 PM10:35 PM332 kmExcept Tuesday
JamnagarAhmedabad5:30 AM10:10 AM332 kmExcept Wednesday

Vande Bharat Express Speed

India’s fastest long-distance train is the semi-high-speed Vande Bharat Express. The Vande Bharat train can travel at a maximum speed of 160 km/h. The Vande Bharat train reached a top speed of 183 km/h during the trial run. Since most Indian railway tracks cannot handle particularly high speeds, an average running speed of about 120 km/h is allowed.

  • Maximum Velocity: 183 mph
  • Running Average: 120 km/h

The Vande Bharat First Run

On February 15, 2019, the Vande Bharat Express made its inaugural run between New Delhi and Varanasi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi presided at its inauguration. This Vande Bharat route starts at the New Delhi Railway Station and travels through Prayagraj and Kanpur to reach Varanasi Junction. The train travelled 762 kilometres in approximately 8 hours. From Delhi to Katra, the second Vande Bharat Express began service (Jammu and Kashmir).

Vande Bharat Express Mini

With eight cars, the tiny Vande Bharat train offers all the amenities found in the 16-coach Vande Bharat Express. For shorter trips lasting four to five hours, it is a scaled-down version of Vande Bharat Express. It is intended for the smaller version to travel shorter distances in less crowded conditions.

Ways to Reserve a Seat on the Vande Bharat Express

There are numerous ways to reserve a ticket at Vande Bharat, including through the website, the app, or a third party. To reserve a rail ticket for Vande Bharat, follow these basic steps:

  • To book a Vande Bharat Express, visit the IRCTC website or use the IRCTC app.
  • Create an account on the website. Users who have already registered can use their credentials to log in.
  • Look up the Vande Bharat Express route list and choose the start and end dates.
  • Check the website for the Vande Bharat train’s availability and timetables.
  • Verify the costs of the Vande Bharat Express tickets and choose your seats.
  • Complete the information and submit the payment. The cost of tickets for the Vande Bharat train route varies across India.

How to Verify the Status of Your Vande Bharat Express Confirmation

You can check the progress of your booking by logging into the IRCTC portal and seeing the confirmation status for the Vande Bharat Express ticket. Additionally, the passenger will receive an email at their registered email address and a text message on their registered mobile with the PNR number.

Vande Bharat

How to Purchase a Verified Ticket in Vandebharat

The following advice will be useful when purchasing tickets for the Vande Bharat Express:

  • The Vande Bharat offers maximum availability, try to purchase your tickets two to three months before the trip.
  • For simple booking, use third-party apps.
  • Use the Tatkal ticket to confirm your Vande Bharat reservation if it is an urgent booking.
  • Plan your trip during the weekdays if at all feasible to avoid the crowds.
  • Why Is Vande Bharat So Well-liked?
  • With features like Wi-Fi, CCTV, charging stations, and many more, the Vande Bharat is a contemporary train that is well-liked by passengers. Time savings is the key component of Vande Bharat that draws in business class as well. At an average speed of 120 km/h, it is the fastest long-route train in India, with minimal stops.


How much does a rail ticket to Vande Bharat cost?

The cost of a Vande Bharat ticket varies based on the distance and class, from Rs 700 to Rs 3,000.

What are the times for the Vande Bharat Express?

Depending on the schedule and stations, the Vande Bharat train schedules may change. The Vande Bharat trains list allows you to verify the time of your train.

Where can I get tickets for Vande Bharat?

The official IRCTC website and app allow you to see the pricing of a train ticket for the Vande Bharat Express and make reservations.

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