10 Ways Technology is Making Us More Productive


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Working from home is becoming increasingly popular, but maintaining a work-life balance can be overwhelming. To fight laziness and productivity, business owners must utilise technological tools and resources to maintain communication and multi-team collaboration. Although, proper tools can prevent miscommunication and improve productivity.


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 Key factors of 10 Ways Technology is Making Us More Productive

Name of the topic 10 Ways Technology is Making Us More Productive
Project management tool Trello
Communication WhatsApp, and Google Chat
Employee engagement tool Google Meet, or Zoom
Learning tool YouTube videos

The following technologies can help you be more productive.

Most applications offer a free version or a 30-day trial period, so you may test if it matches your needs before paying for a subscription if you’re concerned about purchasing something you’re not entirely committed to. If you are determined to get this premium tool, then see the advantages and price.

Makes everyday tasks easy

Have you been performing daily rote tasks? These duties take your maximum productive hours, despite your lack of awareness. Why not automate those tasks so that you can spend more time on work-related tasks? To generate forms you can integrate into your website, try utilising Salesforce or Mailchimp. You can use an email provider to develop a series of emails that are sent to sign-ups in a predetermined order utilising an automated procedure. 

Encourages improved project management

Ineffective project management wastes time in every corporate endeavour. Organisations become more efficient while utilising these tools in project management. Utilising these tools allow you to see what each team member is doing and cut out unnecessary work. Additionally, it makes brainstorming easier so that initiatives both now and in the future can be structured. Because everyone is aware of what needs to be done and by whom and when, we simultaneously reduce chaos. 

Tools to consider: Trello, Notion, and Asana

Facilitates conversation

Group messaging can dramatically increase the effectiveness of communication. Your teams can publish or ask questions on an internal discussion board that you can set up. Urgent questions can get instant responses. You can communicate with anyone using messaging services like Slack, WhatsApp, and Google Chat, which are available on both desktop and mobile platforms. 

With the help of modern technology, it is also possible to interact across cultural boundaries. It is simpler to think about outsourcing or hiring a remote crew thanks to modern technology. 

Promotes cooperation

Technology makes it easier to communicate, which encourages real-time collaboration. There is no need to wait for email attachments or information. The team can easily access the data if you save them on a shared disc. They can delegate work to other team members, share files, and make notes and comments. Employees will be able to develop a creative strategy for debating concepts or coming up with a solution thanks to technology.

Recommended tools: G Suite, Microsoft Office Teams, and Google Suite   

Supports a setup for remote work

To expand your firm, you might want to think about outsourcing some tasks. Numerous technological tools are available to enable remote work. Deliverables will be completed by your remote staff as long as you define the guidelines and project deadlines. Since you wouldn’t need to physically watch over children, you’d have more freedom to pursue your interests.

Track time automatically

Manual time tracking is suitable for small companies, but becomes frustrating as employees grow. Automated time tracking reduces wastage, especially for hourly payments, and increases productivity with automated deadlines and reminders.

Tools to consider: Time Doctor, Harvest

Encourages worker engagement

Whether at the office or working from various locations, your team can participate in virtual meetings and enjoy exciting days utilising solutions like Skype, Google Meet, or Zoom. Your staff will be more productive and driven to work hard if you integrate technology into your business procedures. 

Makes information security stronger

With the aid of technological instruments, we can protect private and delicate information. Different strategies are used by cybercriminals to deceive people. Make use of technology to safeguard your data. You, the employer, can restrict access to particular tools that your staff members require. By using solutions like LastPass, you may restrict access to information to only the appropriate individuals. 

Encourages lifelong learning

New technologies enable quick learning through MOOCs, YouTube videos, and Google searches, boosting skill sharing and upskilling. This allows for better work productivity and effective business operations, inspiring future service or product launches.

Improved productivity results from more productive activities.

Modern technology makes it possible to increase staff engagement, which results in a production that astounds your clients. Having the correct technology tools at your disposal can triple your team’s output and increase your earnings overnight.

Passionate about achieving more? 

Business owners are constantly looking for new ways to create a work environment for their staff that encourages effectiveness, productivity, and innovation. Use technology to assist you in doing more important chores.

Delegation of responsibilities is also more effective thanks to technology. Therefore, consider which technology resources will be most helpful to you and your team. Use technology to its full potential to grow your company.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

How can using technology increase your productivity?

automates processes

Almost any corporate activity, including finance, marketing, operations, and workplace management, can have its workflow automated. Tasks that are time-consuming and inefficient can be made simple and automated by technology. Your staff will have more time to work and will be more effective as a result.

Does using digital technology boost our productivity?

So, using digital tools at work increases our productivity. They achieve this by streamlining some of the routine tasks we are accustomed to. But how you use it will determine all of this. Because technology can have both good and bad effects.

How has technology made our lives better?

improved standard of living

The omnipresence of technology in our lives has changed the way we act and function. Every area of our lives has been enhanced by technology, from networking and healthcare to communication and transportation.The finest thing is that it always improves by enabling more sophisticated functions.

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