Ayurveda Expert Shares Tips on How to Eat Healthy During the Summer


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In brief, Ayurveda advises focusing on a pitta-pacifying diet which emphasises cooling fruits like watermelon and cucumber and favours simple. However, these are easily digestible meals to stay healthy and energised in the summer. According to Prateek Kumar, fitness expert, nutritionist, and creator of FitCru.



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About Ayurveda

In summary, Ayurveda, one of the oldest forms of medicine, has its root in India and dates back more than 5,000 years. Especially, the world is practising it because of its fully-encompassing approach to health and wellness. To stay healthy and energised in the summer, Ayurveda offers several simple routines and practises that you can adopt into your daily life. For this reason, we consulted health professionals to learn more about these practices. 

Ayurvedic advice to keep healthy and active in the summertime


Consume cold chilled beverages

Ayurveda stresses the significance of keeping your body cool and hydrated in the heat to be healthy and invigorated.”Our specialists advise bringing together delicious coconut water treatments in your daily routine as one easy but beneficial habit. 

Coconut water is well-known for its ability to hydrate and is a naturally electrolyte-rich beverage that aids in replacing essential nutrients lost via sweat. Infuse it with herbs like rose petals, mint, or cilantro to increase its digestive-helping effects, advises Dr Suraj of Niraamaya Surya Samudra, a Relais & Châteaux member.

Ayurveda advises taking a variety of liquids to keep off the summer’s negative effects. Buttermilk is a liquid that is high in vitamins and minerals yet low in calories and fat. Buttermilk consumption has many advantages, including enhancing digestion, reducing irritation, promoting gut health, treating liver diseases, and aiding in weight management, according to Dr Pramod Mane, wellbeing director at Woods At Sasan.

Utilize a diet that balances Pitta.

The pitta dosha, which is linked to fire and heat, increases during the summer. Certain foods are advised by Ayurveda doctors to balance the pitta dosha. According to Prateek Kumar, a fitness expert, nutritionist, and creator of FitCru, “Ayurveda suggests focusing on a pitta-pacifying diet that emphasises cooling foods like watermelon and cucumber and favours light, easily digestible meals to be healthy and energetic in the summer.”

According to Ayurveda, keeping hydration is essential for sustaining general health, particularly in the summer when increased perspiration increases the risk of dehydration. However, the best advice is to hydrate with water-rich, cooling foods like melons, cucumbers, citrus fruits, salads, etc., rather than drinking excessive amounts of plain water, continues Nyela Kapadia, fitness guru, founder of WWN, and co-founder of Intermittent Fasting Mindful Living.

Eat thin-textured white beans and rice during the heat. Consume lean beef and poultry soups if you’re not a vegetarian. To eat, use fresh banana leaves or silver bowls. Drink water that has been boiled, cooled, and has been flavoured with herbs. Sherbets, freshly squeezed fruit juices prepared from sweet fruits, and lemonade with sugar are other appropriate beverages. Choose sugarcane juice in the morning and coconut water in the evening. Consume seasonal fruits, advises Dr Subhash Markande, a specialist in Ayurveda at CGH Earth Wellness.

Exercise yoga

The ancient philosophy of Ayurveda is an integral part of our culture and ancestry. Ayurveda advises practising moderate physical activity like Yoga at the coolest periods of the day. The science of Ayurveda is shown to increase immunity, lower stress, improve gut health, promote cardiac and neurological health, avoid ailments, and even rectify route imbalances.

Simple Ayurvedic practices like engaging in cleansing rituals, scheduling time for yoga and meditation during the day, and going to bed on time to wake up early can be used as a starting point. Atmantan Wellness Centre co-founder and director Sharmilee Kapur makes this claim.

Maintaining a Sleep Plan

“Having a regular sleep schedule and going to bed by 10 p.m. is recommended during the summer since getting enough sleep nourishes and fortifies the body and mind. Achieving vata-pitta-kapha equilibrium is also beneficial. You can get a good night’s sleep by giving your feet a light massage with pure sesame oil an hour before bed, says Dr Manjula, a senior Ayurvedic physician at Shreyas Retreat.

Last but not least, it’s significant to remember that Ayurveda supports tailored recommendations, thus it’s recommended to speak with an Ayurveda practitioner for personalised guidance based on your particular constitution.

Defend Yourself Against the Sun

The significance of shielding your eyes and skin from the sun’s damaging UV rays is emphasised in Ayurveda. To protect and nourish your skin, experts advise using high-SPF sunscreen, Ayurvedic oils, and Ayurvedic eye drops to cool and refresh your eyes.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Question)

How does Ayurveda recommend eating during the summer?

The fruits and vegetables cucumber, cantaloupe, watermelon, and berries are also excellent for balancing pitta. Avoid foods that aggravate pitta. According to Erin Casperson, a former dean of the Kripalu School of Ayurveda, these include excessively salty, greasy, fried, and spicy foods, along with processed and canned foods, onions, and garlic.

What foods should Ayurveda steer clear of in the summer?

Pittas should generally stay away from too much salt, spicy food, yoghurt (always), sour fruits, tomatoes, red meat, soy, alcohol (sorry), and fermented foods, especially during the summer.

What foods are ideal for Ayurveda in the summer?

We ought to eat foods that are simple to digest. Superfoods in the summer are those that can lower body heat. To have a healthy physique, consume sattu, roasted pulses, pomegranate, watermelon, fenugreek leaves, amla, and buttermilk.

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  1. I’m always looking for ways to stay healthy during the summer, and I’m glad to learn about these Ayurveda tips. I’m especially interested in trying the cooling herbal teas and the refreshing fruits.


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