6 Beauty Looks That Will Melt in Humid Weather


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The concept of beauty is ever-evolving and stresses uniqueness and expressing oneself. There are no absolute standards of beauty due to things like the environment, one’s preferences, and the weather, skin, and hair types. Yet, certain aesthetic looks might require extra consideration in certain ecological circumstances, such as in conditions of high humidity.

A beauty expert claims the makeup trends to avoid in humid conditions include heavy eyeliner, sticky lip glosses, and overuse of powder

Let’s explore more to discover other beauty fads and practices that you ought to stay clear of if you want to look sharp and polished in humid conditions.

Things to keep in mind to prevent a summertime look

Choose a light base.
Put sun protection first.
Try using a setting powder.
Apply Eye primer.
Use Lip tint.
Use a blush stain.
  • Choose a light base. 

Are you looking for summertime beauty advice to avoid makeup dissolving in the heat? Just swap out your thick foundation for a thinner one. Even a facial tint can provide benefits for both skincare and makeup. Soaring heat and muggy conditions don’t go well with it. In this scenario, less is more with your summer makeup. 

Choose a lightweight foundation or go for a skin tint to create numerous summer makeover looks without a lot of effort. 

  • Put sun protection first.

All year round, you should use sunscreen, but since we typically sweat a little more in the summer, you might want to be more diligent. You may apply sunscreen again every four hours while indoors and chilly (UV rays can travel through glass windows). 

But if you’re exposed to the sun, you ought to apply sunscreen every two hours, after you use the restroom or after you exercise or perspire.

Consider spray-on sunscreen, such as Supergoop, as it can be challenging to reapply during the day. SPF 40 Refreshing Mist (Re)setting You get a revitalizing boost while your skin receives protection from the sun.

  • Try using a setting powder or a face primer.

Applying a face primer is another method for protecting your makeup from sweat. Although there are many different kinds of face primers, their primary function is to smooth the skin on the face so that your makeup, especially your base makeup, will apply more smoothly and stay in place.

You would use this after applying your skincare and before applying your base makeup, allowing each to dry for a short while before moving on to the next step. Setting powders are a fantastic option as well, particularly if you have oily skin and are using

Either a tinted moisturizer or a thin liquid or creamy foundation Setting powder will help maintain foundation and base makeup in place, prevent it from smudging, and reduce shine.

However, only a thin coating is required to prevent your makeup from cracking, so don’t overuse it. After applying your foundation or tinted moisturizer, wait a few moments for it to dry completely before adding a light layer of setting powder.

  • Apply eye primer.

Apply a shadow primer to prepare the lids if you plan to beautify your eyes. Not only will makeup primer make application easier, but it will also help the eyeshadow last longer. A primer is essential because it will help stop your eye makeup from creasing and splitting, which tend to happen more frequently in the summer heat. Since the Prime Time Eyes Shadow Primer is so light, just a little is all you need to get the task done.

Just remember to allow a few minutes for it to dry completely prior to using makeup. 

  • Use Lip tint 

Willing to acquire knowledge of the summer makeup guidelines? What we should do is the following: Lip tints are the ideal final touch for your summertime party makeup if you’re going for a simple yet modern look. Your lips will get an ideal flush of natural color with a lip tint. You can get the ruined lip makeup look with its assistance. 

If you don’t have a glossy tint, we’ll show you how to make your own. Put some lip balm on a mixing dish and start mixing. Add some of your powder blush, then thoroughly combine the two. You will have an excellent tint as a result! 

  • Makeup That Is Sweat-Proof: Use a Blush Stain

Blush is a fantastic method to add an alive splash of color that looks healthy to your appearance. And as long as you apply those beautiful blush powders softly, you can still use them for blush. However, if you want to use less powder, consider switching to a blush stain. In contrast to some powder blushes that would crumble in the heat if applied extravagantly, these are exceptionally lightweight.

Lipsticks from RAL can be used in a variety of ways, including as blush or cheek stains. Dot it onto your cheeks, then blend it with a brush or your clean fingers. Start with just a little and add more as required, keeping in mind that you just want a light wash of color.

One should not ignore skincare

As high humidity levels can cause excessive sweating, clogged pores, and increased oil production, culminating in an unattractive appearance in general, prioritize skincare for maintaining a healthy and fresh complexion. Follow a regular skincare regimen that includes twice-daily face washing, frequent exfoliation to remove dead skin cells, and the application of a light moisturizer that is appropriate for your skin type.


Carrying a few products in your purse is a smart idea in case you must touch up your makeup to remove excessive oil or shine. Blotting papers are an excellent item to have on hand, especially if you plan to be outside. With blotting papers, you can easily remove sweat and additional oils from your skin without affecting your makeup.

Applying a finishing powder with a little luminosity to add some dewiness to the complexion will freshen up your makeup if it is beginning to seem a little stale.

What do you find helps best to keep your makeup looking fresh during the summer? Please let us know some of your most helpful advice in the feedback section below.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

What makeup is heatproof?

Avoid using heavy makeup products while it is hot. When it comes to applying makeup in the summer, less seems to be more. If you’re using eye makeup, consider using both a face foundation and an eyeshadow primer to help your makeup go on easily and stay in place. By misting a setting spray over the finished cosmetics, you can keep them in place.

Should I use setting powder and spray?

If you prefer one over the other, you can apply one or the other to make your cosmetics sweat-proof; using both isn’t necessary. In general, fixing sprays are preferable for those with dry skin, whereas setting powders work better for people with oily skin because they help to absorb excess oil and moisture.

Which foundation is best for hot weather?

You ought to avoid wearing anything too thick for your skin during warm weather; therefore, lightweight foundations are suggested. Vein-tinted sunscreens are excellent choices if you do not require much coverage.


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