Where to Go in Europe for a Summer Vacation: The Best Top 5 Destinations


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One of the best destinations to travel during the summer is Europe. The continent offers an extensive variety of opportunities and options for entertainment, as well as excellent, affordable ways to transit between nations if you want to see a number of locales when you’re away. 

There are a lot of great travel destinations in Europe, despite the fact there are some traditional places that everyone loves and wants to visit. 

Actually, it could be hard to select only a few spots from the list of potential and appealing destinations. Here is a list of the top places in Europe you ought to visit this summer—exactly what you need for getting your planning underway.

The Top 5 Destinations in Europe to Visit in the Summer

  • Dubrovnik, Croatia:

It is simple to comprehend why Dubrovnik is referred to as the “Pearl of the Adriatic.” This gem of a town in southeast Croatia, encircled by centuries-old stone walls and dotted with orange-tiled rooftops, ranks among the most beautiful on the Dalmatian Coast as well as one of the best summer destinations in Europe.

 It makes sense that this was chosen as one of the shooting locations for the hit television series Game of Thrones.

Summertime visitors flock to Dubrovnik because of its old-world charm, alluring tourist sites (the view from Mount Srd is unrivaled), and prevalent day trips to the Elafiti Islands. And don’t forget regarding the food; it’s difficult to pick out a terrible restaurant.

  • The Azores, Portugal:

The nine islands which make up the Azores are rather hidden beauties off Portugal’s main coast despite their enormity. These lush islands have UNESCO World Heritage Sites, hot springs, roaring geysers, boiling mud pots, dark caves, and enchanting grottos. They are additionally peaceful and magical. For the best weather for going through the outdoors, travel in the summer.

The biggest of the Azores islands, So Miguel is an amazing gem, brimming with adventure and boasting a wealth of tourist attractions in its capital, Ponta Delgada. Have a plan to be thoroughly entertained on this alongside other beautiful islands.

 There are so many thrilling things to do in the Azores, especially during the peak summer season, including riding, paragliding, camping, and spelunking.

  •  Bruges, Belgium

One of the best-preserved cities in the world and one of the most visited in Europe is Bruges. The most visited city in the nation is the capital of the West Flanders province. 

Being designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for the year 2020 is what distinguishes it. The town was established in the eleventh century, and by the fifteenth century, it was ranked among the richest in the nation. However, it had become extremely impoverished by the early 20th century. However, it swiftly bounced back and became an attractive place to go.

Numerous walking trips may be discovered in Bruges. Walking the 5 kilometers along the canal to the tiny hamlet of Damme is one of the nicest routes to take. It is a nice track that is not at all difficult. 

Don’t forget to bring a camera because the town has numerous lovely scenic locations, such as the Mine water park and well-known castles.

  • Rome City, Italy

Rome is a lovely place to visit in Europe at any moment of the year, but the sweltering summer is one of the best times to go. Rome is a special city with a harmonious blend of ancient buildings, popular tourist attractions, and contemporary culture, not to mention delicious food


Make time to visit the Colosseum, the city’s most well-known and recognizable landmark, when you are there. Summertime lineups can be long, so bring water, a hat, and sunblock to keep your cool as you wait for your turn at this interesting location.

After enjoying gelato near Piazza Navona, watching others by the Trevi Fountain, and having a spaghetti lunch on a sunny patio, explore the city’s finest museums and palaces to soak in the past—as some air conditioning that penetrates the old buildings.

  • Herceg Novi, Montenegro

There is so much diversity and outstanding cities and towns to see and discover in Europe. Herceg Novi, Montenegro, is one of the best destinations to visit in Europe in the summer because of its untouched environment and amazing beauty.

A little beach village called Herceg Novi is located close to the Bay of Kotor. You can get there by taking a flight to Dubrovnik, Croatia, or to Tivat or Podgorica, Montenegro, and then hiring a car from those cities to Herceg Novi.

One of the nicest things to do in Herceg Novi is to take a boat excursion, something you may do in addition to enjoying the lake and the pastel-hued old town. You can see some of the top sites in Montenegro, like Kotor, Our Lady of the Rocks, and more, on boat trips in the Bay of Kotor.

The Positives of traveling to Europe

Magnificent CastlesEurope is the world’s host to some of the most beautiful castles.
Rich Cultural Heritage:Europe has a very long and diverse cultural history. It dates back thousands of years.
Train Travel:Europe has a connected rail network that links almost all major cities and is a great alternative to flying.
Festivals:Europe is known for its energetic festivals that encompass everything from music and the arts to food and culture.
Local Fairs and MarketsEurope has an array of markets to explore, whether you want to look for antique valuables or dine on street foods.


The possibility to explore Europe’s stunning scenery, rich history, and lively culture while basking in the sunshine makes going there in the summer a wonderful experience. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that the summer is also peak tourist season, which can result in crowded popular destinations and costly lodging, travel, and attraction costs.

In the end, despite the disadvantages of summer travel to Europe, it is well worth the effort to take in the continent’s beauty and charm.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Which European city is the coolest during the summer?

Edinburgh, Scotland; Reykjavik, Iceland; and Dublin, Ireland, are some of the nicest cities in Europe throughout the summer if you’re looking for a place with pleasant temperatures.

When is the least expensive time to visit Europe?

The most affordable times to go to Europe are often in late autumn and winter, from the middle to late October to the middle to late March. Flying to Europe during the weekdays, especially on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, can frequently be less costly.

Which month is ideal for a trip to Europe?

Although the summer months usually offer nice weather, they also tend to be more expensive and crowded. Good shoulder seasons with moderate weather and few tourists are spring and autumn. Wintertime offers joyful markets and winter sports.


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