Amazon India launches new Prime subscription plan for students


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Amazon India launches new Prime subscription plan for students




Manish Agarwal, Vice President of Amazon Prime India, said that, “We are excited to launch Prime Lite for students in India.” This new arrangement offers an extraordinary incentive for understudies who are searching for quick and free conveyance, as well as different advantages like 5% money back on buys.”



Amazon India has launched a brand-new student-specific subscription plan in an exciting move. Students will be able to take advantage of a variety of exclusive benefits and perks with the newly introduced Prime subscription plan. Students can take advantage of the well-known Amazon Prime membership with this plan at a discount, giving them access to a world of unlimited streaming, fast, free delivery, and exclusive deals and discounts. This initiative demonstrates Amazon’s dedication to meeting the specific requirements of students by making online entertainment and shopping more cost-effective. Let’s get into the specifics of this exciting new student product from Amazon India.

About The Prime subscription plan for students

A specialized Prime subscription plan specifically designed for students has been launched by Amazon India, offering a variety of individualized benefits. Students can take advantage of this new plan’s discounted access to the well-liked Amazon Prime membership, which provides them with unrestricted streaming, quick and free delivery, and exclusive deals. Amazon wants to help students by making online entertainment and shopping more affordable and accessible.

Now, students can take advantage of the ease of Prime services, such as quick delivery of textbooks, study materials, and everyday necessities. Amazon’s dedication to meeting the specific requirements of students and improving their overall experience is demonstrated by this Prime subscription plan that is focused on them.

Key Highlights of Amazon India launches new Prime subscription plan for students

Feature Regular Prime Membership Amazon Prime Lite
Price Rs 1,499/year Rs 999/year
  • Free two-day delivery 
  • Prime Video in HD quality 
  • Prime Music 
  • Prime Reading 
  • Early access to lightning deals
  • Exclusive Prime deals 
  • 5% cash back on purchases made with an Amazon Pay ICICI Bank credit card
  • Free two-day delivery 
  • Standard delivery 
  • No-Rush shipping 
  • 5% cash back on purchases made with an Amazon Pay ICICI Bank credit card
  • Lacks HD-quality Prime Video 
  • Early access to lightning deals.
Excludes Prime Music, Prime Video, and Prime Reading, as well as early access to lightning deals.
  • All Indian residents are eligible
  • Applicants must be 18 or older.
Available to Indian students enrolled full-time in undergraduate or graduate programs
Category  Tech

New plan is priced at Rs 999 for 12 months

The recently introduced student Prime subscription plan from Amazon India costs just Rs 999 for a 12-month period. Students can get a year’s worth of benefits by joining for this low price, making it very accessible and affordable for them. In addition to quick and free delivery of their orders, students can now enjoy unlimited streaming of movies, television shows, and music. 

Their online shopping experience is made even more rewarding by their exclusive access to deals and discounts. Students will be able to get the most out of their Prime membership without breaking the bank because of the competitive pricing.

Prime Student Plan: Benefits and Limitations

  • The benefits of the Prime Student Plan are comparable to those of regular Prime membership.
  • Students can take advantage of exclusive deals, fast and free delivery, and unlimited streaming.
  • There may be restrictions on some services or features compared to the standard plan.
  • The plan is made to specifically address the requirements of students.
  • Students have access to a wide range of benefits, but they should be aware of any potential restrictions.
  • Students can take advantage of the benefits of a Prime membership with the Prime Student Plan, which is a cost-effective alternative.

Includes free two-day delivery, standard delivery, and No-Rush shipping

Standard shipping, free two-day delivery, and No-Rush shipping are all included in the Prime Student Plan. The expedited two-day delivery service is beneficial to students because it guarantees that their orders will arrive promptly. For things that don’t need to be delivered right away, you can also choose standard delivery. Students who are willing to wait a little longer for their packages can take advantage of the No-Rush shipping option, which gives them incentives like credit toward future purchases. The various requirements and preferences of student members are met by this selection of delivery options.

Extra Savings: 5% Cash Back for Students

The Prime Student Plan provides students with an additional benefit in addition to the numerous benefits it provides. Students can get 5% cash back on their purchases if they use an Amazon Pay ICICI Bank credit card. Students can save even more money on the items they want with this exclusive offer. This cash back feature gives student members a financial advantage when they buy textbooks, electronics, or everyday necessities. It makes the Prime Student Plan even more appealing to students by increasing its value and cost-effectiveness.

Steps to take


Students can sign up for the new Prime subscription plan by going to the Amazon India website or downloading the app.


Exclusive for Enrolled Indian Students

India’s full-time undergraduate and graduate students are the only ones eligible for the Prime Student Plan. Benefits and discounts tailored to Indian students are included in this specialized plan, which is tailored to meet their requirements. Students must be actively pursuing their education on a full-time basis in order to be eligible. This guarantees that the Great Understudy Plan is open to the individuals who can genuinely profit from its benefits, making an understudy driven participation choice that upgrades their web based shopping and diversion experience.

Process of Sign up for the new plan on the Amazon India website or app

Follow these steps to sign up for the new plan on the Amazon India website or app:

  • Open the Amazon app on your mobile device or visit the Amazon India website.
  • If you don’t already have one, you should set one up on Amazon. Complete the registration procedure by providing the necessary information.
  • Log in to your Amazon account after registering.
  • Search for “Prime Student Plan” in the search bar or go to the Amazon Prime section.
  • To get to the dedicated page, select the Prime Student Plan option.
  • To fully comprehend the benefits and restrictions of the plan, carefully read the details.
  • Select “Sign up for Prime Student” or “Join Prime Student.”
  • To check your student status, follow the instructions displayed on the screen.
  • Include information about your program and educational institution in the required details.
  • Make the payment in accordance with the current pricing and select the duration of the subscription, such as twelve months.
  • You will be added to the Prime Student Plan and able to begin taking advantage of its benefits as soon as the payment is processed.

Note: Amazon India’s updates and modifications may cause the sign-up process to slightly differ. For the most recent and accurate instructions, always use the official Amazon website or app.

FAQs (Frequency Asked Questions)

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  1. I’m so excited about the new Amazon Prime subscription plan for students! I’m a student myself, and I’ve been wanting to sign up for Prime for a while now. This is the perfect opportunity for me to do so, and I can’t wait to start enjoying all the benefits of Prime!

  2. Finally, an exclusive Prime plan for students on Amazon India! Looking forward to enjoying all the benefits at an affordable price. Thank you, Amazon, for making student life easier!


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