Diljit Dosanjh: Net Worth, Age, Bio, Best Achievements, and Family Insights

Diljit Dosanjh

Renowned pop icon Diljit Dosanjh, who is highly versatile, has become incredibly famous all over the world and even worldwide musician Ed Sheeran admires him. Dosanjh, who rose from modest beginnings in Jalandhar in 2002, is now regarded as one of Punjab’s top celebrities. 

He recently performed with Ed Sheeran, captivating crowds with his most recent Punjabi chart-topper performances. Having amassed an incredible net worth of Rs 172 crore, largely due to his extensive filmography and riveting live performances.

Childhood of Diljit Dosanjh

In the small village of Dosanjh Kalan, in the Phillaur tehsil of the Jalandhar district in the Indian state of Punjab, Diljit Dosanjh was born on January 6, 1984, into a Sikh family. His father, Balbir Singh, used to work at Punjab Roadways, while his mother, Sukhwinder Kaur, is a stay-at-home mom. 

He has a younger brother and an elder sister. His upbringing was not particularly wealthy. His father worked as a bus driver, and the family was impoverished. His early childhood years were spent in Dosanjh Kalan before the family moved to Ludhiana. For his early education, he went to the Shri Guru Harkrishan Primary School in Ludhiana. 

He obtained his high school diploma from the Almanar public school, where he finished his secondary education. in a very young age, Diljit started his musical career and soon gained popularity as a performer in gurudwaras all throughout the region. He says that in his younger years, being able to perform and sing at these gurudwaras allowed him to fulfil his dreams.

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 Careers in Acting and Singing

His love of music began when he was a student and would frequently play religious songs like Kirtan. This inspired him to pursue music as a career. In 2004, Diljit debuted in the music industry with the T-series division with the song “Ishq Da Uda Ada.” The same record company also released his second studio album, “Dil,” the same year. 

Sukhpal Sukh created his third album, “smile,” which gave him the much-needed break in the industry. Many people gave the record positive reviews. He released four albums simultaneously in 2009: “dancing with me,” “Bhaga Singh,” “No stress,” and “power of.”the strength of duets.” 

The Punjabi singer has advanced significantly since then and doesn’t want to slow down anytime soon. He tried his hand at acting in addition to being a musician; he debuted in the business with the movie “The Lion of Punjab.” Together with the fact that the movie itself took the lead in box office receipts, his rendition of the song “lakk 28 Kudi da” was also a huge worldwide hit.

 Rapper and vocalist Honey Singh was featured on the song.

He debuted in the Hindi film industry in 2016 when “Udta Punjab,” his first film, was released. 

Alia Bhatt, Kareena Kapoor, and Shahid Kapoor costarred with him. He also provided the voice for the song “Ik Kudi,” which was featured in this movie. In “Phillauri,” his subsequent Hindi movie, he costarred alongside Suraj Sharma and Anushka Sharma. 

In 2018, he contributed to two films that did not do well at the box office: Welcome to New York and Soorma. The Bollywood movie Arjun Patiala, in which he most recently starred, was a box office bust similar to his last one.


Diljit Dosanjh was born and raised in Dosanjh Kalan. He then relocated to Ludhiana, where he attended Shri Guru Harkrishan Public School for his formal primary education and Al Manar Public School for his high school education. While still in school, Diljit Dosanjh started singing Sikh songs at nearby gurdwaras. 

Having always loved music, he started giving performances in gurudwaras to pursue his dream of becoming a singer. Balbir Singh Dosanjh, the father of Diljit Dosanjh, made about Rs. 5,000 a month driving buses for Punjab Roadways. 

Sukhwinder Kaur, his mother, is a homemaker. Diljit Dosanjh has a sister and two siblings, Manjeet Singh. He is wed to Sandeep Kaur, with whom he has a child together. 

Diljit has been transparent about his purported infatuation with Hollywood A-listers like Gal Gadot and Kylie Jenner. In contrast, Diljit Dosanjh keeps details about his personal life and family incredibly secret. Diljit Dosanjh is the younger of two brothers and one sister.

Wife of Diljit Dosanjh, Sandeep Kaur

Sandeep Kaur was Diljit Dosanjh’s wife; the two of them have a child. Diljit Dosanjh keeps details of his personal life and family incredibly confidential. It is reported that Diljit Dosanjh’s spouse and their son are currently in the US. 

Not much is known about Diljit Dosanjh’s wife Sandeep Kaur, other than the fact that she was his spouse. Diljit has maintained the privacy of his married life, but he has also kept his family, including his son, under wraps. 

Nothing else, not even his son’s name, is known about the performer because his private life is still a mystery. Dilijit Dosanjh was allegedly married for a long time, according to these sources.

Nothing else, not even his son’s name, is known about the performer because his private life is still a mystery. Dilijit Dosanjh was allegedly married for a long time, according to these sources. 

His wife is a beautiful Indian woman living in America, Sandeep Kaur. When questioned about why he never gave the public his son’s and wife’s names, Diljit said that if something bad happened, he didn’t want his family to be the subject of insulting comments. If the Punjabi actor chose the wrong movie or song, he said it was all his fault.

But, people close to the celebrity claim that their marriage has ended and they are no longer friendly. When problems arose in 2017, they made vain attempts to keep their marriage intact. It appears that they are no longer together, and he is secretly seeing someone else.


Ishq Da Uda Ada, Diljit Dosanjh’s debut album, was published in 2003 by Finetone Cassettes, who went on to sign him and put out other albums under his label. He gained popularity after the publication of his 2005 album Smile, and for the remainder of the 2000s, he kept on recording and putting out albums. 

His most popular work was The Next Level, which was published in 2009 and made available to audiences in the US, Canada, and the UK. He worked on this album alongside Honey Singh, who penned two of the songs, appeared on two of them, and composed all of the music.

He started making films in 2011. His first release was the famous song “Lak 28 Kudi Da” from the movie The Lion of Punjab. Reunited with Honey Singh, this song peaked at number one on the official Asian Download Chart in the United States, as reported by the BBC. One of the biggest hits in Punjabi film, Jatt and Juliet, was released the following year. 

Playing one of the main characters, Diljit Dosanjh rose to fame as an actor thanks to this movie. Back 2 Basics, his eighth album, was also released and met with positive reviews.

He pursued music and cinema throughout the ensuing years, with varying degrees of success. He debuted in Bollywood with Udta Punjab in 2016. 

He received a lot of recognition for his portrayal of an upright police officer in a dishonest setting, which contributed to his rise to national fame. Immediately after Udta Punjab, Phillauri came. His eleventh album, G.O.A.T., was published in 2020, and it helped him break into the Billboard Social 50 chart. 

Later on, it topped the Top Triller Global list published by Billboard. Additionally, it was listed in the Canadian Albums Chart’s top 20.

He became a producer for the movie Honsla Rakh in 2021, in which he also acted. It was the largest opening day gross of any Punjabi movie, taking in 5.05 crores. 

In 2023, he made history by being the first musician from Punjab to play at the renowned Coachella music festival. He received a lot of attention for his portrayal of the legendary Punjabi musician Amar Singh Chamkila in the film of the same name.

Net worth 

The amount of assets less the amount of obligations is known as net worth. Assets include things like cash real estate and anything else of value. It is the total worth of all your possessions. There is no annual computation of net worth. After subtracting all liabilities from all assets, net worth is calculated. 

After subtracting all liabilities from all assets, net worth is calculated. What is Badshah’s current net worth then? As per Forbes India (2019), Diljit Dosanjh is included in the Celebrity 100 list in India. Diljit Dosanjh’s estimated net worth in 2022 is $20 million USD, according to certain sources.

He is among the highest-paid actors and singers in Punjabi cinema. The monthly income of Diljit Dosanjh surpasses 80 lakh rupees. He is well-known for his live concerts and films, which provide for the majority of his income. 

In every film, Diljit Dosanjh makes between three and four crore rupees. Sponsorships and brand promotions have an impact on his profits as well. Additionally, he charges about 4 crore rupees for private concerts.

Diljit bills approximately $1 million for each brand endorsement. In the past few years, his net worth had climbed by thirty per cent. Diljit Dosanjh makes more than 12 crore Indian rupees a year. Diljit Dosanjh has ties to the Coca-Cola company.

 In August 2015, Diljit Dosanjh was engaged by Coca-Cola to serve as a brand spokesman for Punjab, India. The biggest online retailer in India, Flipkart, selected Diljit Dosanjh for its Flipkart Connect campaign in Punjab.


Fans are inspired by Diljit Dosanjh’s path from small-town singer to international fame. Diljit has risen to prominence in the entertainment business thanks to her drive, acting prowess, and singing ability. In the years to come, 

Diljit Dosanjh’s light will undoubtedly shine through as he continues to amuse fans and explore new frontiers, making a lasting impression on the music and film industries.


Diljit Dosanjh is who? 

An Indian singer-songwriter, actor, producer of motion pictures, and television personality Diljit Dosanjh. He was born on January 6, 1984, in Dosanjh Kalan, Jalandhar, Punjab, India, and has dominated almost every aspect of the entertainment industry, from his extensive Bollywood film credits to his nearly two-decade-long music career. 

Which concert did Diljit attend for the first time? 

Diljit saw poet Professor Mohan Singh perform live for the first time in his native Ludhiana, India. Punjabi poetry in modern times has benefited greatly from the work of Professor Mohan Singh.

 Diljit Dosanjh’s most recent film?

 Amar Singh Chamkila



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