Homemade Hair Treatment For Black Hair Growth and Thickness


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Home remedies for natural black hair- One of the easiest things to get is undoubtedly long and healthy hair with only a few minor dietary and hair care adjustments, as well as the use of homemade hair masks to promote hair thickness and growth.

If your hair is long, thick, and healthy, you can pretty much wear any style! That’s why it’s so worth it to invest some time and energy into your hair care regimen and stick with it! 

To help your hair grow longer and healthier, there are numerous DIY hair masks and home treatments for hair growth and thickness. But when it comes to getting thick hair, the ones we’ve listed here are the most successful of all. Let’s examine hair masking, the most effective

Homemade Hair Treatment For Black Hair Kitchen-Based Hair Masks 

Problems with hair might include frizz, flakes, and dryness. Numerous things, such as indoor heat, seasonal changes, hot hair tools, and external causes, might trigger these alterations. 

You can make easy, homemade hair masks at home with common kitchen materials. You can create an at-home spa experience using items from your pantry. Homemade solutions are beneficial for your hair and scalp. Some of the greatest DIY hair mask recipes for thicker, more growing hair are included here, along with application instructions.

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Mask with Grouramme Fl for Hair

 To make a paste, combine 100g of gramme flour with ½ cup of water. Apply the same mixture to your strands and roots, and let it sit for 30 minutes, or until it dries. To stop hair fall, carefully rinse the mask with cold water after it has dried. Gramme flour is a fantastic, chemical-free hair nourishment and hair fall prevention component. It’s also an excellent hair cleanser!

Onion Juice Mask for Hair 

Onions are a well-known home treatment for thick hair, if you’re wondering how to get it. Because it is said to improve blood circulation when applied to the scalp, it also encourages the growth of hair. 

What you need to make this DIY hair mask is: An onion’s worth of extract Two tsp coconut oil A quarter-tsp lemon extract One tsp honey

Blend these components in the specified ratios and apply the blend to your hair and roots.

 After letting it sit for thirty minutes, rinse it off with a gentle shampoo, like the Love Beauty & Planet Sulfate-Free Onion, Blackseed, and Patchouli Hairfall Control Shampoo. The benefits of onion and black seed oil are present in this shampoo, which fortifies hair and nourishes the scalp to produce hair that looks healthy.

This is a fantastic DIY hair mask for hair growth and thickness without using eggs; apply it three times a month to instantly see longer, thicker hair.

Vinegar made from apples 

Treat flakes and itchy scalp with it. According to Kali Ferrara, a hairstylist at The Salon Project in New York City, an apple cider vinegar rinse helps clean your scalp and restore shine because of its acidic nature and antibacterial qualities. 

Ingredients: 10 parts water and 1 part raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar. Instructions: Combine the two components. After conditioning, apply to wet hair, massage into the scalp, and let on for five minutes. Make sure to rinse thoroughly.

Honey and Egg Hair Mask 

Eggs are a great source of B-complex vitamins, proteins, and minerals, all of which help to maintain healthy hair. Because they strengthen the hair’s roots, all these nutrients aid in reducing hair loss. 

Moreover, eggs give hair volume and aid in the stimulation of new hair development. Break one egg into a basin and add a tablespoon of honey to make this egg hair mask. To get a smooth paste, thoroughly mix. 

After applying it to your hair and scalp, leave it there for fifteen minutes. To get rid of the eggy smell, rinse well and wash your hair with shampoo and a scented conditioner. Hair follicles receive much-needed sustenance from the natural lipids found in eggs, and this egg mask is

among the top treatments for hair growth.

Hair Mask Made with Bananas 

Coconut’s antioxidant content has made it a hair saviour for centuries. It promotes hair development in addition to nourishing the hair and scalp. Rich in potassium, bananas promote healthy hair growth and guard against damage. 

Blend together a ripe banana and coconut oil to make this banana hair mask. A tiny bit of coconut milk should be added to this mixture. After applying the mixture to the scalp and hair, leave it on for a while before washing it off. For hair loss, this is an excellent hair mask.

Hair mask Shikakai and Amla

 Hair Mask to make hair follicles stronger Vitamin C, included in both amla and shikakai, helps to stimulate the growth of hair by increasing the amount of collagen in your scalp. Shikakai’s antioxidants prevent damage from free radicals, and amla’s minerals promote increased blood flow to the scalp. 

In a bowl, combine 2 tsp amla powder and 2 tsp shikakai powder to make this mask. To form a smooth paste that isn’t very wet, add water. After applying the paste to your hair and scalp, give it 45 minutes to rest. Proceed with your usual rinse.

You can use this mask once a week to achieve longer and healthier hair because amla and shikakai, both high in vitamins, are good for hair.

Egg Yolk and Jojoba Oil Hair Mask 

Jojoba oil, a silky emollient, has strong antifungal qualities that help the scalp stay healthy and get rid of dead skin cells. Packed with Omega 6 and 9 fatty acids, it effectively unclogs hair follicles to promote hair development and combat free radicals that damage hair. 

To make this mask, beat one egg yolk, and add a teaspoon each of jojoba oil, honey, and lemon juice. After applying the mask to your scalp and hair, leave it on for forty-five minutes. Give it a shampoo rinse. Jojoba is a useful element in this dry hair mask that also promotes hair development.

Hair Mask Made with Yoghurt

 Yoghurt is an excellent DIY hair mask for frizzy hair since its lactic acid keeps frizz in hair and adds hydration. For this hair mask, you can alter the components to suit your desired haircare outcome. 

Add avocados for body and shine, and limes and lemons for PH harmony. If you want to add the maximum shine, safflower or sunflower seed oil is a good organic oil to add. Once you’ve combined your desired components with yoghurt, apply the mask to your hair and let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes.

Aloe Vera Hair Mask 

Aloe Vera aids in promoting hair growth and adding the shine you’ve been missing from your hair! Proteolytic enzymes found in it promote hair growth. Heat a small amount of olive oil, add some raw aloe vera or aloe vera gel, and then apply the resulting combination. After letting it sit for fifteen minutes, rinse it off with cold water. Try it out and prepare to embrace your inner Rapunzel!

Fenugreek Mask for Hair 

Fenugreek, or methi, is a common household item that’s well-known for helping people develop long hair. Soak three tablespoons of methi seeds in a mug of cold water for the entire night. 

The following morning, mash them and mix them with 4 Tbsp lemon juice. After applying this combination to your scalp for 45 minutes, rinse it off with cold water. This is an excellent dandruff hair mask that will also promote hair growth and enhance the condition of your scalp.

Avocado Mask for Hair

 Avocado’s potassium, protein, and amino acids protect your priceless locks from damage and dryness, making it an excellent hair mask for dry hair. Avocados are great for promoting hair development and relieving dryness. 

One ripe avocado should be stripped of its peel and seed and mashed. Add two to three teaspoons of coconut oil to this. Combine items in a bowl and stir to combine. After applying the mask to your scalp and hair, put on a shower cap. After 30 to 40 minutes, wash off with lukewarm water and a light shampoo. Use one or two times every week.


 It doesn’t have to be difficult or costly to take care of your hair. You can make a customised remedy that nourishes your black hair, promotes growth, and enhances the general health of your hair with a homemade hair growth serum. 

You’ll be well on your way to stronger, luscious locks by combining this with other hair care products like the Bio-Pilixin Hair Serum, keeping a healthy diet and lifestyle, controlling stress, and shielding your hair from the weather.

 Recall that every person has different hair, so feel free to experiment and change the ingredients in your serum as necessary. You should see a noticeable increase in the length and health of your hair with patience and regular use.


What foods can I eat to prevent hair loss? 

Eat meals that promote hair development and are high in nutrients to stop hair loss. Eggs, lentils, walnuts, spinach, and flaxseeds are a few of these. 

In a month, how can I grow thick hair?

 In addition to routinely oiling your hair and applying DIY masks, try eating more eggs and vitamin C-rich fruits. Castor oil massages are widely suggested for hair. To find out which hair mask is ideal for your hair type, try these at home. We promise that using these DIY hair masks will help you grow longer, thicker hair quickly!

How often should I use the homemade serum for hair growth? 

Use the serum 1-2 times a week, or as often as your hair needs it. Reliability is essential for the best outcomes.

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