Google Play Makes it Easier for Indians to Pay for Friends’ and Family’s In-App Purchases


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Google Play Makes it Easier for Indians to Pay for Friends’ and Family’s In-App Purchases



Nowadays, shopping is significantly more accessible than it was utilized to be in the early times. You are no longer needed to visit the store plus seek what’s right for you. Everything you require can be readily and swiftly bought online.

Anything may be bought online. Purchasing food, tickets, and flying. It’s convenient. The purchase can be made online, and then it will be delivered right to your door. On the other hand, they email the information to you. However, it can be challenging to maintain track of every purchase you make if you have a big family that uses the same card, especially in the case of digital services.

In today’s world, gadgets and applications are essential to everyone’s life. Many work, education, or leisure apps may be installed on your phone or tablet.

How do you control your family’s purchases from sites like the Google Play Store? Google has developed a useful feature called the family payment method on Google Play solely for this use.

What exactly is the Google Play family payment option, and how does it function?

One can use this payment method if you are a family group member. It can be used to buy items on Google Play. The conventional payment method and this one are viable options.

The family payment system is designed to give your family group’s manager complete control of the purchasing experience. The family group manager can add this form of payment, and a written proof or receipt will be given to their email for every transaction.

The family manager will control any buying habit made by family members using the family payment method. In addition, the management has the option to authorize purchases. If enabled, the supervisor will be informed before purchasing that this approval is needed.

How can one arrange my family group

Setting up an extended family group may seem different depending on your chosen platform and what operating system you’re using. You must meet a few requirements for family sharing, involving:

  • Members of the family must be at least 13 years old.
  • The organizer or manager should be a minimum of 18 years old.
  • Each family member must have a Google Play or Apple App Store profile.
  • The family manager or organizer needs to have an authorized means of payment. 

Go to the Family tab in the Settings part of Google Play and select “Sign up for Family Club.” A family group may be established by joining the members utilizing their Google account credentials. 

Now, click on an Apple ID in the Settings app for access to the App Store. Select “Family Sharing” at this point, followed by “Set up your family.” You currently have a family party ready to split the expenditures!

How the family payment system functions

  • The family manager can establish A family payment technique when a family group is established.
  • Through Google Play’s billing structure, family members may use a shared payment technique to purchase on the Google Play marketplace or in-app purchases.
  • Any purchases made by any members of a family using the family’s way of payment are under the control of the family administrator.
  • Each time someone in the family uses the Google Play billing system for a purchase, the person in charge of the family gets an email receipt.
  • The family administrator can enable purchase authorizations so that specific purchases by family members need to be approved.
  • Important: Only purchases made through Google Play’s billing system are subject to buy authorization settings.

Things one can purchase using family payments

Only some kinds of purchases can be accomplished with this method of payment. It may be used for both in-app and Google Play purchases of the following kinds of content:

  • Apps
  •  Books
  •  Movies
  •  Games
  • TV programmes
  • Written for magazines

Family members can use the family payment method to buy Google One.

Please be aware that a Family Library icon will show up on the page with the details if you may buy material from the Family Library.

Troubleshooting typical problems that may occur

After you finally finish setting up family sharing, you expect easy navigation. And now an error notice appears! When family members can access your in-app purchases, it can be not very pleasant. 

Here are a few of the most frequent worries with sharing purchases, from difficulties with unauthorized access to restrictions on sharing.

  • The shortage of in-app purchases for family members

This one can be easily solved independently and is the most often asked topic in Apple support circles. With these steps, one can swiftly fix this problem and have joy in family time:

  • Verify Sharing system: Make sure Family Sharing is appropriately configured and each member is connected to the same account by verifying the preferences. 
  • Verify Apple ID: Verify that the correct Apple ID has been utilized to complete the transaction. 
  • Check for Restrictions: A content rating or additional constraints may apply to some in-app purchases. Ensure that all your family members are prevented from viewing the purchase due to the restrictions.
  • Try logging system: Logging if the App Store first, then logging back in. This can assist in correcting the purchase information.
  • Contact Apple Support for assistance: if none of the above measures fixes this issue. 


One ought to pass on in-app purchases with loved ones in every possible manner. Sharing between family members is not only a fantastic way to save money, but it’s also efficient scheduling. With “Family Sharing,” users can easily share the app subscriptions while keeping parental control over their children.

A family group is simple to set up. All you need to add family members to a family group is their Apple IDs or Google Account information. With simple settings to turn on in-app purchase sharing, one can get going immediately! 

 You typically can resolve the issue independently if you run through an error each now and again. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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