WhatsApp to Expand Video Call Capacity on Windows to 32 Participants


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WhatsApp to Expand Video Call Capacity on Windows to 32 Participants



According to internet messaging and the latter addition of voice and video conversations, WhatsApp makes it simpler for relatives and close friends who reside in different countries and regions to interact with one another. 

Even if you live far apart, WhatsApp allows you to send pictures, audio files, and much more to those you love. The well-known messaging app WhatsApp expanded its video conferencing capabilities for Windows PC consumers. 

Enhanced 32-person video calling on WhatsApp

On a Windows PC, WhatsApp users can simultaneously make video calls to up to 32 individuals. In accordance with reports, WhatsApp has begun rendering it possible to conduct video calls for thirty-two individuals on Windows beta.

 According to WABetaInfo, users of WhatsApp beta on Windows PC will get an email inviting them to try reaching out to their groups.

For those who have no idea, up until recently, Windows users were able to initiate sound WhatsApp calls with up to 32 other people.

Even while WhatsApp is best known for giving users global private and secure communications, more and more people are utilizing it to make audio and video discussions. 

For this reason, we’ve made several upgrades to WhatsApp calling over the span of this year so users can securely catch up with friends, family, coworkers, and communities.

The new functionality is presently available to just a handful of beta testers who install the most current WhatsApp beta for Windows updates, and more people are expected to receive it over the next few days, based on the source.

Mark Zuckerberg, the known founder and CEO of Meta, announced the ability for iOS and Android in November of the previous year.

Will Also Provide a Screen-Sharing Option

The article says that WhatsApp can additionally send certain users personalized messages informing that the future version will allow users to have video calls with up to 16 people. 

As mentioned, the feature includes the capability to share screen material when taking part in video calls, first stated in the WhatsApp beta for Windows 2.2322.1.0 upgrade. After installing the latest and most recent app version, a selected number of beta testers might also get a copy of video conversations.

Another feature is being developed.

Another new feature WhatsApp has developed is “Message Pin Duration.” Thanks to a recently introduced function, users of WhatsApp will soon have a chance to specify how long the pinned messages will be visible during debates. With this feature, users can specify a time limit, after which the message will be unpinned automatically.

 Users will be given the choice of tying a chat for 24, 7, or 30 days. Even before the period of time specified has ended, users will still have the ability to remove the pinned notification at any time.

WhatsApp’s ability to pin messages

WhatsApp is working on more features that will enhance user experience and security in the meantime. The pinned message is one of the traits. As with the Pin chat capabilities, the Wabetainfo-discovered operation will enable users to pin communications in private or public chat to emphasize important messages.

According to the article, this feature is already available in WhatsApp beta for Android, and it is expected to become available to all users in the subsequent software updates. 

The message pin length feature will allow WhatsApp users to pin communications and even decide how long a message stays pinned in a chat after it is made accessible to all users.

Users can specify an amount of time beyond which the pinned message will be automatically unpinned. Users can benefit from the feature  flexibility through the availability of three options for durations: 24 hours, seven days, and 30 days. 

In addition, users will have the option of unpin the communication at any moment, even before the chosen time frame ends.

Whatsapp recently introduced a security feature to its messaging service to prevent cyber fraud in a related move. Users will have the capacity to silence unauthorized callers once they update to the latest version. 

Recently, there have been more instances of online criminals using video calls to entice unaware victims into their traps.

Some other new features for better connecting as a group on calls:

Other recent additions to improve group communication during calls include:

  • Muting: Participants can be contacted or muted by long-pressing on them. This expands the audio or video feed and enables you to perform either while the call is still active.
  • Call links: You may invite people to join a group call by sharing a call link, whether making a call at the last minute or scheduling one in advance.

Technical alterations to enhance the caller experience:

  • Colorful waveforms: Now that the camera is off, you can quickly identify who is speaking, thanks to the colorful waveforms.
  • In-call banner alerts: Find out when a new caller goes into a conference.
  • Picture in Picture on iOS: A minimized in-call video screen makes it simple to perform various tasks while on a call. It is at present under beta testing and will be available in 2023.

In brief

  • The Windows client for WhatsApp is getting a new version that will enable video calls.
  • With the update, 32 people will be able to start voice and video chats.
  • All Android smartphone users ought to anticipate a pin message functionality from WhatsApp shortly.


Meta’s messaging service WhatsApp has added a new feature which lets Windows beta users make video calls with up to 32 other people. This will help in interaction services, and one can quickly contact the group. This feature provides a great advantage to online working as a group of people can easily have meetings to discuss things around.

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