Hema Malini: Net Worth, Age, Bio, Best Achievements, and Family Insights


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Actress and politician Hema Malini hails from India. Among her numerous achievements are her roles as a politician, dancer, producer, director, and film director. In 1963, she made her acting debut in the Tamil film “Ithu Saathiyam”.

 Early in her career, she performed as a dancer and co-actress. Hema Malini made her Bollywood film debut in Sapno Ka Saudagar (1968), and she went on to feature in several well-known Bollywood productions thereafter. 

She has acted in films with her husband Dharmendra as well as numerous other well-known performers from that era, like Rajesh Khanna and Devanand. The world soon dubbed Hema Malini the “Dream Girl,” captivated by her captivating beauty. Since then, she has acted in some films.

Personal life 

The third child of film producer Jaya Lakshmi Chakraborty and VSR Chakraborty is Hema Malini. Since she was young, Hema Malini has possessed a high level of intelligence. She was a student at the Andhra Mahila Sabha in Chennai, and her favourite subject was history. 

Then Hema Malini took to the stage. She completed her schooling at the Temple Path, only leaving after class 12 to pursue an acting career. Dharmendra married Hema Malini and had two daughters, Esha and Ahana Deol, although he was already married and had two children, Sunny and Bobby Deol. 

Esha Deol is an actor from Bollywood, while Ahana Deol is an assistant director.

Hema Malini became a grandma for the first time on June 11, 2015, when her younger daughter Ahana Deol gave birth to a newborn boy. 

Hema Malini became a grandma for the second time on October 20, 2017, the day Esha Deol gave birth to a girl. Madhu Raghunath, the talented actress who acted in films like Phool Aur Kaante, Roja, and Ananya, is the niece of Hema Malini.

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Names and details about Hema Malini’s family:

 She was born into a Brahmin class, Tamil-speaking family. Jaya Lakshmi is Hema Malini’s mother, while her father, VSR Chakraborty, is a film producer. “R.K. Chakravarti and R.J. Chakravarti” are her two siblings. In 1980, she was married to “Dharmendra.” 

Dharmendra’s first marriage, “Prakash Kaur,” bore him two sons, Bobby and Sunny Deol, as well as two daughters. “Esha Deol and Ahana Deol” are the two children of Hema and Dharmendra. 

When Malini’s daughter Ahana gave birth to her son “Darien Vohra,” she also became a grandmother. She welcomed her second grandchild, a girl named “Radhya Takhtani,” into the world through her eldest daughter.

Parents: Jaya Lakshmi and VSR Chakraborty R.J. and R.K. Chakravarti are siblings. Status of marriage: Wed Partner: Dharmendra Esha and Ahana Deol are the children.

Hema Malini’s education, credentials, and place of education:

 “Andhra Mahila Sabha, Chennai” is where she finished her education. She loved studying “History,” which made her an exceptionally good student. After that, she went to “DTEA Mandir Marg.” But she didn’t study past the eleventh grade. 

She decided to pursue acting as a career and didn’t continue her schooling. Chennai’s Andhra Mahila Sabha is the school. College: Mandir Marg of DTEA Requirement: 11th grade See Also: Kirti Mehra

The career of Hema Malini:

 Initially, she had a few tiny roles, such as. She had an appearance in the Tamil movie “Idhu Sathiyam” in 1962. Next, in 1965, came “Pandama Vanavasam.” Along with many more, Sapno ka Saudagar from “1968,” Johnny Mera Naam from 1970, Andaz and Lal Patthar from 1971, Seeta Aur Geeta from 1972, and many more. 

Tum Haseen Main Jawaan was the first movie she starred in with his hubby. Together, they have acted in 28 additional films, including Apna Khoon, Jugnu, and Charas. In the 1980s, she starred in numerous films, including Durgaa, Naseeb, Rajput, Kranti, and Ramkali. 

She made another movie appearance alongside her spouse “Dharmendra” in the films Samraat, Baghavat, Ali Baba Aur 40 Chor, and others. She has also starred alongside “Rajesh Khanna” in numerous lead roles.

She began her career as a producer in the 1990s, contributing to the film “Dil Aashna Hai.” She then produced “Mohini,” her second film, in 1995. She performed in “Himalay Putra,” a production by Vinod Khanna, in 1997. 

She then stopped performing, and then at some point in 2003, she resumed performing. 2003 saw her appear in Baghban. Subsequently, in 2004 Veer Zaara, in 2006 Baabul, in 2007 Laga Chunari Mein Daag, and in 2010 Sardiyaan. 

Her third film, “Tell Me O Khuda,” which she produced in 2011 and starred her daughter Esha and husband, was an utter disaster. She had an appearance in the movie “Ek Thi Rani Aisi Bhi” in 2017. She starred in the movie “Shimla Mirchi” in 2020. You can watch this movie on

Political Career:

 She ran a campaign for “Vinod Khanna,” a candidate for the “Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP),” in 1999. In 2004, she formally became a member of “BJP.” She served as an MP there from 2003 to 2009. She was appointed the BJP’s General Secretary in 2010. With 3,30,743 votes, she defeated “Jayant Chaudhary” in 2014. She is presently a member of the BJP’s “Lok Sabha.”


 In recognition of her various accomplishments, she has received multiple honours, including the 2019 Filmfare Special Award, the 2000 Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award, and the Best Actress Filmfare Award for her part in “Seeta Aur Geeta.” 

She was also granted the “Padma Shri,” the fourth-highest civilian award, in 2000 by the “Government of India.” She has also won the NTR National Award and the Vitasta Award from the Sopori Academy of Music and Performing Arts (SaMaPa).

Malini Hema Height and Weight: 

She stands five feet six inches tall. Her hair is black, and she has dark brown eyes. She is about 50 kilogrammes in weight. 5 feet 6 inches tall. Weight: Unknown Black hair colour Colour of eyes: dark brown

Net worth 

Hema Malini‘s Appraisal With a $60 million net worth Actress, writer, producer, dancer, and politician Hema Malini is from India. That is the total net worth of her and her spouse, fellow Indian celebrity Dharmendra. 

She is considered to be among the most popular actresses in India. The projected net worth of Hema Malini for 2020 is 200 crores. She was a movie actress as well as a political leader when she earned this amount of money. 

The estimated value of Hema Malini’s property is 440 crores. Hema Malini lives in a house in the Goregaon area of Mumbai. 2004 saw her join the BJP. That was when his political career started. According to a report, Hema Malini also has a Mercedes-Benz ML-Class Audi Q5 and a Hyundai.

Won the Best Actress National Award

 Hema Malini’s portrayal in the 1975 film Seeta Aur Geeta earned her a National Award for Best Actress. For the same part, she was also awarded a Filmfare Award.

Founded a School of Dance 

Hema Malini founded the Mumbai-based dance school Natya Vihar Kalakendra in 1979 intending to teach classical Indian dance. She has danced in numerous countries, including India.

Appointed National Goodwill Ambassador 

The United Nations Population Fund named Hema Malini its National Goodwill Ambassador in 2002. She advocates for women’s rights, health, and education as part of her job.


What is the birthdate of Hema Malini? 

Born on October 16, 1948, Hema Malini is a well-known Indian film actress who is currently 74 years old. Her most well-known parts in Indian cinema are those of the “Dream Girl,” and she made several Bollywood appearances in the 1970s and 1980s. 

What is Hema Malini’s net worth? 

The estimated net worth of Hema Malini is $60 million. Her career as an actress in Bollywood films has contributed significantly to her fortune, but she also earns money from her work in theatre, television, and as a singer, producer, and director. She has also earned money through brand endorsements and her successful writing.

Hema Malini, is she married? 

Yes, Dharmendra Deo and Hema Malini are married.

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