Raashii Khanna: Net Worth, Age, Bio, Best Achievements, and Family Insights


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Raashii Khanna is an Indian model and actress who primarily works in Hindi television. The date of Raashii Khanna’s birth is November 30, 1990. As of 2023, Raashii Khanna is 33 years old. India’s Delhi is the birthplace of Raashii Khanna. Delhi is the hometown of Raashii Khanna. Sagittarius is Raashii Khanna’s sign of the zodiac.

 Raashii Khanna is single, thus her spouse is nobody. Raashii Khanna stands 5.6 feet tall. Raunaq Khanna is the brother of Raashii Khanna. Raj Khanna is the father of Raashii Khanna. Sarita Khanna is the mother of Raashii Khanna. 

Born on November 30, 1990, Raashii Khanna is an Indian actress and playback singer who works mainly in the Telugu and Tamil film industries. In a supporting part, she made her acting debut in the 2013 Hindi film Madras Cafe. 

Then, she debuted Through her roles in several critically acclaimed films, such as Bengal Tiger (2015), Supreme (2016), Jai Lava Kusa (2017), Tholi Prema (2018), Imaikkaa Nodigal (2018), Venky Mama (2019), Prati Roju Pandage (2019), Thiruchitrambalam (2022), and Sardar (2022), she has made a name for herself as one of the leading actresses in Telugu and Tamil cinema. 

Khanna has also done a couple of movie soundtrack performances. Made her acting debut in a supporting role as Ruby Singh, the wife of an Indian intelligence officer played by John Abraham, who also functioned as the film’s producer, in the 2013 Hindi political spy thriller Madras Cafe, directed by Shoojit Sircar Khanna.

Raashii Khanna’s Family 

India’s Delhi is the birthplace of Raashii Khanna. Delhi is the hometown of Raashii Khanna. Sagittarius is Raashii Khanna’s sign of the zodiac. Raashii Khanna is single, thus her spouse is nobody. Raashii Khanna stands 5.6 feet tall. 

Raunaq Khanna is the brother of Raashii Khanna. Raj Khanna is the father of Raashii Khanna. Sarita Khanna is the mother of Raashii Khanna. As Khanna grew older, her interests turned from singing to academics, and she now aspires to become an IAS official. Khanna claims that she had no interest in modelling or acting and that becoming an actor was not her destiny.

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 Khanna was born on November 30, 1990, in Delhi. Her scholastic career was spent in Delhi’s St. Mark’s Senior Secondary Public School, and she graduated with honours from Delhi’s Lady Shri Ram College with a B.A. in English. Raashii Khanna said that during her time in high school and college, she was an avid reader and succeeded academically.

Ascent to Notoriety 

Raashi Khanna has acquired enormous recognition and remarkable success in the film industry. With a salary of more than one crore for each film, she has emerged as one of the best-paid actresses. 

Her rise to fame has been greatly aided by her exceptional performances in films such as “Jai Luv Kush” and “Ohlu Gusagusalde.”

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Multiple Facets of Talent

 Raashi Khanna has demonstrated her singing abilities in films such as “Jawan,” “Prati Roju Bandage,” and “Villain” in addition to her acting career. Her diverse skill set has increased her net worth while also enhancing her notoriety and appeal within the entertainment sector.

Commercial Initiatives and Endorsements 

Raashi Khanna charges an astounding 40 lakhs for each brand endorsement, and she makes a good living from television ads and brand endorsements in addition to her film career. Her successful films and profitable business endeavours have contributed to her growing net worth; her yearly revenue surpasses six crores.

Internet Awareness 

Raashi Khanna has an enormous fan base and engages with them on social media by being quite active on these sites. She has accumulated around 10 million Instagram followers and roughly 169k YouTube subscribers, which bolsters her online presence and power.

 To sum up, Raashi Khanna is an extremely talented actress and model who has achieved incredible success thanks to her successful blockbuster movies. Her increasing financial wealth enables her to lead an opulent lifestyle.

 Raashi Khanna is positioned to leave a big and enduring impression on the entertainment business thanks to her extraordinary talent and immense popularity.


While South Indian filmgoers are starting to appreciate the high level of these films, actress Raashii Khanna found herself in the centre of controversy following her role in the most recent Disney+ Hotstar original Rudra. 

Raashii plays Dr. Aliyah Choksi, a scientist with criminal ambitions, in the well-known psychological thriller. She shared the screen with Ajay Devgn. Raashii made a lasting impression on the audience in her debut antagonist role.

Actress Raashii Khanna became involved in a scandal following her appearance in the most recent Disney+ Hotstar original Rudra, even as audiences around India started to recognise the outstanding standard of South Indian films. 

In the well-known psychological suspense novel, Raashii played a scientist named Dr. Aliyah Choksi who harboured illicit intentions. Ajay Devgn was her co-star. It was Raashii’s first time portraying an antagonist, and the role brought the audience in.

The actress has drawn a lot of criticism online for her alleged remarks, especially from fans of South Asian films. However, the most recent clarifying tweet has received over 4,500 likes and seems to have resolved the issue once and for all. 

Some people are still offended by what she did. You started worried about South Africa’s educational standards after just one Hindi [web] series, and a person who retweeted the enlightening message said as much. Whoa! I’m relieved that your admirers will witness [the true you] at least.


Indian actress Raashii Khanna is worth $7 million. Raashi Khanna, one of the most well-known actresses in India, mostly works in the Tamil and Telugu film industries. Raashi Khanna is among the most accomplished and seasoned models in the South Indian industry. 

She has become very well-known for his acting and modelling skills. She has also acted in over thirty Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam films. Raashii Khanna gained notoriety as a leading lady in several successful motion pictures. 

She is also the richest or highest-paid actress who has attained a notable level of recognition. November 30, 1990, was also Rashi Khanna’s birthday in New Delhi. He weighs 57 kilogrammes and is 5.6 feet tall. His hair is black, and he has dark

According to research, Raashii Khanna’s net worth in the US in 2022 will be close to $7 million. Tamil and Telugu film industries are his primary sources of revenue. She expects above one crore for a film. His films are increasing his net worth, not to mention increasing his popularity and appeal. 

For now, this has made her the highest-paid model. Raashii Khanna, the most successful Indian actress in the world, is worth $7 million. The most well-known Indian actress is Rashi Khanna, whose net worth is estimated by numerous publications (Wikipedia, Forbes, IMDB) to be more than $7 million.

Raashi Khanna also makes money from brand marketing and TV commercials. She requests 40 lakhs rupees for each brand she endorses. His wildly popular films are the reason behind his annual rise in net worth. 

Her annual income is more than Rs. 6 crores. Raashii Khanna is the owner of two extravagant residences, one in Hyderabad and one in Haryana. She also owns expensive cars, such as the Range Rover Vogue, BMW 520D, and Audi Q7.


 Rashi Khanna has not made any information about her marriage status or husband publicly available as of September 2021, the last time I checked. Her job and professional pursuits have taken precedence over her personal life, and she has always maintained discretion about it. Supporters continue to honour her privacy and stand by her decisions.


Audiences are still enthralled and inspired by Rashi Khanna’s career in film. As she approaches her 32nd birthday in 2023, her accomplishments and dedication are evident in her age, height, husband, biography, and amazing career. 

She adds a new dimension to her characters and advances the constantly changing field of Indian cinema with every project. Her fans are excited about her next endeavours and can’t wait to see her on-screen magic again.


What is Raashi Khanna’s estimated net worth?

 In 2023, Raashi Khanna’s estimated net worth will be $7 million.

What number of films has Raashi Khanna starred in? 

Raashi Khanna has performed in 31 films, demonstrating her ability in Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu. 

What projects does Raashi Khanna have planned for the future or is she working on right now? 

There are several intriguing initiatives that Raashi Khanna is working on that are not yet publicised.

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