In June 2023, the Tesla Model 3 led India’s list of best-selling electric vehicles


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Tesla models currently occupy the top two spots for electric vehicle sales. The best-selling electric vehicle in 2021 was Tesla’s Model 3. But the Tesla Model Y took the top spot in 2022. The Model Y saw a 91% increase in sales over the previous year. In 2022, Tesla distributed 7,47,500 Model Y vehicles. With 4,82,200 vehicles sold worldwide, the Tesla Model 3 comes in second. However, the Tesla Model 3 sales were down 3% from the prior year.

Describe Tesla

Tesla is a US-based energy and automotive corporation most recognized for its electric vehicles. The business is renowned for specialising in energy storage using lithium-ion batteries and solar panels.

Marc Tarpenning and Martin Eberhand, who came up with the idea to launch both a motoring and technology company, first formed the company in 2003. The business bears the name Nikola Tesla after the eminent physicist and the Roadster model uses an AC motor that is a direct descendant of the scientist’s original 1882 design.

The firm initially came to public attention after the debut of Tesla’s Roadster, the first electric sports vehicle, in 2008. The Model S, a sedan, came after the Roadster and is now among the best-selling plug-in electric vehicles worldwide. 

The Tesla Model 3 has overtaken the Wuling HongGuang Small electric vehicles and the Tesla Model Y as the most popular plug-in electric vehicle worldwide as of 2021.

The business went public for the first time since Ford around 1956 in 2010. By going public on NASDAQ, the business earned $226 million.

Owner of Tesla?

In addition to serving as CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk is its largest and most significant shareholder. The other CEOs own over one percent of the company’s shares.

Musk owned around 14% of the TSLA stock in early December 2022, or 446.2 million shares, valued at over $87 billion. But because of the financing for his deal to buy Twitter in late 2022, Musk is currently selling Tesla shares.

Tesla Model 3 Specifications

In addition to having two mobile charging stations, a massive 15-inch touch panel infotainment system, heated 12-way motorised front seats, a 14-speaker sound system, and self-driving technologies, the US-spec Model 3 also has a 14-speaker audio system.

 Given that the model will be imported, one might assume a feature-rich bundle, yet it is unclear what additional features Tesla’s work will offer in the India-specific variant.

Battery, electric motor, and range for the Tesla Model 3:

The US-spec Model 3 has three electric powertrain choices: Standard Plus, Long Range, & Performance. The Longer Range and Performance variants are said to have a range of 568 km & 507 km, respectively. 

They both have dual-motor all-wheel drive systems. The first sports a rear-wheel drivetrain and a 423 km claimed range.

 The Performance model, meanwhile, has a maximum velocity of 261 kmph and can sprint from 0 to 97 km/h in just 3.1 seconds. For India, Tesla may initially only sell the standard Plus & Long Range Model 3 models, with the Performance model following later.

Cost of the Tesla Model 3

Since the Tesla Model 3 has yet to be released, it is difficult to estimate its price. However, after learning about its features, we can estimate that the car will cost between $70,000 and $90,000. The Model 3 by Tesla on-road price data for your city has yet to be available.

India’s Model 3 Tesla Waiting Period

The waiting period for the most affordable Model 3 car, the Indian rupee 60 to 70 Lakhs Standard Range Plus version, has increased to 10 months due to supply-chain issues and part shortages plaguing the auto industry. The wait shortens, nevertheless, once you start selecting more expensive models and adding options.

Tesla comes with new changes:

After May 2021, passenger seat lumbar support will no longer be available on vehicles.

Vehicles made after April 2021 are no longer equipped with sensors for adaptive cruise control, which makes them vulnerable to the phantom braking problem that the NHTSA is already looking into.

Tesla no longer uses conventional ultrasonic parking detectors, which employ ultrasonic waves to measure objects’ distances from the front or back of a car and instead exclusively uses camera vision to create a picture of the area around the car.

Dimensions and capacity of Tesla Model 3:

Length 4693 mm
Width 2087 mm
Seating capacity 5
Wheelbase 2875 mm
Front thread 1579 mm
Rear thread 1579 mm
No. of doors 4

Tesla auto sales

With an 18% market share in 2022, Tesla was the most popular battery-electric passenger car maker globally. One million three hundred thirteen thousand eight hundred fifty-one vehicles were delivered by Tesla in 2022, an increase of 40% over 2021. Tesla will have produced 4 million vehicles by March 2023.

Due to local factors, including registration requirements and the availability of car carriers, Tesla deliveries vary dramatically from month to month. The firm manufactured its one-millionth electric vehicle on March 9, 2020, making it the first automaker to do it.

 Tesla became the first automaker to reach this milestone when it delivered the two millionth electric vehicle in the last three months of 2021. The Model Y overtook the Toyota Corolla to become the best-selling automobile in the world in the first three months of 2023.


The Model 3 from Tesla is a fantastic vehicle with numerous honours for its outstanding performance, styling, safety features, and other attributes. Additionally, it offers some of the latest technology and a wide variety. It ultimately depends on your particular preferences and financial situation.

Since the Model 3 is all electric and has an estimated range of 333 miles, you’ll never need to stop at a pump again. With access to more than 45,000 Superchargers worldwide, you can always recharge at home or while travelling. 

Information By – Aayushi Bhanu


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