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IPS Officer Manoj Kumar Sharma- Manoj Kumar Sharma is an officer from the Maharashtra cadre who joined the Indian Police Service (IPS) in 2005. In October, he made news following the release of the film 12th Fail, which traced his struggle to become an IPS officer.

Love and the drive to prove himself drove Sharma to start the difficult process of getting ready for the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) exams. To pay for his training, he embarked on a variety of odd jobs like driving a tempo and strolling dogs for Delhi’s wealthy.

He even occasionally slept outside. While working as a library attendant, Sharma demonstrated his adaptability and never-say-die attitude by utilising the chance to improve his UPSC test preparation and develop a spirit of unrelenting commitment.

Sharma persevered in the face of repeated failure in the UPSC Civil Services Exam, and on his fourth attempt, he achieved an All India Rank (AIR) of 121, fulfilling his dream of becoming an IPS officer.

Early Life Difficulties: 

Manoj Kumar Sharma’s adventure started in the charming village of Bilgaon in the Madhya Pradesh region of Morena. Sharma, who was born in 1977, struggled financially because his father was employed by the Department of Agriculture. His scholastic career was difficult; he only received a third division in Classes IX and X and failed every subject in Class XII, with the exception of Hindi.

However, when Sharma fell in love with Shraddha Joshi, fate took a surprising turn. He promised to turn his life around, and in spite of his early reservations brought on by his scholastic failures, he proposed to her.

Manoj Sharma’s Initial Schooling

After completing his education at his neighbourhood school, Manoj Sharma successfully completed the eighth grade. From then on, he worked out how to deceive his way through the tenth and eleventh exams. That’s when he enrolled in the Maharani Lakshmi Bai Government School of Greatness in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, and managed to complete the 11th-grade exams there as well.

He couldn’t refuse when the twelfth test was conducted, though, because the SDM had gone to his test location to make sure. Moreover, he remained there in the interim. Every understudy at that middle was also ineffective. because the educators there employed that method to force us to copy everything and even record our responses.

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IPS Manoj Kumar Sharma’s Triumphant Journey

IPS Manoj Kumar Sharma blew his twelfth norm and received a third division in his tenth and eleventh norms. He was so determined to overcome UPSC that he exceeded the twelfth norm in the next session. 

Because of his precarious financial situation, he also served as a beat driver and caretaker to support his UPSC arrangements. Notwithstanding the setbacks, IPS Manoj Kumar Sharma achieved an All India Position of 121 and broke the UPSC on his fourth attempt. Due to his great work ethic, IPS Manoj Kumar Sharma earned the nicknames “Singham” and “Simba” and is currently the Extra Magistrate for the Mumbai Police.

A Determinate Road to Success: 

Driven by love and a need to fulfil his potential, Sharma set out on the difficult task of getting ready for the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) exams. He worked odd jobs to pay for his training and schooling, such as driving a tempo and walking dogs for Delhi’s wealthy. He even occasionally slept outside.

Sharma worked as a peon at a library, where he used the opportunity to improve his UPSC exam preparation and instil a spirit of unshakeable resolve. His perseverance and reluctance to give up were clear.

Sharma persevered through three failed attempts at the UPSC Civil Services Exam before securing an All India Rank (AIR) of 121 on his fourth try, fulfilling his aspiration of becoming

Manoj Sharma After failing in 12th

Subsequent to duping in the twelfth tests, All students fall flat when DSP Dushyant Singh quits lying. DSP Dushyant assists Manoj with saving his sibling and insight him to quit any pretence of cheating. Following a year, Manoj gets generally An’s on his tests and proceeds to get a B.A. in Hindi and History so he can turn into a DSP. Be that as it may, his objective to turn into a DSP is run when the public authority chooses to drop the MPPSC evaluations for a long time.

Manoj Sharma Fight to Get Hired as an IPS Officer

Despite his best efforts, Manoj Kumar Sharma was unable to pass the Common Administrations test on his first, second, or third attempt. Shraddha Joshi, who is applying to the UKPSC, wins his heart. After being transferred to Gauri Bhaiya’s house, Manoj is instructed to concentrate on his educational pursuits. 

Nevertheless, he persisted in giving it his all, passing the UPSC KA exam on his fourth try. He and Shraddha were both appointed Deputy Collectors following their passing of the UKPSC. He was ranked 121st overall in India.

Pritam, who has failed every test, is envious of Manoj and tries to talk his father into applying to the UPSC. Manoj eventually fulfils his ambition to become

IPS Manoj Kumar Sharma’s Romance

The romance between IRS Shraddha Joshi Sharma and IPS Manoj Kumar Sharma is quite hazy, and the IPS official’s portrayals of women in love had a big part in keeping him suspended in order to avoid the most brutal evaluations in the nation. The movie also shows how Manoj and Shraddha, who are training for the UPSC, unwaveringly support and stand by each other across a range of conditions.

Manoj Kumar Sharma Performing Crucial Duties for the Police

Starting in or around 2005, Manoj Kumar Sharma made a number of important promises to the Indian Police Administration.

 By supervising fights and interacting with the Naxals, he gained a great deal of respect.  He was employed as an Extra Magistrate of Police (ACP) by the Mumbai Police after serving as a Delegate Reviewer General (DIG) by the Focal Modern Security Power (CISF).

Uncovering a Bollywood Romance

The romantic tale of Sharma and Joshi is akin to a Bollywood screenplay. Sharma said he thought Joshi had a special quality that he could not live without and that he could not live without love.

In recounting his courtship, Sharma joked that he had to learn how to prepare tea since Joshi, who was from the Uttarakhand hills, loved it. Joshi, on the other hand, described the sharp contrast between Sharma’s experiences and her childhood on a hillside, particularly during their wedding, when she had never seen shotguns fired.

In conclusion, 

Manoj Kumar Sharma’s path from a failing student in the 12th grade to an IPS officer is a shining example of the success that can be achieved with love, tenacity, and resolve. His story, which has become immortalised in the hearts of many thanks to the movie “12th Fail,” inspires those going through difficult times by showing us that no obstacle is too enormous to overcome and that no desire is too small to be overcome with the correct attitude and hard work.


Q1: Why is Manoj Kumar Sharma gaining attention, and who is he?

A1: Vikrant Massey’s portrayal of Manoj Kumar Sharma, an IPS officer, was modelled after Sharma in the highly regarded movie “12th Fail.” His remarkable and inspirational path from failing the 12th grade to becoming an IPS officer is remarkable.

Q2: Manoj Kumar Sharma was raised in which location?

A2: Manoj Kumar Sharma was born in 1977 in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, in the little village of Bilgaon, in the Morena district.

Q3: What difficulties did Manoj Kumar Sharma face in his early years?

A3: Sharma struggled financially and only received a third division in Class IX and X academic standing. His Class XII results were even more difficult to understand; he failed every subject.

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