Over Half of Indian Firms Embrace AI and Analytics for Business Functions, Survey Reveals


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Over Half of Indian Firms Embrace AI and Analytics for Business Functions, Survey Reveals


Description – A recent survey reveals that many Indian businesses are utilizing AI and analytics for various business purposes. Investigate the findings, advantages, and repercussions of this expanding trend in Indian business.


More than half of Indian businesses are actively embracing artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics for their business functions, according to a recent survey. This reveals a significant trend in the business landscape. The findings of this survey shed light on the growing use of cutting-edge technologies and the transformative effects they have on various business operations. Let’s look at the most important findings, advantages, and repercussions of this growing trend.

Key Highlights of Indian Firms Embrace AI and Analytics for Business Functions

Article Topic  Over Half of Indian Firms Embrace AI and Analytics for Business Functions, Survey Reveals
Year  2023
Improvements in Decision Making However, Optimization, rapid market response, and informed decision-making are all made possible by AI and analytics.
Quantity of businesses utilizing AI and analytics 56 %
Category  Gadgets News 

Key Points

High Rate of Adoption: Over half of Indian businesses are using AI and analytics in their business operations, according to the survey. This demonstrates that these technologies’ potential benefits, such as improved decision-making, operational efficiency, and customer experience, are widely acknowledged.

High Pace of Reception: Over portion of Indian organizations are utilizing simulated intelligence and examination in their business tasks, as per the review. This exhibits that these advancements’ expected advantages, for example, further developed independent direction, functional proficiency, and client experience, are broadly recognized.

Better Direction: Organizations can dissect immense measures of information, spot examples, and gain helpful bits of knowledge by utilizing the force of computer based intelligence and examination. Organizations can answer rapidly to changes on the lookout, distinguish new open doors, and streamline their systems on account of this, which empowers informed independent direction.

Proficiency in the Work environment: Different business processes are smoothed out by artificial intelligence and examination advancements, which mechanize dull undertakings, lessen manual blunders, and work on generally speaking productivity. These advancements upgrade activities, saving time and assets while expanding efficiency in everything from client support to production network the board.

Transformation of the Customer Experience: Companies gain valuable insights into customer behavior, preferences, and requirements through the use of AI and analytics. This information driven approach empowers customized promoting efforts, custom-made item contributions, and outstanding client care, bringing about improved consumer loyalty and faithfulness.

Cost decrease: By recognizing shortcomings and upgrading asset assignment, man-made intelligence and examination can uncover cost-saving open doors. For example, prescient examination can precisely estimate interest, lessen squander, and advance stock administration, bringing about huge expense investment funds and expanded productivity.

Advantage over rivals: Organizations gain an upper hand in the market by embracing man-made intelligence and examination. Organizations can separate themselves from adversaries and remain ahead in the quickly changing business scene by using state of the art advancements to give imaginative merchandise, administrations, and client encounters.

Open doors for Work and Improvement: There is an interest for talented experts in these fields because of Indian organizations’ developing reception of man-made intelligence and examination. This allows individuals the opportunity to work on their abilities and become specialists in computer based intelligence, information examination, and other related fields. This will further develop their work prospects and assist India’s tech ability with pooling develop.

Benefits of Indian Firms Embrace AI and Analytics

There are a number of significant advantages associated with the rising number of Indian businesses adopting AI and analytics for business purposes. The survey emphasized the following significant advantages:

  1. Enhancement of Decision Making: Companies can gain access to useful insights and data-driven analysis by utilizing AI and analytics. This empowers informed independent direction, permitting organizations to settle on essential decisions in light of precise data and expectations.
  2. Efficiency in the Workplace: Repetitive actions are streamlined, processes are streamlined, and resource allocation is optimized by AI and analytics technologies. As a result, various business functions are more productive, manual errors are reduced, and operational efficiency is improved.
  3. Enhanced Experience for Customers: Companies can personalize their customer interactions with AI and analytics. Businesses can tailor their products, services, and marketing efforts to meet individual needs by comprehending customer behavior and preferences. This improves customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  4. Cost reduction: AI and analytics aid in resource allocation optimization and the identification of cost-saving opportunities. Data can be analyzed by businesses to find inefficiencies, improve inventory management, accurately forecast demand, and cut waste, all of which can lower costs and boost profits.
  5. Advantage over rivals: Embracing artificial intelligence and examination gives organizations an upper hand on the lookout. Businesses can differentiate themselves by providing innovative goods, services, and experiences by utilizing these technologies, establishing themselves as industry leaders and staying ahead of rivals.
  6. Improved Data Safety: Strong security measures are often included with AI and analytics solutions to safeguard sensitive data. By implementing these technologies, Indian businesses can improve their data security infrastructure and guarantee the confidentiality and privacy of customer and business data.
  7. Work Creation and Expertise Improvement: The tech industry sees an increase in job opportunities as AI and analytics are increasingly used. Indian professionals can improve their skills and specialize in these areas, which helps the country’s tech talent pool grow and drives economic growth.
  8. Innovation and expansion of a company: Indian companies can open up new opportunities for growth and innovation by embracing AI and analytics. Companies can use these technologies to look into untapped market opportunities, create data-driven strategies, and encourage innovation in a variety of business functions.

According to the survey, Indian companies that adopt AI and analytics stand to benefit from these advantages, which enable them to make decisions based on data, increase operational efficiency, enhance customer experiences, optimize costs, and gain a competitive advantage in the market.


Over half of the companies surveyed are using AI and analytics for business purposes, highlighting a significant shift in the Indian business landscape. Indian businesses are poised to unlock new levels of growth, innovation, and competitiveness in the global business arena as they continue to harness the potential of AI and analytics.

Over half of the companies surveyed are using AI and analytics for business purposes, highlighting a significant shift in the Indian business landscape. This adoption indicates that these technologies’ transformative power to improve efficiency, decision-making, customer experience, and cost optimization has been acknowledged. In the ever-evolving digital economy, opportunities for skill development and job creation are also presented by the growing use of AI and analytics. Indian businesses are poised to unlock new levels of growth, innovation, and competitiveness in the global business arena as they continue to harness the potential of AI and analytics.


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