Reliance JioPhone Next 2 with 5G support expected to launch in India soon


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Reliance JioPhone Next 2 with 5G support expected to launch in India soon




Jio has formally acknowledged that it has partnered up with Google to offer the affordable Jio Phone 5G. The gadget will be the Jio Phone, Next’s successor. In addition, it will operate alongside Jio’s 5G network, which will be operational in India by the last day of October. It is going to be interesting to see if the Jio Phone 5G only supports standalone 5G networks or if it additionally supports non-standalone networks.

 With the latter, the gadget is also 4G LTE network backwards compatible. We go through each known aspect of the Jio Phone 5G in this post, covering its features, pricing in India, and release time.

Specifications and Features of the Jio Phone 5G (Leaked)

Based on the leaked Jio Phone 5G specifications, the gadget will get a few enhancements over the present version, such as a new SoC and 5G compatibility. According to the leaked details, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 480+ SoC would be included in the Jio Phone 5G.

 The phone’s Snapdragon 480+ SoC was identified in a Geekbench listing that emerged a few hours ago.The device will have an enormous 5000mAh battery and allow 18W rapid charging. It is also revealed that the gadget will have a USB Type-C port for recharging.

The cell phone most likely has two cameras on the back. A 13MP primary camera sensor & a 2MP secondary sensor have been reported included. Jio Phone 5G will include a front-facing camera with 8 megapixels for selfies. Additionally, the phone is rumored to have Wi-Fi 5 and Bluetooth 5.1 connection. 

Other details about the phone had already emerged. The ‘Ganga’ codename and the Jio Phone 5G model number are both there. According to the article, there will additionally be a Syntiant NDP115 always-on AI computer. Jio is launching a cell phone with 32GB of storage and 4GB of LPDDR4X RAM from Samsung. A microSD card ought to be an option for memory extension.

A 6.5-inch IPS LCD display with HD+ resolution will be featured. A 90Hz refresh rate is stated to be acceptable on the screen. The phone will also come already installed with Android 12. 

Live images of the phone were posted online. Images showed that the phone had a notch the size of a water drop for the front camera in the top center of the display. According to the live image, the phone’s chin bezel is relatively thick. 

A pill-shaped lens module is located in the top center of the phone’s back. The lens module wording has verified the device’s 13MP photo sensor. The lens on Jio’s opposite low-cost 5G smartphones will come with AI capabilities.

  • Display
6.5-inch HD+ 720p
  • Processor
Snapdragon 480+ 5G
  • Rear Camera
13MP + 2MP
  • Battery
  • Internal Storage
4GB RAM + 32 GB
  • Model
Android 12
  • Front Camera
8 MP

Price of Jio Phone 5G in India (expected)

In accordance with reports, the Jio Phone 5G will retail for between Rs 9,000 and Rs 12,000 in India. A different source, however, indicates that the next Jio Phone will cost Rs 2,500. This is the deposit that the buyer must pay when buying the good in question. Like the Jio Phone Next, the remaining sum could be split into manageable EMIs with bundled data (presumably 5G) and telephone service extras. 

Storage and Connectivity on Jio Phone 5G

Eight gigabytes of internal storage comes with the Jio phone 5G. Additionally, the cell phone supports cards with capacities of up to 128GB, which may be utilized for storing media like music, movies, and pictures.

The Jio phone 5G has a 3.5mm headphone jack, a v2.0 micro USB connection for charging, Wi-Fi, VoLTE, Bluetooth connectivity, 3G, 4G, and 5G (in stated markets) as options for connectivity. It has GPS for online tracking of location.

Online Jio Phone 5G Booking (Expected)

Concerning the Jio Phone 5G online reservations, Reliance Jio has yet to make any announcements. The company may, however, develop a particular Jio Phone 5G register page so that people can pre-book by providing information like their name and email address. Consequently, the Jio Phone 5G may be booked via the My Jio app and the official website ( whenever it becomes commercially available.

It utilizes the same OS as the JioPhone Next.

The Pragati OS, which additionally powers the JioPhone Next, may be what the Jio Phone will run on. It is a unique version of the Android OS designed by Google for JioPhoneNext, Reliance Jio’s first Android smartphone.

Does the Jio Phone 5G Require a Jio 5G SIM?

You will likely need to migrate to a New 5G SIM since Jio will launch its 5G offerings on a Standalone (SA) 5G network. The 5G SA network doesn’t utilize the 4G LTE infrastructure. Jio hasn’t stated that a brand-new 5G SIM is required to use 5G services. We will update the page once we get official JioPhone 5G SIM Replacement details.

India’s Reliance Jio 5G launch date

This month will mark the launch of Reliance Jio’s 5G service. The 5G service will be deployed over time, with urban areas serving as the first to get it. The JioPhone 5G is anticipated to be unveiled by the firm and go on sale around the upcoming festival (around Diwali). During Diwali in 2021, the JioPhone Next made its debut in India.

In Brief

  • The coming Jio Phone 5G launch by Reliance Jio is expected soon.
  • A dual-camera configuration is rumored to be on the rear of the device.
  • There have been rumors that Reliance Jio might launch a new smartphone so
  • An official source has yet to determine when the 5G version of the Jio Phone will be available.


For Reliance Jio and Indian customers, the Jio Mobile True 5G will be a significant deal. Nevertheless, it is unknown when the Reliance Jio Phone 5G will be sold. The wait for this cell phone won’t be overly long.

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