Twitter Users Report Broken Site, Elon Musk Blames Rate Limit


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Twitter Users Report Broken Site, Elon Musk Blames Rate Limit




Recently, many Twitter users raised complaints over an issue. Elon Musk had clarified that the new “Rate Limit” being placed on consumers was the reason for the same. But it might just be an excuse, as Twitter is probably down.



Hello readers, most welcome to this blog. And as usual a special thanks to all our regular readers spending their valuable time reading our articles. Similarly, in this article, you will read about Twitter users reporting broken sites, and Elon Mask blames the rate limit. 

We are pleased to give you the information regarding the slowdown of the Twitter site and Elon Mask strict decision related to this matter.

About Twitter Users Broken Site Report, Elon Musk Blames Rate Limit

On Saturday, several Twitter users criticised their inability to access the social networking site. Some users experienced the “unable to retrieve tweets” error, while others saw an alert that stated they had over the daily rate cap. Elon Musk declared on Twitter that steps had been made to “address extreme levels of data scraping and system manipulation” in response to user complaints and media reports of a Twitter disruption. As a result, users will only be able to read a set number of tweets each day.

Musk stated in his original tweet that the move was made to “address extreme levels of data scraping & system manipulation.” It’s the latest widespread outage since he bought the social networking platform late last year. More than 7,300 people submitted complaints with Twitter to the website Down detector at 11 a.m. ET. By Saturday night, the number had fallen into the 600s.

“We’ve set the following temporary limits to handle excessive levels of data scraping & system manipulation: Verified users are limited to reading unverified accounts are limited to 600 posts per day, and new unverified accounts are limited to 300/day,” Musk said in a tweet.Soon after, Musk tweeted that the rate limits for verified users would be doubled “soon” to 8,000 tweets, 800 for unconfirmed users, and 400 for new unverified accounts.

Elon Musk blamed Twitter’s new restrictions on AI businesses gathering “vast amounts of data” as he revealed new “temporary” limits on how many messages individuals could view.

The restrictions came one day after Twitter abruptly blocked access for anyone who wasn’t logged in, which Musk claimed was necessary because “a few hundred organisations (possibly more) were scraping Twitter data was being gathered actually aggressively, to the point that it was interfering with actual user experience.”However, according to some reports, Musk may be using Twitter’s Rate Limit as an excuse and the microblogging platform may actually be having internal problems. In addition 

Key highlights of Twitter Users Broken Site Report

Name of the topic  Twitter Users Report Broken Site, Elon Musk Blames Rate Limit
Website  Twitter
Problem  Website slowdown
Reason DDoS attack(Distributed denial of services)

What is the reason for the Twitter site slowdown?

Whatever occurred, there is a big question that arises why did Twitter experience a problem? Sheldon Chang, a web developer, claims that the interruption on Twitter looks to be caused by Twitter “DDOSing itself.”

DDoS stands for distributed denial of service for the uninformed. DDoS attacks often represent overloading a server or network with numerous requests, keeping it unavailable or inaccessible.

Therefore, when Chang says that Twitter is “DDOSing itself,” he indicates that internal Twitter operations are overburdening the server and generating problems. He continues by saying that Elon Musk’s new update, which prevents anyone without Twitter accounts from accessing any user’s tweets, may be the cause of this.

Chang discussed his theory regarding Twitter’s rival Mastodon.This is amazing, the post says. Twitter looks to be DDOSing itself. Most of this morning has seen a disruption in the Twitter home feed. The Twitter website continues to try and attempt even when nothing loads. Take note of the mistake of saying that I’m being rate limited in the first video. Then take note of the right scrollbar that is moving.

The second video explains the swinging in question. Because Elon’s most recent brilliant invention prevents users from reading Twitter without checking in, Twitter is sending around 10 requests to itself per second in an attempt to fetch content that never materialises.

The engineers probably never imagined the horrible conditions that resulted from this, and as a result, we get this comedy of errors that leads to the self-DDOS, the most epic of self-owns.

Major points

  • Twitter users will only be able to see a certain number of tweets, according to Elon Musk.
  • However, the supposedly new feature could just be a cover.
  • Twitter’s online app may be experiencing internal problems.
  • The restrictions came one day after Twitter abruptly blocked access for anyone who wasn’t logged in

FAQ about Twitter site slowdown

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