2024 Can-Am Defender Hunting Edition


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2024 Can-Am Defender Hunting Edition


One of the oldest and most cherished pleasures in the world is hunting. The tracking, killing, and harvesting of prey provide a wonderful connection to nature and one’s self-sufficiency for outdoor enthusiasts and survivalists.

Even while hunting has always existed, the use of off-road vehicles is relatively new. ATVs and side-by-sides (SxS or UTV) enable hunters to cover bigger regions and transport more gear and supplies than they could handle on foot, enabling them to reach more isolated locations and bring back larger prey to camp or home, much like horses did in the past.

Do you want to know about the 2024 Can-Am Defender Hunting Edition? Today we will give you all the details that you need to know about this brand-new model. Here we’ll explain how to choose the ideal ATV or SxS/UTV for your hunting expeditions, what to look out for when buying, and what to think about before extending your hunting horizons with an off-road vehicle. So, keep reading. 

Why should you prefer an ATV or a UTV for hunting?

ATVs and side-by-side vehicles come in a seemingly unlimited variety, with applications ranging from leisure to tough utilitarian types. ATVs are a popular form of transportation and outdoor pleasure for people all around the world, whether they’re tearing through the mud or tackling treacherous forest paths. Off-road vehicles become trusted partners for farmers, who use them to move large areas of land with ease and transport feed and freight. They are used by workers in the construction and landscaping industries to move plants and goods. Naturally, the majority of the features found on these kinds of ATVs and side-by-sides are ideal for hunting in a few key ways:

  • Carry hunting gear

A full day of hunting can call for a lot of supplies. When modified with cargo beds or racks, an ATV or SxS/UTV can transport a lot of items, including supplies, camping gear, and food. Increased carrying capacity results from towing a trailer. Big-game hunters may pull a prized deer, elk, or giant wild hog out of the bush and back to their truck with the help of a proficient off-road vehicle, which is a game changer.

  • Easily reachable to remote places

ATVs and SxSs are well-suited for rolling over whatever you may come across when out in the countryside because hunting frequently necessitates crossing large distances. These vehicles have excellent fuel efficiency and can travel long distances on a tank of fuel, making it simple for hunters to reach their target.

What points should you consider before purchasing a UTV or an ATV for hunting?

HOW AND WHERE DO YOU HUNT? Consider where you’ll take your off-road vehicle before anything else. Almost any ATV, SxS, or UTV can tackle compact soil, but you may require a more powerful rig to safely navigate deeper and looser conditions like sand or mud. If the terrain is very difficult, you might need a winch, tonnes of ground clearance, and aggressive tyres like those on the mud-specific Can-Am Defender X Mr To customise your off-road vehicle to your needs, keep in mind that there are a tonne of accessories available. If a ready-made model isn’t precisely what you need, you can easily make it ideal. Consider smaller cars if you plan to travel on trails with width limits so you can explore those places.
ACCESSORIES AND COLOURS On an ATV or side-by-side, recreational riders occasionally like some brightness and vibrant hues, but when it comes to hunting, you’ll likely want something much more understated. To better blend into the environment, go for neutrally coloured cars in earth tones like olive green, grey, or black. The Outlander ATV and Defender Hunting edition are two Can-Am models that come in exclusive camouflage designs like Mossy Oak Break-Up Country Camo. Additionally, certain equipment can significantly shorten your time on the path. We’ll make sure to go into more detail about these crucial extras later. Some cars are already built for hunting with accessories that improve the experience for a hunter.

Should you choose ATV or UTV for hunting?

It can be difficult to decide which kind of vehicle is best for you, even though hunters are known to love both ATVs and SxSs as dependable partners on their travels. It depends on your demands and preferences since both have many advantages for the hunter. We’ll be able to assist you with focus.

  • Storage and Cargo: SXS/UTV

When comparing side-by-sides with ATVs for hunting, the latter is superior in terms of storage. An SxS, much like a car or truck, has storage in a variety of places, such as under the seats, in the cargo bed, and in other pockets and nooks all over the vehicle. While a four-wheeler like the Can-Am Defender can undoubtedly carry its fair share with multifunction racks and a bevvy of attachable accessories, an SxS has storage in numerous places. For instance, a Can-Am Defender side-by-side’s cargo box alone can support up to 1,000 pounds of weight. You get the idea. Add to that a waterproof toolbox, dash and under-dash storage, and a lower box. Since you can transport skins, racks, and meat home, you also have plenty of space to keep hunting, camping, and survival supplies.

ATVs, on the other hand, have far less space for storage; their front and rear racks can each accommodate about 300 pounds. While this may be plenty for some, big game hunters frequently choose a SxS when it comes to storage. However, the powerful Can-Am Outlander MAX 6×6 DPS is an exception because its racks can support up to 700 pounds.


The ATV stands out when it comes to manoeuvrability. The ATV is far more manoeuvrable than its larger, wider cousin, even if the side-by-side wins on carrying capacity. Most ATVs have a maximum width of 50 inches, allowing you to fit through spaces where larger vehicles fear to go as well as fit in a truck bed for simpler long-distance transportation.

In general, a 4WD or 6WD SxS is preferable for a more open country because of its capabilities, but ATVs rule the deep woods and confined locations. The SxS is preferred over longer highways because of its more comfortable traditional seats and its smoother suspension. In general, the option between the two when it comes to hunting is between comfort and mobility.


ATVs typically have one seat, therefore they are not as capable of transporting passengers as an SxS like the Can-Am Defender, which has room for three persons. A side-by-side vehicle can be a better option if you go hunting with friends or family. Some SxS vehicles have a six-person capacity, so you could bring a sizable hunting party with you. One of the models from our selection of 4-seater and 6-seater side-by-side vehicles that are ideal for taking your group on a hunting excursion is the Can-Am Defender MAX XT.

A second passenger can ride on a larger 2-up ATV, and some of them are built with the comfort of the passengers in mind. For instance, the Can-Am Outlander 500-700 has multi-position passenger handgrips and dynamic passenger comfort ergonomics.


Cost is one of the key distinctions between ATVs and side-by-side vehicles. It’s a lot larger vehicle after all, so all that extra space, size, and luxury come at a cost. Comparable base models, including the 2023 Can-Am Defender SxS and Outlander 500-700 ATV, cost roughly US $6,299 and US $10,399, respectively. As you can see, the ATV wins out in terms of price if that is a factor.

Remember that automakers like Can-Am offer cheap interest rates and other incentives, making financing more accessible than you might imagine. With financing, more people may afford to buy a car and you can choose the one that best meets your hunting needs without being constrained by price. It’s also a terrific method to pay for the extras and add-ons that customise your car and fit your hunting style. To get started, be sure to visit the Can-Am website’s payment calculator.

The bottom line is that both ATVs and SxSs are excellent hunting equipment and will greatly expand your options for excursions. It merely requires determining which car style best fits your list of requirements.

What are the most important Hunting accessories for ATV or UTV?




Both ATVs and SxSs, as we’ve seen, have their advantages when it comes to hunting, but the fun truly starts with the attachments. Your off-road vehicle can be converted into a full-fledged hunting machine by equipping it with add-ons and accessories that are customised to your needs. Let’s look at which of Can-Am’s many high-quality off-road equipments would be most helpful for hunting since there are so many to choose from.

RACKS AND HOLDERS FOR GUN/BOW Transporting your rifle or bow safely and legally is a primary priority when hunting. Fortunately, Can-Am has a wide range of gun racks, holders, and boots that work perfectly with its ATVs and side-by-side vehicles. A wonderful example of a completely contained storage solution that keeps your gun secure until the time comes to use it is a gun boot, like the Gun Boot 6.0 Impact from Kolpin. Once more, the kind of equipment you pick will depend on the kind of gun or bow you use for your hunt as well as your vehicle.
WINCH A winch is the most crucial piece of equipment you can install on your ATV or side-by-side, according to many seasoned hunters. When travelling over difficult terrain or soft ground like mud, snow, or sand, a winch is essential to help you out of sticky situations. When that time comes and you do ultimately become stranded, a winch will unquestionably come to your rescue. A winch is also useful for lifting big, heavy animals so you can dress them in the field and transport the hunter’s bounty more easily. The majority of Can-Am Outlander or Defender series vehicles come equipped with a 3,500 lb capacity winch that is factory mounted.
RACK HEADACHE A headache rack is necessary if you intend to use your SxS to haul hefty things. A headache rack shields the cab and its occupants from a large cargo that can easily slide forward. The Deluxe Headache rack for the Defender, which also works with the Gear Rail to mount a variety of other hunting tools to your vehicle, is a great example.
ADVANCED STORAGE The appropriate equipment can frequently make or break a hunt. You’ll be more prepared for your hunt the more you can bring with you. With ATVs in particular, extra storage makes it simpler to transport necessities. Storage bins and bags, like the Ogio LinQ Premium Storage Bag, expand your available space and fit in the bed of some ATVs, such as the Can-Am Outlander. By preserving the freshness of your food and beverages all day long, the LinQ 8 gal (30 L) Cooler Box may make hunting even more fun. Additionally essential while bringing meat home from the field are coolers.


Whether you choose an SxS or an ATV, both off-road vehicles will advance your hunting. You’ll find the Can-Am Defender Hunting Edition to be necessary for travelling bigger distances, getting to inaccessible places, carrying more gear and companions, or even returning from the hunt with more meat. It will undoubtedly become your most dependable hunting buddy with the limitless selection of accessories available to customise your vehicle to your demands.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

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